Sample- New I20 given if your CPT is approved

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Some of you might wonder, will I get a new I-20 when I get CPT approved. Yes, you will get a new I20. Here is a sample of New I20 that the Designated School Official (DSO), typically International Student Advisor, gives if your CPT is approved. First two pages remain same, only the last page changes with the CPT employer info and Dates of employment. You can work on CPT after 9 Months of stay in US. Rules vary by University. Read this post for full details on CPT vs OPT.

Key things to Look for :

  • Your Duration of employment. Start and End dates, you should only work for less than 12 months. Make sure your dates are not messed up.
  • Employer Location and Company details

Click on image for full size and quality if you  like to… 🙂

CPT I20 Sample


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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Aryan

    Hi ,
    My Employer filed H1B petition on behalf of me for 2014-15. I thought it was missed in lottery and applied parallelly for MS and my F1 Visa got stamped recently. I have planned to leave my company. Now My employer saying that my petition selected in H1B lottery and showed me check given USCIS. If I goto H1B interview after 3 months , will VO asks about F1? If yes, what should I tell? Help me on this.

  2. A.Sridharan

    I completed my M.S in engineering June 2012. I have got an OPT Card valid through
    july 2012.I am presently working in engg.firm. The firm is to file my H1B petition by april 2012. In the mean while I am planning to take 10 days leave to visit india in second week of march 2012 for some urgent family matter.I would be back in USA by last week of March 2012.
    What are the documents I have to carry with me.Would there be any problem for travelling out of USA for short duration of two three weeks while on OPT.I would request you to advise me by return email. Thanks very much.

    1. administrator

      You should have valid F-1 stamp in the passport. In addition, get your I-20 stamped for travel by your school, carry employment letter from the employer, a leave letter and recent payslips and W2 to show that you are currently employed on OPT.

  3. Rajendra

    I would like to know when we get I-20 from the college at the first time before attending the F1 visa interview , did the i-20 has information mentioned about the co-op program ? or else how visa officer will convience that I am going for co-op program

    1. administrator

      Rajendra, No I20 will not have info about Co-op program when you attend your visa interview. Typically, you are eligible for coop after you come to US and study for 9 months. Visa officer does not care about your OPT or CPT. He only cares about your Admission.

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