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RedBus2US – Year in Review 2017 – Happy New Year !

Happy New Year 2017 everyone !

It has been over 8 Years since we started the blog in September 2009 and it has transformed from a small site with few visitors a day to helping many  thousands of students and professionals everyday….

Some of the key highlights of 2017 

  • US Port of Entry (PoE) Experiences Tracker : We have created the Port of Entry Experiences tracker for having some transparency in what is asked at PoE. It gets better with people contributing, hope to see more people share their experiences at PoE for helping everyone.
  • Blog Stats :
    • Total 737 articles on the blog. We had about 43 new articles added in 2017.
    • Over 225,000 comments in total. About 20,000 new comments added in 2017.
    • Over 14,200questions were answered in total in our Question & Answer forum
    • We reached about 12,000 users everyday across the globe.

Our mission is to help international students and professionals, who are in similar situation as us in the past with immigration, US education questions.  It is not possible as an individual, it is with the help of a great team who have been helping build this community.

  • Thanks to the Saurabh, who answered thousands of questions, wrote many articles over the years.
  • Thanks to Ruchika for contributing with her great articles.
  • Thanks to Ram, for answering hundreds of questions on the blog in 2017, keeping the community alive.
  • Thanks to anonymous user 3rd timer and many other individual users who have answered many questions asked on the blog
  • Thanks to Dr. Sandeep, ramanan, Ankit, RaNa, Sujit, many other who have answered many questions on Q & A Forum and helped many. Below are the other users who have contributed and helped many, Thanks a lot to all of them.
  • Thanks to YOU as the readers of the blog, for visiting, sharing your thoughts and building a strong community.

QA users

All of our team work full time and we answer questions/ write articles on the blog  in our spare time as it is our passion to help out the community. We all look forward to helping the community in 2018.   Thanks again everyone for building a great community on the blog !

Below is our blog from 2009 and How it looks today…RedBus2US 2009 to 2017


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    • Look like fake. Ask them about the accreditation detail like they are accredited by ABET etc. Based on the reply go to the ABET (or whatever they say) and check the credential.

  1. This is the year Indian Foreign Students on F-1 realize they will not recover the money that was spent at an American College.
    Getting jobs for F-1 is going to be ridiculously difficult.


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