Successful H1B, H4 Visa Stamping after L1, L2 Visa Refusal – Experience in India

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One of our readers, Vijay has shared his experience with H1B Visa and his previous L1 refusal. It is very helpful to anyone who have previous visa stamping rejections to review the below and have a peaceful mind to attend the interview.  Congrats to  Vijay and Thanks to him for sharing his experience. You can share it here

Background Info

I would like to share my situation which I went through successful H1 stamping. I had previously visited US twice on L1 & once on B1. This was my 4th PA at a US consulate.

Event# 1. L1 Visa Blanket stamping at Chennai:
OFC on XX-Sep-2013 at 1.30 pm for self & spouse.
It is a very smooth process, no hassles. We reached around 12.30 pm, no security check, mobiles allowed. We were out at 12.45 pm.
My suggestions, go early.

L1B & L2 Visa Stamping Personal Appearance – Rejected

Date: XX-Sep-2013 at 7.30 am for self & spouse.
Strict security at Chennai, the funny part is the security persons were checking my documents page-by-page for any dangerous/bomb material 🙂
Was given a token number & probably we were the first one for L visa.  After initial verification of finger prints & issuing tokens we were sent to another block where we had to wait for the officers to arrive.
Once our token was displayed on the TV, we moved to the specified window number. I was the second person & a family in front of me was for H1. I could just hear couple of questions they were asked: 1. Can I see your previous pay-stubs. 2. What is your salary in US. They were then issued the visa.

L1 & L2 Visa Interview
As our turn came, we greeted the Visa officer:
I: Good Morning
VO: Hello, (Said Hello to my kid)

VO: For which visa have you applied?
I: Answered
VO: Who is your client?
I: Answered
VO: What do they do?
I: Answered
VO: When did you last come from US?
I: Answered
VO: What is your role?
I: Answered
VO: What is your salary in US?
I: Answered
VO: What is your salary in India?
I: Answered

He was continuously typing & after some time came the non-golden words, I am not approving your visa, as this visa is for specialized category you can ask your HR to apply in a different category.
He gave me the passport back. DISAPPOINTED 🙁

Event# 2. H1 Visa stamping at Mumbai:
As I had an approved petition from a consultant, I scheduled my H1 stamping at Mumbai on XX-Oct-2013 for self & spouse.

OFC in Mumbai on XX-Oct-2013 at 9 am for self & spouse.
It was a smooth process, but Chennai was better. We reached around 8 am, security check, mobiles, eatables not allowed. We were out at 8:20 am.

H1B and H4  Visa Stamping at Mumbai

Date XX-Oct-2013 at 11.00 am for self & spouse.
We reached at 10:10 am & were allowed to go inside. Not much security, just x-ray scanning & patting as it is done in airports. There is an open air (with roof) hall where many people were waiting. One person asked my visa category & gave a pamphlet & asked me to go inside the building on the right. Once inside another person asked me to go to an initial counter. The lady there only verified my passport & asked me to go to counter# 42.
Counter# 42 was on the other side & there was a huge crowd in the hall. I wondered if I have to wait for so long, with my kid. Our finger prints were rescanned here & were given a token number & asked to wait. After 5 min. our number popped on the screen & we went to the counter.

H1B and H4 Visa Interview Questions
We greeted the officer:
I: Good Morning
VO: Hello

VO: So are you applying for renewal?
I: Answered “No”

VO: How long have you been working for this company?
I: Answered
VO: How did you get this job?
I: Answered
VO: What is your salary in US?
I: Answered
The VO was continuously typing & after some time came the golden words, I am approving your visa.

I was really worried of another refusal as I was applying for stamping within 17 days after my first refusal. But the result was good 🙂

Good Luck to all the readers.


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Comments ( 8 )

  1. MadGo

    I am in US on H1B, going to India to get married next month and planning to bring my wife here on H4. This time I have to get my visa re-stamped and get my wife’s visa stamped. My question is
    Can I fill my DS-160 for myself and my wife, with marital status as Married. Though I am not married now or should I only fill and submit the form after I get married…I am worried if i will fill and submit later I may not get interview dates in my required window of time.
    Please help guys.

  2. Rajkamal Mohanram

    Dear author ,

    When you describe a VISA interview, please specify the interview in entirety. Just typing “Answered” replacing the actual answer is not helping anybody. Please quote whatever you told the VO except for private information.

    Thanks ,

    Rajkamal Mohanram

    1. amit


      Want to go to US for job perpus but not did not know how to process
      please help me out

      If you any bosy can give me call will be helpful for me


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