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Redbus2US Website Re-designed ! How to USE the Website ?

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Presenting to everyone the New Re-designed Redbus2US website!  I was not very happy with the old layout and theme. I have been thinking about changing it for a while and working in background. The old site was lacking basic standards and there was a lot of clutter. I have been working on layout re-design since beginning of the past week and finally have come up with this layout. New sub-categories are created and all the posts are re-categorized. Posts previously classified under more than two categories are now classified more precisely only under one category.

How to Use the Website ?

  • Use the search feature on the top of the page.
  • Use the Menu bars on top for better navigation.
  • The top most one is for Pages and below one one for Categories
  • Use the Categories and Sub-Categories section in the right-hand Sidebar, scroll down ! .
  • Click on the Tag Cloud words to browse articles related to those words.
  • You can use the Archives to browse posts by month.
  • Use page numbers at bottom to browse all posts related to a category

Using the text box located on  Sidebar to the right, Subscribe by email for delivery of latest articles by email. You can also subscribe to RSS Feeds if you use a feed reader. Follow on twitter!  As always, join the site using Google Friend Connect!

Hope everyone likes the new layout and design!

What do you think of new layout and design?

Redbus to US New Theme

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Comments ( 4 )

  1. Ravi

    Need your advise on filing H4 along with spous’s H1B stamping.
    My fiance has recently been sponsored H1B by US employer. We are just engaged and not married and do NOT possess Marriage certificate; Becouse of which she has declared as Single in marital status and no where My / spouse name stated.

    Now she is coming back to india in Feb-2011 for wedding and also to get her H1B stamping at chennai. I’m thinking of applying for H4 at the same time along with her H1B stamping (by then i will make sure to get marriage certificate)

    – will there be any rejection possiblity since my/spouse/Dependant name araise only at the time of herstamping and not before in the application filing ?

    – do we both need to have spouse names reflected in our Passports ?

    – is it advisable to schedule the interview date on the same day or let her first get H1B stamping and then should i apply for H4 ?

    1. administrator

      1. Should be fine
      2. Good to have, but not necessary. You can carry rest of the proofs like marriage certificate, wedding card and album. If asked about the passport you can let the officer know that you just got married you didn’t have enough time to get the names stamped in the passport.
      3. Lot of people go on the same date, so that you don’t have to carry same documents twice.

  2. Cyndi

    I found your website through a post about the amazing grace wordpress theme. I like the re-design. Did you do the re-design yourself? I’m wondering what theme you are using.

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