Tips for Used/New Car maintenance- Goo gone ? Oil Change ? Music player

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I never had a car, when I was studying in India…After I graduated from MS and got my first job in US, l really wanted to buy a fancy new car… but unfortunately I could not,  my plans to study MBA killed my new car thought….Anyways, I bought a used car and have been using it for the past 4 years…I am neither an auto guru nor an expert with cars…I just picked up few tips here and there from friends on how to maintain a used car…Also, I had to deal with few other car related maintenance issues, let me share my thoughts…If you are an expert, feel free to add more or correct me if you see something wrong…

Oil Change regularly- every 3000 miles or 3 months.- Save money, Coupons

Changing engine oil for car is very important. It keeps the engine in good condition. I have been doing the oil changes regularly for my car every 3000 miles and fortunately I never had any issues with engine….Especially if you own a used car, make sure you do it regularly. Also, you can get it done for around $20 in Midas auto or some similar places. Call them and see what specials they have…if you get oil change once, they will send you coupons as well…so, check online before you go for one…I go to Midas auto, which is a chain for auto repair.

Fuel Injector cleaner, Heet or iso HEET – Gas additive

Occasionally, it is a good idea to use a fuel additive like any Fuel injector cleaner to clean the gas injecting/ spraying system in engine…I think( at least that what it claims on the bottle), it just dissolves all the scum and makes the fuel injectors better. I usually see a change in the acceleration and mileage whenever I use fuel injector cleaner…I just do it occasionally to keep the old engine in good shape…Also, if you live in cold place, you may consider using HEET or ISO HEET, it  just helps faster start of engine (for old cars) and supposedly dissolves the water drops if any on walls, etc…I see a difference in engine start and performance and usually use it once a month in winter for my car.

Car Audio  – iPod to Casette converter, iPod to Radio frequency converter :

Well, if you own an old car, it may not have proper MP3 player in it…you may just have Cassette player or just FM. No worries, there are converters available in Walmart or any electronic store, should be just $10, you can connect your phone or iPod jack to your cassette player in Car. Also, if you do not have that, you can get a  converter that transmits Radio frequency from iPod or any player, it just scans for free channel in FM and gets you the channel… The point is, if yours is an old car, there is no value in installing a fancy music system, you can just get away with these kind of adjustments.

Goo gone – Paint, glue  remover for car/ auto glass :

It just happened that one fine afternoon my car got towed as I parked in front of my apartment for some stupid reason…anyways, those guys after towing, while storing wrote lot of crap on it with lot of info with yellow color paint on all the glasses…you will not believe it , all the car glasses were ugly with paint markings like Graffiti…after I picked up the car, I tried to remove the paint by wiping with water, some soap, nothing happened….it just drew me nuts….I gave up on it and lived with it for few weeks before I found out a way to get rid of it…Oh my god ! you will not believe it how much time I have spent asking wrong people….finally one body shop guy told me the right answer…lesson, ask some expert….Here is what it is, you need Goo Gone , it will remove glue or any paint stains on glass, very effective…be careful on how to use it…it can take off your regular car paint as well…

I will try to write more tips in future…

Do you have any Car maintenance tips to Share ?

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