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Pikes Peak : World’s Highest Cog Railraod

 I happen to visit Denver in Colorado this summer to visit my friends down there…As always, visited some local attractions, one of those was Pikes Peak. It is around 10 miles from Colorado Springs. The specality of the place is, it is the world’s highest cog rail road. If you do not know what a cog railway is, here is how the track looks. It has like a saw kind of track, gives extra grip and it prevents the train to avoid slipping . It goes very very slow though. All these are from my camera, compressed for better loading of page !

Here is the train on the real tracks…close view and long shot view…. It has like 3 to 4 compartments. There are two trains. One goes up and goes down. There is a track changing station kind of setup in middle.

 On the way we pass through a variety of points. One of them called windy point at 12,129 feet

It was an awesome panoramic view of the lakes and mountains…I wish I was a better poet to describe it ๐Ÿ˜‰  All I can show you are these photographs

As you go up the peak, the air pressure decreases, Oxygen content decreases…it is very hard to breath. It is not recommended if you have any health problems.  Especially respiratory related or pregnancy too. Honestly, I felt the head ache in 20 min because of lack of oxygen. The rail will only stay for 25-30 min on the peak due to these health hazards.  It is the world’s highest cog railway and it is in the Rocky Mountains !  The peak point train takes you is 14,110 feet as show in below image. As everywhere, they have souvenirs on top. The view from top of the mountain is breath taking. It is quite windy and hard to stay close. I went during hot summer and it was icy and very cold. So, you can imagine how bad it gets during winter.  Due to the altitude, there is always ice and snow on the top and winds are ridiculous….. 

If you visit Colorado, Pikes peak is definitely worth visiting, outstanding view and fun experience !  You can say, I have been on the Highest Cog Railway !


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