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Sample I20 with H1B Status, Case Number Updated – STEM OPT Change

As we have posted H1B Sample Receipt Notice for H1B Visa 2019 season, many of you  on F1 visa might wonder, how does an I20 look, if your H1B gets picked in lottery and does it have the H1B visa case number with EAC / WAC or not. One of our users ( keeping name anonymous) was kind enough to share their I-20 that is generated by DSO after the status was changed, it clearly shows the H1B status and the Case number as well. Thanks a lot to our amazing reader, who have shared such info. If you would like to share it anonymously, please send it to redbus2us(at)gmail.com.  More samples will help you all.

So, if you are on STEM OPT and your OPT is expiring past October, you may or may not see update in SEVP portal. But, you can check with your DSO and ask them to print a new I-20 that will give you all the info about your H1B petition. This is another way to know that you were picked in H1B Visa Lottery.

I20 Updated with H1B Info - SEVIS Sample

Did you see similar update in SEVIS and in I20 ? Any inputs to share ?


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  1. Hi Kumar,

    I was lucky to get my Passport stamped with my visa H1B after being a student for a while, I’m back in America and I am wondering what’s the next step regards my I20, I want to take a break of my Masters. Should I request to my University a new 120?
    Sorry for asking but I don’t trust the University for many reasons.

    • Daniel,
      I am assuming you are working on H1B now…If you want to study on F1, you need to apply for Change of Status using I-539 form, for that you need to get admission from your school, talk to DSO and get the I-20 issued for you. Using all of that you file with USCIS, you need to speak to DSO and work with them closely.

      • Thank you!

        Yes, I am already working from Oct 1st. I am in America under H1B Visa now because I use to have an status instead of having the F1 stamped on my passport.
        What is the reason to issue I-539 form? I think I’m just not a student anymore and I should be able to decide if I study more or not, right?

        Thank you Kumar

        • If you want to study full time you need to apply for change of status using form I-539 form. Yes, it is your choice…You can study part time on H1B status without doing all this as well…but you need to maintain your H1B status by working full time…

  2. My F1 status is completed incorrectly.
    These are the sequence of events:
    1.OPT filed from 06/12/17 – 06/11/18
    2.Employment Reported to college
    3.H1B Picked on 4/12/18
    4.Requested college for my OPT Extension i20 on 4/12/2018 for the period of 6/12/2018 – 6/10/2020. I was issued an I20 for the period of 10/1/2018 – 9/30/2020
    5.Applied for extension
    6.Received i797C (Notice of Receipt) on 05/10/2018
    7.Received approval on my request on 7/28/2018
    8.Received my EAD Card on 7/28/2018 for the period of 10/1/2018 – 9/30/2020
    9.On 01/14/2019 I was informed that my F1 status has been marked complete. College has no idea about the cause of issue and has opened a case with SEVIS to get the it resolved. Also, according to them the government shut down could delay the processing of the case.

  3. My employer has filed for new H-1B through consular notification but it has resulted in an RFE. In the same time, my I-20 for STEM OPT extension has been generated and it has the same Change of status information with Request/Petition status as “pending”.

    Also, I am not eligible for Cap-gap extension since I am a December grad.

    Can someone please explain what this means and why that information was printed on the I-20?

    • Talk to your DSO and get it fixed by showing the lottery selection notice. Your DSO will do a data fix, if you get selected in H1B lottery

      • But I am not on CAP-GAP nor OPT.

        On other forum someone said this updated on I-20 only happens in case of CAP-GAP and OPT.

  4. Hi

    My H1b picked on May7 in Lottery through California Service Center.
    My Checks are converted to Cash.
    But, i have still not received receipt notice.

    What does it.

  5. I’m on a F1 visa but I study ESL therefore my I-20 does not have OPT info. I asked the DSO to check SeviS for me and it says COS Pending and it has a Receipt number that starts with WAC. It also says that my F1 status has automatically been extended to Sept 30. Does anybody knopw if it means anything? I haven’t received anything.

    • @Duncan
      It means that your H1-B petition is selected in the lottery and pending. If you have the full receipt number, you can check your status online below:

  6. My status got extended to 30th sept from 23rd june on May 4th. Still waiting for receipt. Anyone knows if it is normal to take so much time?

  7. Did anyone know whther TCS guy who was passionately making pitch about “Tire 2” products of his company got thru lottery?

    Any IBMer got thru?

  8. Its 8th May now and I havent received any updates on my employer regarding my visa selection in the lottery. Does that mean that my chances of visa being picked up are close to none or there’s still some hope?

  9. My check encashed for Non AD, but I did not received receipt. Is that mean my application is selected in lottery? How long will it take to get receipt after check encash?

  10. Hi,

    My employer applied for H1 B for me. Last week on 05/04 colleagues got notification from attorneys but I haven’t heard back till now. Does that imply that my chances are over? Three of them were informed at the same time. Does USCIS notifies sequentially?

  11. The USCIS processing times for H1B (Vermont) are 10-13 months. I know this isn’t the best estimate to use, but that’s still a looooooong time.

    What happens if my H1B doesn’t get approved until my cap-gap expires (April 30)? I know I can stay in the US bc it’s pending, but can I work? Is this a common scenario (I ask because haven’t been able to find the answer online)?

    I know I should ask a specialist, but people here are pretty knowledgeable too.

    • You will not be able to work After cap-gap period (Sept 30th ) if the H1b is still pending with USCIS for decision.

      To avoid that you should better apply for STEM extension to maintain your employability

        • Yes, I just made an assumption. In that scenario, USCIS doesn’t allow you to work till they make a decision on your pending H1b application. you will have 60 day grace period to figure out other options and re-entry US after getting your H1B approved and stamped

          • Thanks folks. I am on post-completion OPT for AD but not STEM.

            Let’s just hope the approval comes in on time haha

          • Oh I see why you thought STEM. I meant my cap gap expires on September 30, not April 30 — my mistake.

            I basically just have 5 months!

      • Employer just reminded me that premium processing suspension is only expected to last until Sept. 10 Worse comes to worst I guess that’s always an option.

  12. I got receipt notice 5 days back. But I don’t see any update on sevp portal. I asked DSO for new I-20. Even they said, that they don’t see any update on my sevis. Does anyone have any idea on whats happening here? BTW I don’t have any cap gap. my STEM expires sometime at the end of next year.

    • There should no update for you on Sevis as Cap-gap doesn’t apply to you. Anyhow congrats. There is nothing wrong with the system 🙂

    • You wont see any thing on SEVP portal since opt ends next year. But you should be seeing COS update on I20 also on SEVP interface for DSO. May be SEVIS hadnt updated when you requested for i20. check again with DSO….

  13. I have a question, I am on F1-OPT, which is valid till Aug 31st and my employer has filed my H1B (they say they have but not shared the receipt number yet). In case my H1B is not picked up, how long can I stay here? Till my OPT period or will have to leave soon after the H1B results are declared.

        • Scenario 1: H1b picked up – In this case you will benefit from cap-gap and your opt will be extended to Sept 30th. Though you will not be able to work past that date if USCIS fails to approve your H1B application in that time frame.

          Scenario 2: H1b not picked up. You can work till your current opt gets expired after which you will have 60 day grace period to leave the country to find other potential ways to maintain your status. Maybe another degree.

  14. Does Cap-Gap extension leads to update in OPT STEM request date in I20 if STEM extension is pending at the time of sevis update ?

  15. This time we see delay this could be because of new policy introduced by uscis about duplicate filing. Since they need to review and reject duplicate filing and again pick lottery for rejections to reach the cap which will be time consuming.

  16. Why was the OMB number masked? This number is assigned in pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act so that all federal agencies need such number from Office of Management and Budget if they want to collect information from the public. For the same type of form the OMB number stays the same. I-20 should always have OMB number 1653-0038.

  17. I emailed my DSO and got confirmation that there is a pending Change of status in my SEVIS record. What does that mean? Do they update COS for all H1B applicants or only the lottery selected ones? I did not get any confirmation number from DSO. I am in my second year of OPT and there is no update on SEVP portal.

      • are you sure. AFAIK they update the OPT end date to 1st June for all applicants and then if you are selected it get updated to 30 Sep.

        • ” they update the OPT end date to 1st June for all applicants and then if you are selected it get updated to 30 Sep” – not necessarily. Students who don’t need cap gaps won’t see this Jun 1/Sep30 update. If your OPT ends after Sep 30 2018 then it will just stay as is.


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