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As I have previously written an article whether Should you convert Marks/ Percentage to GPA 4.0 Scale for USA Applications ? , just to add more information on that lines, I did inquire with some more schools and here is their Convert Percentage or Marks to GPA for US admissionsresponse. Some of the schools require that you contact a Credential evaluation Services agency and get your marks evaluated. Some schools say, do not worry about it, we will do it you just pay a fee. Here are some of the responses from schools.

Credential Evaluation Agencies in USA :

Here are few credential evaluation agencies.  This is just a list for your information. Sometimes schools ask you to contact one of the agencies for conversion. You do not need to do it unless the school asks to do it.  For instance, if you read below San Diego State University clearly mentions this:

This association has the list of certified evaluation agencies. If you pick an agency, it is very important for you to choose from the list that is available from National Association of Credential Evaluation services.

Here are few  Agencies that were recommended by some schools. These are part of the above association.

Communication to Universities about Converting Percentage to GPA

Here is the email I have sent to few Graduate schools in US :

I am an International Student from Asia and plan to apply to Grad School. I have this question about GPA. I have seen many schools asking for GPA.  How to convert our Percentage to GPA of 4.0 Scale. Both systems are different. Can you please help me with this question on How to Convert Percentage to GPA ?

Responses from the Graduate Schools :

Portland State University :

The Point is very clear based on the conversation. You Should NOT convert Percentage to GPA.

Here is the response I got for the first email :

Hello Kumar,

It depends on what country and what system you are coming from.  Once a student applies, we will review all the documents and do the conversion based on our information on that country and school’s information.  We don’t do conversions before we receive a student application.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

I replied to their question stating that I am from India.

Actually, I am from India. We have Percentage system in India and no GPA concept.

Let me know if you need more info. Just wondering if we need to do anything or just apply the way it is and you will take care of all the stuff.



Response back from Portland State University :

Hello Kumar,

Yes, we are very used to doing conversions from the percentage system in India.  We have many Indian students at Portland State.  We do all the conversions in our office.  You can send it just the way it is and we will know exactly what to do with it.

Thank you!

SUNY, Buffalo :

I have contacted the school and the response was, they told that I have to contact the academic department that I am planning on applying to.  It depends on their discretion. They also pointed me to an agency WES, just for additional information. The main key thing is, they just said to contact the academic department. . The agencies are listed above.

Rutgers University, Newark :

I got the exact response that I got from SUNY Buffalo. They asked to check with the academic department and also they pointed me to an agency for additional information as listed above.

San Diego State University :

This University wants full evaluation report. They tell you the details :

Kumar –

International students or any other applicant with international coursework, must apply through www.csumentor.edubeginning October 1st.  San Diego State University also requires that all first-time freshmen, transfer, and graduate student applicants with international documents, submit one of the following evaluation reports.  The evaluation companies will calculate your GPA.  This report is what we will be using to determine your admission status.

Request a: Course-by-Course Evaluation Report

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
PO Box 514070
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203-3470
(414) 289-3400
Cost: $135

Request a:  Detail Report

International Education Research Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 3665
Culver City, California 90231
(310) 258-9451
Cost:  $165

Please do not send official transcripts to San Diego State University upon application.  Students’ admission eligibility will be based on official evaluations sent from one of the two companies listed above.  Once admission is determined, applicants will be required to submit all official transcripts and an official translation of their international coursework.  More information about graduate admission deadlines can be found by

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

This school does not accept evaluations from credential Evaluation Agencies. They do it by themselves.

Hello Kumar,

Thank you for the e-mail.  When you submit your academic credentials to UW-Milwaukee, our office will evaluate them to determine your GPA.  Some universities may require that you get an evaluation from a credential evaluation organization such as ECE ( or WES ( to determine your GPA.  *Please note that UW-Milwaukee does not accept evaluations from these organizations.

Summary : Ask the academic Department for more info

The Key take away from all these responses from few of the schools is, you really have to contact the academic department you are applying to be clear if you need to do anything. You should NOT convert Percentage to GPA by using any methods. Typically schools suggest you an agency to do the credential evaluation or they will do it by themselves. So, just act with caution.   Read this article to find out some Wrong formulas to Convert Percencetage to GPA 4.0 scale by International students for Applying to US Schools.


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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Shreyas

    What percentage of Indians are at these Below universities pursuing MS degree.
    1.POrtland State University
    2.Oregon State University
    3.University of Rochester
    4.UNiversity of Florida
    5.Southern Methodist University
    6.Rochester Institute OF technology
    7.Arizona State University

  2. blessing

    Good day I am applying to oklahoma state university and i am asked to write my grades in some particular courses in respect to my department, using the scale of 4.00 but i am a Nigerian student and we use 5.00 , so my problem now is how to convert the grades i get in each course to a 4.00 scale.Please i need help and i look forward to getting a reply from you.
    Thank you.

  3. Deno


    I am applying to school here for my masters program.. they wont accept the Indian grading system and they requested me to send my transcripts from my college to this company and get it converted to GPA. They referred me to this and would only accept admission by them? So I have to go through But they have a IGPA calc which i put in all my grades it comes to 3.48 GPA.. Also another q is in India any engg degree is awarded based on performance from your last 4 sems? How does that work ? Will they consider all my sems to evaluate my degree during conversion process? seems little weird..

    Any help is appreciated , my agg for my degree is %69.04, can someone tell me

  4. Solomon Ishaq

    Hi there,


    Respected Madam/Sir I have received my IERF report few days back in which I have been compared with an LPN instead of an RN my nursing is comparative with an RN and many students have appeared for the NCLEX RN exam from Rufaida Hamdard School of Nursing and they are compared to an RN according to the CGFNS evaluation and few more.I have also talked to my Principal if their has been some lacking documentations which are not been sent and my school will send directly.My Principal is also willing to sent any document and a personal letter for the expected correction.

    Sir/Madam my IERF report needs to be corrected because I have to appear for the NCLEX RN not NCLEX PN.Kindly help me to correct my evaluation and resend it to the Taxes Board Of Nursing.I am the only one facing this hulky matter in my Nursing School records.I am waiting for my ATT and I beg your pardon suddenly I am facing this huge unexpected problem report.Kindly help me out.I shall be very thankful to you.

    Thank you so much,


    1. administrator

      Solomon, You should contact the IERF for you issue. Click here and fill up the form to contact IERF with your problem. Explain your whole situation to them in the text box with the details. Good Luck !

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