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RedBus2US Blog 2013 Review – 2014 Plans

Hi Folks !

Happy New Year 2014 !

RedBus2US Blog Review – 2013  

  • Traffic : Our blog traffic almost doubled in 2013, in comparison with 2012. We received about 4.5 Million visitors in the year 2013, where as we had about 2.5 million visitors in 2012.

  • Collaboration :  our Q & A Section has about 6000 answers for about 7000 questions. Thanks to all the great contributing users, who have taken time to help or advise the ones in need.

  • Availability : Our blog up time was about 99.91%, we had about 8 hours downtime. Thanks to our hosting provider, who makes this possible.

  • H1B Visa Sponsors Search : We just launched the beta version of our H1B Visa Sponsors search tool. It will give you options to search for H1B Sponsors by company name, city name or zip code. It gives a full snapshot of the past history with details like Salary ranges and approval/ denial status. All the Data provided by US Department of Labor.

  • H1B Tracker : We have about 1000 H1B Visa petitions added to our H1B Tracker

Overall, we have about 562 articles and about 91,000 comments on the blog.

Credits :

Most of the questions/comments were actively answered by Saurabh and other contributors as listed below. Collaboration is what keeps the blog alive. I cannot thank enough Saurabh and the contributors to keep the blog community alive and help the ones in need ! Thanks you so much everyone !

Users RedBus2US

What to Expect in 2014  ? 

Today morning I thought of my new year resolutions for the blog and my plans for 2014…It is funny, I just read the article with review of 2012 and 2013 resolutions that I posted last year, this years resolutions are exactly same as last year’s.  Saurabh and I are not able to commit as much time as we used to due to changes in our personal and professional lives. We will do our best to keep the blog alive and interactive. We need your support by your active participation to answer questions/comments, whenever you can to help one another.  Also, please share your experiences here , we will post them as articles.

Our goal is to accomplish the below in 2014 : 

  • Post about 5 articles in a week (either User Experiences or Articles )

  • Create analytics for H1B Visa Tracker

  • Modify Green Card Database like H1B Sponsors Database

  • Answer more questions in Q & A Section

  • Add more functionality to H1B Sponsors Database

Our mission to help others in need with unbiased information. Saurabh and I work full time and do this as our passion to help others in our spare time… We hope to see more collaboration from readers like you to keep our mission alive. Look forward to a  great year from you all !

Thanks to everyone who have answered a question /comment and helped anyone on the blog. Appreciate all your help !

What are your expectations for the blog ? What do you expect to see ?

Willing to help us ? shoot us an email to redbus2us(at)gmail.com


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  1. This is a lovely site with already huge data! So instead of stretching urself and publishing 5 articles a week, make it 5 per month or so. But quality ones. Also you have so much info hidden and buried under new articles, maybe you should think of creating some lists like – just been to US, financials in US, H1B or L1 – sections which are readily available from under front page or at least one page below.

  2. Sourabh Bro,

    Please unblock me, I think while you were blocking other trolls, you blocked me as well. I am not able to visit this information from home wifi.


  3. Hi Kumar and Saurabh!

    Great job. Really appreciate your work for this website.
    Just a suggestion, an article on ITIN will help many, who are in my situation (H1B) and are preparing to file tax return along with their H4 dependent who do not have a SSN and cannot get one.
    What supporting documents are needed? Is original passport of the H4 visa holder to be submitted with the ITIN application?

    • Kaushik,
      Thanks for liking the work.

      I had applied ITIN few years ago. At that point, I applied it while filing my tax return. I didn’t submit any immigration documents.

      • Hi Kaushik,
        I had applied for ITIN last year (2013) along with my spouse tax return , they asked for original identification proof along with application. Mine was rejected as I haven’t submitted my original ID proof /passport.
        (At that time I don’t have any ID apart from passport, I thought its risk to send passport via mail that’s why I haven’t submitted)
        One more option is you can directly go to IRS office and submit application and just show your original ID proof. No need to submit in this case.


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