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Travel in Flight – Flight Etiquette, Comfortable Dress, Ear Plugs, Moisturizer

Often I see many people not prepared for their travel with comfortable dress and do not understand the flight etiquette and what can make their flight journey comfortable…Our previous article focuses on first time flight travel : choosing set, meal preferences. This article will focus on what is a typical comfortable dress, what’s the etiquette in flight and other key things that you would help you in flight.

What is a Comfortable Dress in Flight ? Long flight to US ?  Moisturizer lotion ?

Your dress is very important on flight, it can make you sleep well in a long flight or make you shiver and make your life miserable…Firstly, do you like Air Condition ?  Secondly, What is your typical comfortable air condition temperate  ?  If you are a person who do NOT like cold around 18 degrees centigrade , then you better be prepared.  In flight, the air condition gets very cold at times and you need enough clothes to cover yourself. If you are flying in a long duration flight, like the US, I recommend you carry a fleece, sweat shirt or sweater to make you feel comfortable. Wear dress that keeps you comfortable.

Because of the cold, your skin can become dry and shed flakes…be prepared with soft clothing like full sleeve T-Shirt or soft clothes. Do NOT wear any linen or clothes that are not soft, it will be uncomfortable with the cold. Apply enough moisturizing lotion to keep the skin with moisture and avoid dry flakes.  Cover as much skin as you can, to avoid the cold…remember, your flight would be about 8 to 16 hours long, it is a full day with three meals…so be prepared !  You will get a blanket and pillow, if you are on a long flight. If you need an extra pillow or blanket, you can ask the air hostess, they will give one, do NOT hesitate.

Sound Inside Flight – Ear Plugs ?

It gets very noisy inside the flight.  It is even bad when the flight is taking off or landing…you need to be prepared, if you do NOT like noise. You will feel that your ears pop out when flight takes off or lands, due to change in the pressure. Many do NOT like it…you can avoid it by using ear plugs.  You DO NOT need to buy them.  Many airlines provide them by default, if it is a long flight. Ask the flight attendant for ear plugs, they will give a set for you. Read the instructions, DO NOT try to push it into ears, it will not work. Just squeeze and then plug it into ears, it will close and feel good.  If you are allergic to sound, you may buy ear plugs outside as a backup.  The noise in flight is very loud, think of a bore-well drilling lorry sound, it is just like that continuous, so be prepared and ask the air hostess.

Flight Etiquette – Do People talk ?  In-Flight Entertainment ?

Typically, many people in flight do NOT talk to each other, unless you know them before. It is not like in Bus or Train you randomly have a chat with anyone. I have seen very few people talk or have a conversation. I travel about twice a month changing about 4 flights for every trip…I seldom see people talking to each other…People either read newspaper or use their iPad…they may listen to music, but not talk. Unless you are sitting next to someone who are a little old, no one will talk to you…It is kind of sad, but that is true, everyone is busy with their own life and interests.  So, if you are traveling alone, be prepared to spend time by yourself. You will have enough entertainment in long flight with movies and other things, you will just be fine to kill time. You can load up your computer with some movies to kill time as well.   If you would like to go out from your window seat, always ask people to excuse you to get out and then thank them. It is expected that you say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Excuse me’ as it is proper etiquette. Respect others privacy and do NOT peep into what they are doing on their computer or what they are reading, it is intruding into their space.

What has been your experience ?

What’s your favorite dress ? Anything to share ?


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  1. 1) As soon as the flight lands DO NOT get up and grab your bags from the overhead cabin as you do in India.
    2) The plane does not explode on landing! Be patient and wait your turn to exit the plane.
    3) If you see families with small kids or senior citizens struggling to exit their isle with luggage wait for them patiently.
    4) DO NOT stare at the air hostess breasts! They know you are doing it!
    5) Resist your basic Indian instinct to shove or push people inside the plane or in the airport.
    6) Remember you are NO longer in India so behave civilized that is how the rest of the developed world is CIVILIZED!

    • I have traveled a lot in india. Never seen people shoving or pushing any one else at the airport or in flights. I have seen it in buses, at bus stops and at times in trains. But NEVER in flights.

      • CD,
        In US, the general etiquette is that the people sitting in the front get off first followed by those sitting behind them. In other words plane or bus clears off from the beginning.

        In India, it looks like the first one off will get a free gift or something. As soon as the plane lands, everyone has to stand-up and try to rush to the front of the exit door. I don’t think there is pushing, but its chaos definitely.

      • In India, everyone thinks they are always in a rat race to finish first. So I’m not surprised it happens when people are getting off a plane as well.


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