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Should you Come to US as Student NOW ? Should I come to US in recession ?

There used to be a lot of Craze or Hype to come to US since the dot com era. It slowed down a little bit during 2002 recession and then picked up drastically after that, there were too many people coming to US….Most of them with one goal …Make those dream dollars here and send to home country.  Situations have changed a lot after the recent recession which started  around 2007.

There are primarily four kind of students who come to US

1. Who come here  find a job and Make MONEY. Education is just a path to enter US.
2. Who really want to study and get PhD or who are really looking forward for great education.
3. People who have lot of money back in India and just come to have fun and enjoy
4. People who can not find a job in their country and come here for higher education and find job later.

If you are planning to come to just Make Money  i.e who are under 1 and 4 categories, PLEASE DO NOT COME here.  Let me tell you the situation down here, There are not enough jobs here for internationals and there are not enough employers willing to take the risk to sponsor H1B visa for you.  With recession, immigration and department of labor are looking cases very seriously and they put in lot of queries if it is not a valid case. If you do not know what H1b Visa is, in layman’s terms, hiring an international talent as they could not find anyone here in US (i.e. citizens). Think about it, now there are around 5 Million people jobless here in US and most of them are citizens, How can you convince Immigration that there are no one here in the big pool who are not good ?  Honestly, many students are delaying their graduation for the market to get better. They are working off campus to make up that time. Many are joining for another masters degree to be in status. Check this post on Enrollment Statistics vs H1B Visas availble for working

Lets do a little bit Math with our investment ,  for MS it costs you roughly $30,000 to $40,000 dollars in a decent school with all your expenses and it costs you 2 years of your time too. So, thats a significant investment of time and money and if you do not get a job for an year or so, think of how much interest you are paying….Also, imagine you going for another degree and that is an investment of another $30,000 thousand dollars and another 2 years of time.  If everything you picked goes wrong,  you end up spending 60,000 dollars and 4 years of time.  Just invest the same money in India, You might as well double it in 5 years or so… I am NOT trying to tell someone NOT to come, but just explaining the situation.  It is your call…. But, the truth is , it is very tough down here for Internationals to find jobs….It is starting to loose a little bit, but I would see another year or more for the job market to remain slow in US…..

On the other hand, if you are passionate and want to study to really study and get PhD or get MBA, just do it ! If you don’t get a job, you have to be prepared to leave US and look for job somewhere else…thats the deal.


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  2. hi,i read this article.each and every point made in the article is true and would continue for a couple of years.in the United States ,other than IT sector,there are no scopes for any other majors as far as international students go.many universities have career services tailored to the need of domestic candidates and they pay little or no attention to internationals.moreover,during recession times,it is urgent for them to recruit americans and not indians.spending money or even time,this way or that way in the US is not worth considering the current market trends.unless the international student is attending some IVY league or other prestigious schools with more than average background,skills,and talents,its a big wastage of money,time,and time of life which could be spent elsewhere.my advise is not to come here

  3. All posts are from last year. What is the current situation now in 2010.

    1) How is the job market.
    2) What is the chance of getting H1B after MS.
    3) Should I come to US for MS or not? Please note that I am interested to do MS to get a dream dollar job only.No other interest to study MS. So please suggest accordingly.

  4. @HSB:-So you mean to say after 1 year one can come again to US for MS. There are millions of jobless— But I dont think its the IT professional who lost their job. Its all finance and bankers. Moreover I have never heard any Indian IT professional lost his job. All are working during recession time also and I know most of them got permanent job during recession time with better pay package.

  5. Thanks Arshia ! I have replied to your question as a post. check it out http://www.redbus2us.com/2009/12/should-i-come-to-us-for-fall-2010.html

  6. hey thnx fr ur info.. ur doing a grt job.. just wntd to ask dont u think d scenario will improve in two year ie 2012 13…as im appying fe fal 2010..plzz reply…

  7. Harish, Personal thoughts : It is a yes and no answer. Because, most of the organizations are working on lean concept. They have eliminated lot of staff and still performing. Staff is optimized. The biggest issue is the housing prices are not improving, stock market is kind of over optimistic and slowly showing upward trend, also the unemployment rose to 10.2%, there are around 54 lakh people unemployed…, the government is just pumping money and these efforts can just be a bubble. Once the bubble is over, you are in recession again….So, it is hard to judge the outcome…Most jobs are moving to India, Argentina, UK, China…. Hope this explains…

  8. Well, for international students,companies need to Sponsor H1B Visa to work. Not a lot of companies want to take the chance in recession. Also, there are more rules now with stimulus money given by Fed govt in US. Moreover, not all universities have good placement for International students…

  9. Wont there be a Placement cell 'or' a job fair in universities like in India…???… where they chose the deserving candidates…???


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