Should you do MS or MBA in USA Questions to ask

Questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you should do MBA in USA?

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There has been phenomenal response to the article: Should I do MS or MBA after or B.S , I see lot of questions Should you do MS or MBA in USA   Questions to askasked by people explaining their situation and asking if MBA is right for them. Let me share few of my thoughts here to help you decide better about MBA. I assume you have read the original article before you proceed further.

The best way to solve an issue in general is to do analysis. The best way to do rational analysis is to ask the right questions. Let me try to give a set of questions that you have to ask yourself that you may answer either YES or NO.

Sample questionnaire to help you decide if MBA in US is right for you :

Some questions may seem redundant, just for lack of proper verbiage I had to write them like that. If you answer YES to at least half of these questions (at least 6), then you should definitely consider doing MBA in USA or at least MBA in your home country.

QuestionAnswer (YES or NO)
1Do you want to become an Entrepreneur someday and have your own business?
2Do you want to be a good Manager for a team?
3Do you want to get into Executive roles like Vice President roles or CEO, CFO roles some day in your career ?
4Do you like to work with people ?
5Do you want to move away from your Technical job like it can be coding or engineering  ?
6Do you want to understand how businesses work as a whole ?
7Do you want to change your career to leadership roles ?
8If manager, do you want to be a better Manager at work ?
9Do you like innovation and want to create a business using your own innovative ideas ?
10Do you have work experience of 3 years or more and planning on moving up the ladder in company ?
11Do you like Management, but you are not good with managing people in general ?
12Do you have MS from US and you do not like your current job and plan to do something different in Business side ?
13Are you good working with people, but are in a job where you do not work with people like coding, engineering, etc and you want to change your career ?

I understand studying MBA could be a hard decision to make.  If you still have any questions, ask in Forum or post a comment, I will respond.

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Comments ( 14 )

  1. rajesh

    HI My friend has an MBA in india. and planning to come to US for studies.
    From the stamping perspective, is it good to Choose MBA or MS .

    I ask this question because,

    since he already has MBA will the visa officer pose any problem if he opts for MS comp science? (or)

    Since he already has MBA, will the visa officer ask him why are you doing MBA again in US .

    I would like to get answers for this question solely based on stamping criteria. Ms or MBA either of them is okay for my friend as long as there are no other problems during stamping

    Thanks in advance

  2. bharathi ra

    I am a B.Tech (Computer Science) and have an IT experience of 6 years.I always wanted to do MS but due to various reasons was not able to pursue.
    Can I pursue MS now ?Is it worth doing MS even after 6 years of experience?

    1. VENKAT

      Hi Bharathi
      I am also B Tech (computer science) and i have 7 years exp in IT. Due to financial and family problems was not able to pursue. can i pursue MS now? Is it worth doing MS in us even after 7 years gap?

  3. Khaki Masudur Rahman

    I am successfully completed M.Phil Mathematics in Khulna University of Engineering & Technology,Bangladesh(2008 pass out). Now I am working as assistant professor (Mathematics) in America Bangladesh University,Dhaka, Bangladesh.I wanted to Ms/PhD USA.May I know more information.

  4. Snehlata

    Hi all,

    I am working as a DOTNET Developer in an MNC in Manufacturing and Logistics Domain. I am satisfied with my job but I am enthusiastic about changing my career path to Supply Chain Management(With preferably IT sector) which has more of management and less of technical. I have 1.5 years experience in coding and development. Though I have fair amount of knowledge in SCM, the project I dealt with in past 1.5years involved nearly nothing to do with supply chain. Now I wish to pursue a career in Supply Chain Management.
    My Question is that at this point of time, ie having 1.5 years of experience in IT sector and zero experience in SCM, should I go for MS(SCM) or MBA(SCM)? Which one is advisable and why?
    Also I am working on getting external certifications in this domain. Will that help? Kindly suggest a few..

  5. Shikha


    Can you please tell me what is the scope after doing MBA in US ? What would be a 3-4 years experienced person do with a MBA degree? Will the degree be worthy enough to put the efforts and money? What pay a person from a good university get after completing his MBA?

  6. prateek_kaushik

    i m prateek…it is my 2nd yr of btech in cse…
    actually i m little confused about doing mba after ms…
    i mean few weeks earlier i thought of that but then i realised isn’t that little aberrant to pursue mba after ms…coz both the degrees are masters degree???

    actually i m confused whether i should look for ms or mba…i m not a technocrat so dont know whether ms is for me and i have heard, to pursue mba from good b_schools at usa 2-3 years of work_ex is a must!!!!

    do you prefer ms(few years of job) + mba ???????

    do reply…thanks

  7. Manasa

    Hi Kumar,

    I did BTech in Mechanical Engineering. I have 5 years of Experience as Quality Analyst in India. After marriage i came to US on L2 Visa. PayRate is very less here for Testers and I wanted to go for higher studies. I took my GRE almost 3 years back and i got 1190 and my toefl score got expired. Am getting confused whether to do MBA or MS. Also is it really worthy to do MS or MBA after having 5 years of IT experience.

    For 13 queries which you have posed above, i could say YES only to 8 queries. I need some more guide lines from you. Please say your valuable suggestions.

  8. Neha


    I have gone through your blogs. Must say, you have given very honest and straight to heart advices. I also seek some advice from you. I am working on SAP BW module and experience of 4.6 years now. Now I want to pursue some degree in management course, but I am confused between MBA or MIS. As I am working on SAP I think MIS can be a good choice considering funding and other things also. Can you please suggest which one should I opt.

    Warm Regards,

  9. Dilip

    Hi Kumar,

    I read your articles one by one. I realised you are doing your MBA now after your MS
    I am working as Database administrator administering applications and core datas but this job is different among IT jobs… It never involves programming, innovation,hard coding etc..Its all about Proactiveness,planning, decision making, testing with trials, responsibility, questioning application users on their modifications with datas, moreover maintain privacy on credentials etc..
    These skill sets are much aligned with business degree like maintaining, managing, administering, reponsibility, initiatives but lacks new innovative and coding. Please correct my understanding here..
    What i have felt is further going for MBA rather than Masters in is MEM program ( Masters in Engineering Management ) course..Does it works ?
    Please advice.


  10. niv

    for the above questions, all my answers are YES. so i feel i should def go for MBA. i have given GRE : 1110, toefl in nov. 4.5 yrs exp in IT. Is this score valid for good MBA schools or retake is a must? now, ETS declared tht GRE score valid for MBA schools? please suggest.. i have been writing to you, but I am not getting sny answers..plz…..

  11. veena

    hi i am veena i am really interested to do mba related job i dont want be a software engineer because i have 4 yrs of teaching experince in engg. colleges in india.but now i want work in companies and want to achive something with doing it job.
    pls give me suggetion abt mba and wat course to do and how to do fees structure in usa,.

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