Perception of American Women, Night life by Conservative internationals

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Coming to US from a very conservative culture, my perception about American nightlife and US women was US Friends Girl and Guy perception of US womencompletely different. I had painted in my mind a different picture about American Women and night life because of the influence created by the media, movies and other factors. My perceptions were not completely true. Let me share some of my thoughts.

What do typical International guys think about American Women and Night Life?

The general perception by guys, who are from conservative cultures like India, about American women is:  they are easy to flirt with and may be get laid without any problems. This is NOT completely true. Also, guys or girls back in home country think that most of the guys who come to America get wasted as they hang out with lot of white girls and have fun in the night clubs and stuff. This not completely true too. I do agree there are more things to do in America like Dance clubs, Gentleman clubs and Bars, but the perception is not completely true.

Why do people have different perceptions about US women and life here ?

People have very different perceptions about US women because of the way women are shown in US movies, excess romance scenes, kissing, etc shown in the movies. Also, the clothing worn by American women does not help either because of the short skirts and too much of exposed skin in general dressing.  On top of all this, some people who come here tell some false things about American women to their friends just to show off or pretend that they have done something and friends back home think that, “Oh this guy is great he had fun with white girls, etc”.  As always bad things spread easily even with few people and it is pure gossip.

What is the actual reality with American Women and Night Life in US?

The reality is, after my experience living in Midwest for a long time, all the stuff that people think back home about American Women and night life is not completely true. Some of it may be true depending on the place and kind of people you meet. But, in general, American women are for the most part same as like other women. The way they dress is different and their thought process is independent.  They like to do what they really want to do. Unlike, in conservative cultures women are afraid of doing some things even though they want to do, they back off because of society and culture. It is not completely true that you can walk to a women in bar and get laid just by talking to them. Though, occasionally it may happen, especially in college towns with lot of Undergraduates. Typically American women are very friendly and they move very closely and for them physical contact like hug and kiss on cheek is part of their culture. Internationals from conservative cultures may get creative ideas by this physical gestures and contacts…the reality is nothing happens! It is just part of being friends, so do not think too much. People show off the pictures taken with US girls to their friends back home just to show off that they are enjoying life and doing a lot with girls, but the fact is nothing is happening here other than the pictures J. My whole point is, do not have wrong perceptions about women in US. Personally, I definitely had very wrong perceptions… Do not be misinterpret  the photos of guys and girls holding hands together or having hands around each other, etc…It is just part of US culture and they are just being friends without the conservative culture barriers. Also, going out with friends for dancing or just for drinks is just part of being a student or it is culture here. Pictures taken in the bars with friends, etc should not be misinterpreted.  Night life in US is just about having fun instead of just sitting idle at home.

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  1. Cath

    Being an American woman I thought it might be useful to chime in here. For the most part what Kumar has written is spot on accurate but there are a few things that I think could be mentioned to have a clearer view about American women as a whole.

    First what you must keep paramount in your mind is that the women you meet at bars and nightclubs are only one small slice of the pie that represent ‘American women’. There are many women who do not visit such establishments at all and quite a few more who visit occasionally. Even in our more open and less conservative society there remains a stigma for women, and even for men to be entirely truthful, who spend an excess of their free time partying at nightclubs.

    I would think that for the majority of American women, and especially young and social, college age women going out to clubs is something to be enjoyed maybe once or twice a month, most women do not make it a nightly or even weekly thing though some who enjoy an especially party-centric lifestyle do, however they are a minority.

    Something else that should be noted is that the American woman you see at a nightclub is often a woman who is ‘letting her hair down’ so to speak. When going out to a club it’s fairly normal for us to dress more provocatively then we would at almost any other time…not because we want to meet someone and hook up, but because we, both men and women alike, enjoy this opportunity to casually flirt. Normally it ends there — with harmless flirting. Of course there is the occasional woman of freer morals shall we say, who is interested in taking any connection further. I can only speak for myself, but I have never partaken of any opportunity to ‘hook up’ at a club and to be frank, I’ve honestly no real interest in meeting potential romantic partners in such a setting. All of my boyfriends have been those I’ve been introduced to by friends or met at my workplace. I guess what I am trying to say is that the woman you meet in such a setting isn’t normally portraying herself in her true, normal light…typically she is only enjoying an opportunity to have fun and unwind and nothing more.

    1. Princehuman

      you said ” all of my boyfriends” plural – we know what kind of a person you are then, unless you just lied about the numbers – so as to “pretend” to have boyfriend-s – if you get the point

      1. Martin

        Well, well, this is indeed an interesting echo from a conservative culture, as you may put it. In the US and in Europe, for a woman to refer to her past boyfriends (plural) in the way Cath did is completely innocent. I would always assume these were boyfriends she had over time, one at a time always, and this would be perfectly normal and virtuous behaviour for a woman, to even the most conservative of Americans and Europeans. No reason whatsoever to go and make comments like “we know what kind of person you are then”. That sounds indeed horribly tasteless and insulting, as you will agree. Now whatever you may think about the boyfriends, a conservative outlook on the world is no excuse for not having any manners and just intentionally insulting random strangers on the web. I politely suggest you clean up your act.

      2. CD

        your words are pretty unlikely to be PRINCELY and very inhuman.. It is your own opinion and attacking a lady like this is not permitted in our culture. We need to open up..Draupadi in Mahabharat had several husbands and yet is treated as a dignified lady in our culture.. you need some serious introspection and need to show some restraint in words ..I would advise you not to react immediately..Take a pause bro.. then react.. 🙂

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