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Social Life – Meeting New people diff cultures, races in America vs. India

When I started graduate school in the US, I was part of quite a few student organizations…every time I go to a social event, I would meet people from different countries…It was very exciting to know about their cultures, their food, dressing, etc…I wrote an article describing why you should meet new people in America… in the same lines, I would like to describe the social life in the US vs. India in relation to meeting new people….this article is part of the series Settle in US or India – Comparison

Social Life in USA vs India  – Meeting new people from Different Cultures

I was raised in India for over 20 years, I can tell you that in all my 20 years of life, I never met anyone from another country in a social setting…once in a blue moon I would see some foreigners in cities or sightseeing destinations…although, things have changed in the course of last few years, fundamentally majority or most of the population in India belong to same race despite the diverse cultures, food habits, languages, etc…The odds of meeting people from different countries in a social setting, unless you have a rich cosmopolitan background, are very less.

Unlike, in America, there are people from a variety of races, countries, cultures, etc…If you walk down the street in downtown of any city, you would see a variety of restaurants with different cuisines…if you go to a social gathering could be a potluck, birthday party, dance party, or to a bar, the chances of you meeting new people from different country or race are very high… I met people from so many different countries, it all started at school as I used to go to international student organizations events…after graduation, continued the trend and formed a friends circle with people from different countries…it would always be so much fun to hang out with cool people from other countries as you get to embrace their food, culture, entertainment, etc…

Decision to Live in US vs. India – Meeting new people

Some of you might be very excited get to know about various cultures, their food, etc… If you are a person who would like to experience new cultures, meet new people from different countries….then you are better off living in America than in India….things may change over course of time, but at least for the next few decades, America is the place as it is the melting pot of various cultures… some of you may not be too excited about these kinds of things…for these kind of people, it does not make any difference…you can live or move back to India…

What do you think of meeting new people in USA ? Any experience meeting people from new country ?

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  1. Well,Is really good to mix up with people around the world. I have never had a friend from USA and i would really love to have sweet, caring and understandable friends from the USA.

  2. I am from Africa, but I love India and its culture. I grew up in a culture similr to India. Like to writer, one of the greatest things I enjoy in America is meeting people from all over the world, getting to know them, eat their culture and food and etc.

  3. yet another ultra short and shallow article which says “absolutely nothing”. Whatever little you said – only one line repeated a few times over n over is pretty obvious, captain obvious.

    IT SEEMS, AGAIN AND AGAIN YOU ARE TRYING TO “FIT IN” TOO HARD. YOU ARE TRYING TOO HARD TO BE NON-INDIAN, YOU HATE YOURSELF DON’T YOU? You have and inferiority complex. I visited this for some purpose and thought these articles would be interesting. Thus far they have ALL been quite disappointing and shallow 🙁

  4. I have enjoyed many of the articles here, thanks to all involved.

    This article reminds me of my life experiances at age 73.
    I was so fortunate to live outside the US for many years when I was a young adult.
    I was a searious type, worked long hours and still do,,, only eat, sleep and work.
    I never gave money very much thought, never watched the clock or calendar.
    I only thought of trying to finish/complete the project, companies love work-acholics.
    My work was mostly in Asia and worked closely with the local people in many countries.
    I was very young and learned so much from my Asian associates.
    1959 to 1972, I made many great friendships, all the people were so good to me.
    I also worked in other places,, Europe, US, ,, and briefly in many other places;
    But, did not really connect with the people.

    My advise to young people is to mix and mingle.
    There will be many benifits to yourself and World peace will have a better chance.

    • Looks like you never had children. We are from India and came here fro study both me and my hubby. our children born here and things were wonderful until daughter hit puberty. after that I thing it is useless to live in USA if your you have Indian culture. I cannot describe pain what my daughter gave me. I don’t know what will be future but I am not going to settle in USA ,my old life now India. goodbye USA.

      • Mona,
        There are always pros and cons. Don’t think all is well in India either. There are kids who do all sort of nonsense but I think it all depends on the up bringing. I won’t blame any culture for my mistake. Every seed has the capabilities of becoming a sapling but to become a tree that sapling has to go through different difficulties. If there is a gardener, then it is his job to make sure the sapling grows to a plant and become a tree that can bear fruits.
        There are kids who are doing well and have very good bonding with their parents and respect their culture.
        You will be surprised to see the similar happenings in India. Anyway, human being has the tendency to find faults if things doesn’t go his way. Please don’t take me otherwise, but what I’m trying to say is what I see in reality.

    • This article is great!!! I have been talking a lot on my Facebook page lately about the perks we have in America that some people do not even realize do not exist in a lot of countries.Even our poor here have air conditioning nowadays.Our poor have 7 changes of clothes even if they are not the clothes they choose they still have that many and if they do not it is because they have not taken advantage of the services for free used clothing and shoes. Most poor here have a nice thick mattress to sleep on with sheets and blankets.Most of our poor have 2 changes of shoes even if one pair is just a pair of flip flops.Even our homeless can seek treatment at an emergency room and can find at least one meal a day.I am not saying that we should not do more for our poor and ill,I am just stating facts,even our people on the lowest wrungs of life here have it better than a lot of people in this world.However,I will say that a lot of other poor people in this world are happy even if they are poor.Here we are taught that if you have no money you should not be happy because money makes you happy and that is far from the truth. There are pro’s and con’s everywhere.Just having the ability to experience these things is a life lesson all of it’s own.

    • Sam, Thanks! I agree when you said that it’s important to really connect and maintain those friends. Friends are like flowers, and it’s important that you water and nurture them for a lifelong bliss. You have a great day mate.. Yunus

  5. Hi…was going through your articles.They are really helpful.I have a question too.I have recently moved to US after marriage on H4 visa.I am an IT professional and was working there in India.How can I get job here in US?

    • You will have to find an employer who is willing to sponsor and file your H1. Once H1 is approved, you can start to work for the employer.


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