Three – H1B, H4 Visa Stamping Experiences, Questions – Hyderabad, India 2014

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Our readers’ experiences are the most valuable inputs that can help every one of us to prepare for the best. I have been falling behind on posting these experiences with my travel and other personal commitments, apologies folks!    Below are few of the experience shared by our readers.

Congrats to Vishal, Krishna, Vijay and his family on their visa approvals. Thanks to them for sharing their valuable experience. You can share your experiences here


H1B Visa 2014 Stamping in Hyderabad – India

by Vijay

Background – OFC Appointment – DS-160 Details

I attended H1B visa interview along with my wife on XXX , 14th at Hyderabad consulate. I am a full time employee working in a mechanical engineering firm.

OFC appointment was on XXX 13th @ 3:30 PM. We reached at 3:20 PM and they checked DS-160 confirmation. Make sure your details on DS-160 matches exactly with the passport. Otherwise, you will be asked to correct it which will take you around 1 hour. There is a DS-160 service center (not official though) in the same building.

Process at  US Consulate before Visa Interview

Interview appointment was on XXX 14th @ 8:30 AM. We reached at 7:30 AM and we were allowed inside the building at 7:45 AM. All the 8:30 AM slot applicants were allowed to sit in a waiting area. For some reason, they called my name first and then Indian lady in the glass counter beside security checked my I797C confirmation. She confirmed my company name and warned not to travel before 10 days of petition start date. I really don’t know who she was and why did she check my petition.

After security we were allowed to enter main building where actual interview took place. Interviews were started just then and according to the token number we stood at specific counter. The applicant before us was also for H1 B. His interview was not finished and VO called us for finger scanning.

H1B Visa Interview Questions

VO:  Typing something and scanned our passports.
Me: Smiled and staring at him. (We did not even wish as it was chaos everywhere. There were many F1 applicants shouting and convincing the VO at other counters)

VO: What company you work for?
Me: XXXX, he asked again I repeated.

VO: What is your salary?
Me: told

He did not ask any documents not even my I-797C. I was surprised.
My H4 Visa Interview Questions
To my wife: At this time I understood that visa is approved otherwise he would have continued shooting questions until he is convinced.

VO: How long have you been married?
Me: XXX months

VO: Is is love or arranged marriage?
Me: told

VO: Your visas are approved.

We both turned back and came out smiling by 8:35 AM. We enjoyed the entire day out roaming in Hyderabad.

As I told the applicant in front of us was also H1B. I am sharing questions asked to him.

My Previous Person H1B Visa Interview Questions

VO asked for salary, job location, job responsibilities, employer name and client name. He stumbled while answering the client and employer name. Then VO specifically asked him to provide client letter. VO looked at the letter and typed something. Then VO asked him to submit all petition related documents. He submitted bundle of documents and VO asked to him wait outside the counter. I don’t know about his case after then.

We checked our passport status next day and we were surprised to see that it was ready to pick up. We picked up passports on 15th XXX late afternoon.

My suggestion is be honest, specific and answer with confidence.


H1B Visa 2014 Stamping in Hyderabad – India

by Vishal  

Background – Suggestions

The important points to remember before attending Visa interview is to collect all required documents before it, go in formals, don’t talk much there before your interview, be prepare for basic questions sothat you can answer readily. All these will make you confident in interview. All the best !

Reach exactly 40-45mins before the Appointment timings.
Below was my experience.

H1B Visa Interview Questions

VO: Good Morning!!
Me: Good Morning!!

VO: Passport please?
Me: I gave passport

VO: With which organization you are going?
Me: ABC etc.(say Actual)

VO: Which Client will you be working?
Me: XYZ etc. (say Actual)

VO: Which location will you be staying?
Me: A1B1C1, New Jersey. (say the location and state applicable in your case)

VO: How much salary you will get?
Me: XXXXX USD/pa (say the actual offered to you)

VO: what you will be doing there?
Me: I will be working on the capacity of Sr. software engineer, where my responsibilities will be
– Converting functional requirements into technical design.
– Coding Unit testing.
– Review code changes.
– Assisting SIT,UAT and deployment etc etc

VO: Your Visa is approved, you can leave for the day, Thanks.
Me: Thanks and good day 🙂


H1B Visa 2014 Interview  Questions – India

By Krishna

Interview Started – 10.20 AM

Greetings exchanged.
VO: Asked for Passports
me: Passed on
VO: Are you going to work in petitioner’s location or client location?
me: Petitioner location
VO: How long you are working with this Employer?
me: It’s a New Opportunity

VO: How do you came to know about this opportunity?
me: Employee referral

VO: Who is your client?
me: XYZ
VO: Was aware of the client well as it is a huge Manufacturing company in US .
VO: What is your salary?
me: xxK/Annum
H4 Visa Interview Questions

VO: to my wife:Since how long you are married?
MY Wife: Answered

VO: What is your kids age?
MY Wife: Answered

VO: Then golden words come out” I am approving your VISA”.

Thanked VO and got out of the consulate. We were out of the consulate by 10 40 AM.

Thanks to the process that Consulate has put in place. Also, this forum/blogs/previous experiences posted by other members helped a lot.

Wishing all the best to other folks!!


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Comments ( 15 )

  1. query

    Hi ,
    I have my H1b visa stamping in 2 week’s. I got thru in lottery this year 2017. In ds160 I mentioned my intended date of travel as Aug1 2017. Should I change it? As h1b holders allowed to travel only after Oct 2nd. Please let me know.

  2. suresh


    My H1B application is Advacned Degree – Regular Processing – Conuslar Notification.

    My status shows as “Case Approved”. At present I am in India. Can I attend the VISA Interview now and Travel with H1? (My present status is OPT with expiry date of Jan 4th 2017)


    1. administrator


      Earliest date for visa stamping is 90 days prior to start date i.e. after July 1.

      Earliest date to enter US on H-1B is 10 days prior to start date i.e. after Sep 20. Even then you cannot work until Oct 1.

  3. Ashu0191

    Do we need to go for any medical test befor going to US on H1b . I am planning to Travel US next week .. My employer has not discussed any thing about it ..

  4. H1B Interview

    Dear all,
    Just wanted to share my expereince with OFC
    Very simple and straight questions
    Wishes exchanged
    Who is your petitoner?
    Which Location you are going?
    What is you pay in US?
    What is your highest qualification?
    thats it golden words came
    Your Visa’s are approved
    No questions to my Spouse or Kid.
    thanks, for this forum, very helpfullll

  5. Anon

    1) who is employer?

    2) What do you do for them?

    While I was answering this question, officer asked for my wife’s fingerprints and then mine. No other question or document asked. She just took the passports and asked us to have a good day.

    While I was giving my finger prints, officer asked my wife how long have we been married and what is my favorite dish.

    Interview process took like a minute or two. That is it.

  6. Raj

    Now is my turn to share my experience with you guys, I’ve got a lot of info about visa , interviews everything. I think its my turn to give some thing to this community.

    Date of OFC: 18 – Feb – 2015
    Date of Visa Interview: 19 – Feb – 2015 09:00 AM
    Location: Hyderabad
    Category: H1B

    Well I reached the Consulate Office on 19 Feb at 08:00 AM. They called the candidate 30 minutes before their actual interview. i.e., We entered the line outside the consulate at 08:30 am. There is another guy who verifies your passport and DS-160 and will ask you to sit in the lobby .

    After security checkup we entered a waiting corridor and another biometric collection happened. After that I checked the screens continuously for my turn for the visa Interview

    At the Interview:

    VO: typing …. typing ….
    Me: Got there and said Hi, Good morining (greet according to the time 🙂 )

    VO: Can I have your passport?
    Me: Sure (Gave him the passport)

    VO: Who’s your employer?
    Me: XXXX

    VO: Who’s your client?
    Me: No . I am working for a product

    VO: What is the product?

    VO: Explain what it’ll do?
    Me: EXplained

    Now came the diamond words 😀

    VO: Your visa is approved
    Me: Thank you.

    I must say he didn’t even asked for a single document and the interview lasted for 1 min. I think that if your documentation and the confidence levels are high you’ve a high probability of getting succeed. I’ve got the passport on 20th after the stamping. I am glad it is all completed with in 3 days. So to everybody out there who are attending, all the best to you and be confident. Even if it is an in-house or a client one if it is a genuine one you’ll get the visa.

    Good luck !!!

  7. SRA

    I came on H4 visa to US, got H1 approved here in US, started working from November 2014.

    Going to India by Feb 15 for an important family function and will appear for the visa stamping in India.

    I will be having 3 months payslips (Started job by Nov 17 only), will that be enough for my stamping? or is that risky?

    And, when i checked, my consultany is not in Everified list of companies, is that mandatory?

    And, i work for a client through another company, in interview, can i mention the middle layer as well?

    Please advice

  8. Kirti

    I have a F2 Visa and I am going to attend the consulate interview for H1B. Can anyone please share the F2 TO H1b visa stamping questions? Please note, I don’t have pay stubs to show, as this is a new opportunity.

  9. amrita


    My spouse employer filed h4 transfer along with him, in the I797A approval notice my first name is misspelt. can you please tell me what is the process to change the first name, how long it takes.?
    And i have to travel to India in few weeks, do i need to be on US Soil till the process is going on and USCIS sends new rectified i797A with rectified name

    please pour in your thoughts


  10. Sri

    Dear Admin & Friends,

    I got my H1B petition approved and going to India for Stamping at the end of the year. I am getting married around the same time and returning back with my spouse on H4B. I have a questions with “when” to fill the DS-160 form for my future spouse? Can I fill and submit DS-160 form of both my future wife and mine now, by choosing an appointment date later to our marriage date? Or do I have to wait till our marriage date and submit the DS-160 forms? I am afraid that I wont be able to get the appointment dates before my booked return trip.

    It would be a great help, if anyone with an answer to it can reply here. Thank you in advance for your time and help.

  11. Adarsh


    Someone please answer my question regarding my H1B stamping.

    I worked in company A with H1B visa valid till Aug 2014 and then in July 2013 i joined Company B and my H1B got transferred but i didn’t go for stamping because my visa from company A was valid till 2014 but in Sep 2014 i joined Company C and now i am going for visa stamping in Vancouver Canada, so is there any issues when i go for stamping with Company C without stamping my previous company i.e. company B? i know it should not be an issue but still want to hear from experts.

    Appreciate your help!

  12. MBP

    Attended Interview today @ Hyderabad,was quite easy,Consular told VISA APPROVED

    Questions Asked

    Purpose Of Visit?
    Which employer?
    What does your employer do?
    Which client?
    Where is it (Client) located?
    What role I will work on and responsibilities?
    How about accommodation after reaching there?
    Highest qualification?
    Salary,asked the same question thrice

    Good part was she not even asked for a single document only Passport

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