Sample OPT EAD Card – F1 Visa Student – Information to look out ?

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OPT EAD ( Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization) Card is an identification card given by USCIS that represents your legal status in US as student that you are on OPT, after you graduate. It will let you work in USA as per OPT rules. If you do not know what I am talking about check out article OPT vs CPT . Many are curious about OPT Card like how it looks, etc. Find the sample OPT Card below, with detail info on the same,.

You need to clearly look out for all the information on it like Dates of Validity, First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth. OPT Card lets you only work within your area of degree and it is NOT valid for re-entry, you can see that clearly on the OPT EAD Card below. Review the information on it and description below

Sample OPT EAD Card  given by USCIS – Current Format Front

F1 Visa OPT Card Sample Front Side - USA

Information on the OPT EAD Card  – Front side :

  • Surname : Indicates the Family Name aka Surname of the F1 visa student.
  • Given Name :  First Name, aka Given name of the F1 visa student.
  • USCIS # : It is the USCIS Number related to the F1 visa EAD application
  • Category  : Category Indicates the category of the EAD. For F1 Students on OPT it will be C03B indicating Post-completion OPT for F1 visa students. It will be different for STEM OPT EAD Card, it will be C03C
  • Card # : The OPT EAD Card number.
  • Date of Birth : Indicates the date of birth of the F1 visa holder
  • Country of Birth : The country where the OPT holder was born
  • Terms and Conditions : This indicates the student status and terms. It says clearly above that it is for Student and for Post Completion OPT. Short form on card – ‘Stu: Post-Completion Opt’
  • Valid From : Start date of the OPT card validity
  • Valid To : End date of the OPT card validity
  • Annotation – NOT Valid for RE-Entry to US : It tells that you cannot use this card to re-enter US. You will need a valid F1 visa stamp on your passport for re-entering US.
  • Photo : The Photo of the OPT Holder will be on the left hand side of the card.
  • US Hologram : There will be US Hologram as well authenticating the card
  • Name Slant on top of photo : The OPT Holder name will be in slant in a style on top of the photo.

Sample OPT EAD Card  given by USCIS – Current Format Back

F1 Visa OPT Card Sample Back Side - USA

Information on the OPT EAD Card  – Back side :

  • Photo : There will photo of the OPT Card holder on the top left hand side in small size
  • Hologram : You will find US Statue of Liberty hologram next to it.
  • Machine Readable Info : The OPT Holder information will be printed in Machine Readable format. It is like in the passport with the number, first name, last name, country, etc.

Sample OPT EAD Card – Old Format 


Sample OPT Card


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