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For The Movie Maniac

First the disclosure – I am a movie maniac. I love to watch both Bollywood and Hollywood films whenever I am not on this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

There are so many viewing options available that at times it confuses me where to go.


1. I usually go to Costco to buy AMC or Century Theaters tickets. They are sold for around $17.00 for 2 tickets and can be redeemed for a standard evening show (worth $11-12). You still need to pay premium charges for IMAX or 3D, but you still end-up saving money this way.

2. AMC has a reward program called AMC Stubs, which costs $12 a year. However, the membership is at times available at discount (currently there is 25% discount on new sign-up or membership renewal). Once you have Stubs, you get 10% cash back on all purchases made at AMC along with other perks like free drink/popcorn upgrade and no convenience fees when booking online at Fandango.

3. If you have a Visa Signature card, you can buy Fandango tickets at 20% discount ($5 off $25 Fandango purchase). I use this when watching AM shows where the ticket cost is less than what I paid for at Costco (morning shows are $6.50 and I pay $8.50 for each ticket at Costco).

4. When my credit cards (Discover IT, Chase Freedom) have good cash back deals on movie theaters, I buy gift cards of these theaters to make-up for future use. AMC has a nice app where you can upload all gift cards and not carry them in your wallet.

Traditional DVDs and Streaming
I am going to discuss only legal viewing options here as a simple Google search can educate you on others.

1. I am still old school and prefer traditional DVDs for the only reason that streaming options are not available for new releases. So I still use Netflix for newly released DVDs (after buying Netflix gift card from local grocery store using 6% American Express Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card). If Redbox has a deal going on (they at times give out free 1 day DVD rental), then I would make use of that.

2. For streaming, I use iTunes and Amazon Video. The gift cards for former are usually available at discount at all major stores. As for the latter, I use No-Rush Shipping option in Amazon Prime to accumulate credits to knock off high streaming charges.

3. In addition to above options, there is HBO available which has a nice collection of newly released titles along with Game of Thrones.

Hopefully, this article would have given you new venues to watch your favorite movie. If you know of other options, do mention them in comment section below.

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