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Options and Decision Chart to enter, study, work and live in US from B.tech/ B.A / B.Com

Various options to choose with career progress if you would like to come to USA for education or work.
Decison Tree to work or Study in USA
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  1. I am currently giving my 12th commerce maharashtra board. i want to go abroad and get settled by easy way …can you help me to choose best way special after B.COM

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the valuable information shared with us. I am posting few details because this is the page where decision has to be finalised.

    My professional and personal path is as follows,

    Chemical Engineering (Pune University) + 2 years Engineering job + 2 years Full time PGDM from one of the best college in Mumbai + 4.6 years Post MBA work in a reputed FMCG (Now Manager Supply chain)

    Salary- 14 LPA

    Other than professional life I am married and have a small 8 months kid.

    I want to do Master’s not sure MS/MBA.
    For living better life and staying in US at least for 10 years.

    Pl suggest Should i go for this? if yes then which university & which course?


  3. sir iam currently in first year of btech mechanical engineering i doesnt want to study in india i want to apply in US for my undergraduate engineering iam planning to write toefl an gre exam this year so is this possible i can get admission in 2 nd year of engineering in forieghn university an is this all possible plz rply sir an tell the full deatils it will be a great help to me

  4. Sir
    I am in the last year of my b.tec (mechanical engg.) what are the chances that after persuing mba from US I’ll get a job. And what is the probability that I’ll get a green card. As many said American companies mostly hire their own country people and from the other countries (only if their percentage is high enough) . Is there any solution for that.
    I am also looking for merchant navy as an engineer in the ship.

  5. Hello,

    I have done my bachelors in computer science (3 year course) and i have 1.5 years of work experience. Will i be eligible to apply for MS in universities in states ?

  6. Hi… I have done my graduation in bachelors of arts with major in Philosophy. After that i have done 2 years post graduation diploma… I want to presue MS in information technology from US. Would i be eligible since being from totally non IT background. Please advice. Thanks

  7. I want to study m.tech in USA .what will be process to i going on .i qualification is B.Tech(2011-2015)

    • I want to study m.tech in USA .what will be process to i going on .my qualification is B.Tech(2011-2015) .

  8. Thank you very much..for the info.. It was really helpful
    I could figure out the path to go down for MS/MBA.
    Thanks again.

  9. Hi Kumar

    Thank you for sharing so much information here.

    I finish my Bcom in April 2012 and want to look at study options in the USA. I guess MS is the route to take but is my 3 year Bcom degree accepted? if not what other qualifying course should I do in the USA before I go for the MS Course?


  10. Thanks a bunch for this website.Its really helpful in resolving many open queries about education in US. I need your help. I’m in United States since Jul 2007 on H1B visa. I have done my Bachelors of Computer Applications from India and now I wish to pursue Masters Degree from United States. Can you please advice me how to proceed for this. It will be helpful if you send across all the steps required to go for it.

    Would appreciate your help on this.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Gopi,
      I am not sure the duration of BCA, if you are short of 16 years of education in US, you may need to check with schools. Some schools accept 15 years education, some do not. If they do not, you need to offset that based on recommendation from the Schools. First step is talk to your desired schools regarding your education and check if they are fine with it. If not, follow their steps. You will need to write GRE and potentially TOEFL (not sure, check with school) and then apply to schools. Read this article for some additional info 15 year of education for MBA in USA ?

    • Thanks Kumar. Appreciate your help on this. Just to let you know that i did some brain storming and found Capella University. Its an online degree university. As far as google information is concerned , this University is well recognized for online degree program. They say that there are certainly no hindrances in getting me started with MBA IT program.

      I wish to know your advice on this. and if at all you know of anyone who did /doing any kind of course from Capella university.

      Appreciate your help on this.


  11. i’m a final yr BE -ECE student studying in Chennai. i’m interested in pursuing my MS in US.. i need to know what type of courses should i take in MY master programme

  12. I’m currently entering into my final yr engg. i’m mostly interested in pursuing MS in US.. I’m currently working 4 it in all possible ways lyk GRE ,TOEFL, etc.,
    I need anyb0dy’s assistance right now … pls help me…..

  13. hello sir
    first of all i would like to say thanks to you
    i read your article and it give me answer of my question
    but still i want to ask you something
    write now i am in the U.S.A (on student dependent visa)
    i am a B.com(bachelor of commerce with accounting) (2005) from India
    Because of some circumstance i got married in 2006
    Now i want to study in the U.S.A
    Is there any way that i can study here?
    Because here most of the colleges want 12+4 ( years eduction) and i have a 12+3
    i will waiting for answer
    thank you

  14. Hello Kumar,

    First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us.
    I am a (2010-pass out)Electrical engineer, working with a fortune 500 company. At the time of my graduation, I was disappointed that I couldn’t get placed in my field of interest (digital VLSI) and thereby I decided to go for MS. Today I have calls from a couple of universities (North Carolina State University and Columbia) for MS in VLSI.
    Now here starts the turmoil–
    1) After being in a design/marketing position in a pretty decent paying company for almost a year, I fear that the growth (in monetary terms and job role) which I had expected after doing my MS mightn’t be there. To be precise I am worried over my ROI.
    2) NCSU is decent and very economical compared to the IVY status of Columbia. Frankly I would have a tough time paying for columbia as compared to NCSU. But then again, not everyone gets an opportunity to study in the ivy-league. Should I jump on the ivy-status or am I getting carried away by just a people defined term “ivy”.
    3) Now here is something peculiar which has just come up in my head. I really wish to be a technical analyst and work for someone like BCG or Mckinsey. Would a MS in a technical field help me grab such an job profile?

    I know these questions show a weak state of mind and thereby would truly appreciate your help.



    • Siddarth, I wish I knew more about your VLSI and schools’ research strengths and ranking in your area. Here are my two cents from Brand perspective. One of my friends goes to Columbia for MBA, the brand value he carries as a Columbia grad is incredible, which cannot be bought by money or anything….The reality is, if you go to an Ivy-league school, you have higher chances to get hired in your dream company after you graduate…Your resume will carry so much weight, including the access of Alumni network of Ivy league…Again, I do not know much about NCSU and its research strengths or its value in VLSI area…

  15. My profile
    10th- 91% ICSE board
    12th- 75% CBSE board
    BE(ECE) -68% Thapar University
    6 months work experience in TCS as functional tester.

    What are my chances for MS in finance and MBA from abroad I mean US and Europe .
    I mean at this profile and lets say two years of work experience, where will it take me ??

    • Amit,
      10th and 12th grade marks does not matter, they do not consider.
      I cannot speak for Europe, but for US I think you need to get some good GRE / GMAT and TOEFL scores to offset your percentage. For MS, experience may not matter much… for MBA, 2 to 3 years would be good.

  16. hi , my name is v rama linga raju . i have completed my mcom finance and i want to do my MS finance in USA . and after that i want to do my phd in finance in USA only . i am confused about the exmas to write . i am a commerce student and someone told me to write Gmat . your chart shows that i have to write Gre for MS. now i am confused . can i do both MS and PHD with Gmat exam or i have to write separate exam for phd after the completion of my MS course . or Gre is enough for both MS and PHD . or i have to write GMat for MS and Gre for PHd . PLEASE HELP ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    • Raju, It depends. Typically, GRE is standard for most of the MS programs. But, for business degree like MS in Finance, it is different. Schools accept both GRE and GMAT. As always, every school requirements are different. If you have some schools in mind, you should check their school website. As it is MS Finance, GMAT would work totally. For instance check this for Univ of Wisconsin http://www.bus.wisc.edu/qmf/admissions.asp and Vanderbilt http://owen.vanderbilt.edu/vanderbilt/Programs/msfinance/msfinance-admissions/

      Coming to PhD, you should apply for integrated program where you can do MS and PhD together. You do not need to take GMAT or GRE again. Your scores are valid for 5 years. if you are not sure, you can just apply for MS and do some publications in MS and then apply for PhD in better school.
      If you have publications, it helps with admission in good schools for Funding .

      Please Post your further questions in FORUM http://www.redbus2us.com/forum/ instead of here.


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