University Transfer in US - How many credits will transfer

Transfer Universities – How Credits transfer work in MS or MBA in USA

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Some of you might be in a situation, where you realized that the school you got in was not the best fit or not convenient because of family living else where and would like to transfer to another school. I started my MBA at one school and transferred to other school; in the process I did transfer some of my credits to other school.  It is pretty much same for any graduate level program either MS or MBA. Let me share my thoughts on how the credits transfer process work when you transfer universities in US.

What kind of classes or Credits transfer ? Masters level ?
Usually, only graduate level classes transfer to other university. When I mean is, they have to 700 level or higher classes and they have to part of the program at the University you took the classes. (Read Course Numbering system in US). Sometimes, you may have taken a class of 700 level, but it would be considered a introduction level class or prerequisite class, then it will not transfer to other university. I had the same situation, I tool 700 level class called Accounting foundations, it did not transfer because it was termed as intro level class and not counted towards the degree either MS or MBA. But, what these foundations classes help you is, you can show them and get waiver for similar foundation classes at new school that you are transferring to.

How many credits can you transfer from One University to Other for Masters ?
It depends upon the school how many credits can you transfer. Usually, you cannot transfer over 33% of the coursework or credits required for the degree. What it means is, if you have 39 credits for getting MBA, then you can only transfer under 13 credits from other school. This one is mostly dependent on the school. You should check wit the graduate school in the new school for the policies of how many they will allow for transfer.

What kind of course credits will transfer?
Only courses that are related to your major or degree will transfer. You cannot really transfer any courses that are not part of your major. For instance, if you take a English writing class as elective and your major is Computer Science, it will not transfer. The course that are most likely to transfer are usually core courses, because they are part of most of schools with the same major.

How to prepare yourself for the Transfer in First semester or two semesters?
If you are not sure about your current school, the best way to prepare yourself is to take classes that count towards degree or the foundations (pre-requisites) that you think you cannot get away with anywhere you go. Do not take any electives or courses out of your major in the first semester or even second semester.

Did you ever transfer Universities ? Anything to share ?

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Comments ( 4 )

  1. Adnan

    Hi i have just started my MBA over here in pakistan. and i wish to study and get visa for US… Is there anybody who can guide me up as i have no clue how to transfer my credit hours or how to get intouch with universities…
    you may Email me.

  2. naren

    I got visa on university of findlay I20 for the course MBA, but I don’t want to study mba and I want join in MS Computer science. Is transfer possible to another unversity in MS?

  3. vijay

    Hi i got my F1 visa from i global university Virginia its a mba healthcare management and am planing to tranfer to virginia internaional university MS information system management before going USA does it possible?

  4. Moumita Ray Choudhury

    Hi! I have got the F1 visa for SUNY, Buffalo for M.S. in Exercise Science. Now I received acceptance from Oakland University for M.S. in Physical Therapy which was my first choice for MS. Should I apply for visa again or should I go on the present visa and apply for a transfer after 1 semester? The majors are different for both the courses but related.

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