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How to Create a Resume for On Campus Job? Sample Resume

If you are an international student, it is important for you to support yourself by working on campus in a part-time job. But, to apply for such jobs, you need to have a resume. If you have never had a resume, it can be tricky finding the template and where to start as online can be overwhelming with a lot of information. We will cover how to write a resume and sample as well.

For those of you who never had a resume before, this will be a little bit helpful. If you have already worked in a professional job and had a proper resume, you do not need to read this article or download the resume. It is a very basic resume that I have created for beginners, if you still would like to check out, go ahead.

How long  should the On-campus Job resume be ?

If you have only been a student and never worked professionally for more than a couple of years, you should not have your resume more than one page. There is no need to superficially create more pages for the sake of it. Even if you have worked for two to three years, still it is recommended to have one page resume. Even many professionals with 5 to 10 years of experience have one-page resume, with their key content. If you have a long resume, try to reduce it to 1 page or maximum of 2 pages, if you have 10 years experience or so.

What should your On-campus Job resume have ?

Your resume for on-campus job should have basic information about these few things as listed below:

  • Your contact information like email, house address, and phone number.
  • Objective of what you are seeking in a job or what kind of job you are seeking ( Optional )
  • Education
  • Achievements
  • Leadership Experiences, if worked in any student orgs, or any other organizations.
  • Volunteering experiences, if you have done anything in this space.
  • Customer Service experiences ( if any )
  • Technical Skills or Computer Skills
  • Internship Experience
  • Professional Work experience  ( If you have any )
  • Bachelors Degree projects e.g. B.Tech or B.Com projects ( If you do not have professional experience )

You do not need to write any long stories, just write couple sentences about your work or leadership experience. Try to focus on leadership experience, volunteering and achievements. If you do not have any leadership or volunteering experience, start doing them now to look good on resume.

If you did not had any internship experience, just put in your final year project experience. Stress on your projects done in Bachelors. If you have worked, do not get too carried away by your technical acumen and fill up the resume with full of technical jargon. Just use generic terminology and keep it simple.

What NOT to put on your Resume  ?

I have seen many people including myself back in my college days doing the mistake of putting information that is not needed here in US. We are used to putting the info because of the structure of resume differences in home country, especially countries like India

Do NOT write any of the below information on your resume:

  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Religion, caste, etc ( we are used to filling Govt applications, just avoid )
  • Passport Number
  • Home address in your Home country
  • Percentage split by every semester or every year (Final aggregate Percentage only)
  • Any family-related information about Parents, siblings, and their occupations.

Below is a link to Sample PDF Resume for on campus purpose. For those of you who never had a resume, it is good for you to create a resume in MS Word or Google Docs and learn the process.

Get Sample On Campus Job Resume

Also, once you have your resume ready, read how to find on-campus job in US Universities.
Good Luck with your Job Search!


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  1. Hi..i am applying for fall 2015, masters in electrical engineering (VLSI)
    i heard that there is most competition for on campus jobs in universities like San Diego State univ bcoz of too many international students..plz do suggest some universities with plenty and easy to get on campus jobs..especially plz comment on these univs. regarding this:
    univ of houston, oregon state, arizona state
    north carolina state univ , texas dallas, SUNY buffalo
    colorado boulder, San Diego state univ, San Jose state univ
    univ. of southern california and northeastern univ
    thanks 🙂

  2. hi sir, i have completed BE-CSE wit 70%. now i would like to do
    MS in abroad. i dont know how and where to join. please help me join
    MS sir.

    • hey

      In order to do masters in US. you need to first take GRE and TOEFL and accordingly evaluate your profile and choose the universities . For university search you can refer www.msinus.com. and after which you need to prepare your SOP and get LOR from your professors.. Good Luck.

  3. Hello,
    I loved this site very much and it gives good information as well.

    I completed my B.Tech in 2011 and currently working with a Software Company and want go to US and earn money.

    Whether I should go for MS or MBA???

    Also, I have heard that if u dont do MBA from top 20 colleges, there are less chances of getting a job.
    A recent survey says that 70% of the international students have to return coz of no jobs… Is it true???

    Plz guide me….

    Also you can read this article…

    • Sumit, You are eligible. You would have to take GMAT and TOEFL . Check any university website for full details on requirements.

  4. Most recruiters/hiring people will only skim resumes — so it is important that you make sure they are readable and highlight your relative attributes.
    Here’s a few more hints/samples…


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