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Should you come to USA for MS in Electronics in recession ? UK and Australia Job situation for International students

 Raghu asked  hi, myself raghu.. how is usa for ms in embedded systems(electronics).. what is the scope over there..i wanted to go us for this fall but b’coz of recession i am not able to go.when do u expect the market to rise.  how is germany and australia compared to usa for ms..”
To be very honest, the overall job market is terrible in USA with recession.  Another important thing is, I know lot of people who have MS in Electronics, Electrical or Embedded systems, the reality is except couple of people, most of them are working in IT.  The few people who work in those core electronics field got into the company through internships and campus recruiting in premier schools by Intel or Qualcomm.  Now, with recession these companies are not hiring and doing lot of layoffs.  Personally, my one of relatives got an M.S in Electronics in 2008 and could not find a job, so he went for M.S in Computer sciences to keep in status and now looking in IT field.
The brutal reality is, as Internationals we cannot do internships or work for companies directly. We have many constraints. We need someone to sponsor H1B visa for us to work legally in USA.  It is very hard with recession for companies to take the risk.  The US government recently put a clause for all companies and banks, that they cannot hire internationals on H1B visa if they take federal government stimulus money. With this situation, many companies have taken away their H1B hiring policy since 2009.  Read this article that explains you all stuff: “Should I come to US in recession as student ? ” . Be clear on your goal to come to US. Just education or Job for making money. If it is second, it is not advised to come to US in recession. If you want education, do PhD and go in academic track, you can come. Education field is evergreen !
USA compared to UK or Australia, I do not know as I am not in UK or Australia. But, my friends in UK and Australia say, it is very hard to find a job there too. UK is much harder, many people are jobless and UK recently announced much stricter rules for international students. One of the guys I know returned to India after studying in UK because he could not find a job. Another one with MBA, is working part time and having hard time to find a job.  So, UK situation is much worse. About Australia, couple of my friends came to US from Australia. They say, it is hard without having Permanent residency there. These are the things I heard from my friends. Hopefully this helps !
About recession in US, it is hard to judge. There are many macro economic factors that decide the change or progress. It depends, US Government is doing stimulus and other things, but the fundamentals are still not correct and not improving. These are just temporary patches to get around. It might take a long time to return to previous status…I do not know exactly the time. People still have the fear; they are not spending as before. 


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