H1B Checklist for Last Minute Filing

One week to H1B 2017 Season Start – Are you ready ?

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Every time I watch the below funny video, it makes me think about how many of us try to rush in the last minute to get things done…Are you one of them this year trying to squeeze the last mile for filing your H1B petition for FY 2017 quota ?

As per our  H1B 2017 Sample Plan , by now, you must have most of your documentation done and sent to attorney a couple of weeks before and have everything ready…you should have confirmation from attorney that everything is going as per plan and the application will be filed by them as planned by April 1st.

In case you have sent your documents long time ago, it does not hurt to do quick check with attorney or your employer to ensure all is well.  If there are some final pieces missing, you still have about a week to fix those issues and ensure the filing happens on time without any issues.

What to check with Attorney or Employer regarding your H1B Application ?

This is probably the most busiest time of the year for many of the immigration attorneys…you may not get immediate response or even response from some of them due to the peak season time…but, it is always worth asking some of the below questions.

  • Was the LCA filed by the employer ?
    • If not, when do they plan to do it ?
    • If done, was the LCA approved ?  Can you get a copy, if so ?
  • Does the attorney has everything ready for filing H1B ?
    • Was there any need for  education evaluation ? If so, do they have it ready ?
  • What is the status on the petition preparation ? Is it all ready to be shipped ?
    • Can they give Fedex receipt confirmation ? ( many may not, small attorneys or employers may give this info…but, worth asking)

If you are working with a decent employer or attorney, you do not have to worry about many of these things…but, for some reason, if you are working for a small employer and they are not aware of the H1B process, it can be tricky….

Most Anxious Time for many of you…

If you are filing H1B for the first time or second time, as you couldn’t get it last year, you must be eagerly waiting for many days like filing date, lottery date,  and lottery results….I can tell you friends, reading comments on the internet/ our blog and  articles like H1B Lottery Predictions for FY 2017  will make you more nervous and anxious….It is much easy for someone like me to say these words “Stay Calm and Relax”, but I fully understand it can be very hard as I have been through many such nervous moments…nevertheless, all I still believe that, you should not be too much worried and leave it to destiny…don’t get into panic mode and ruin your sleep and good days with family.  If you have not, I suggest you read H1B Visa 2017 FAQs .

How has your H1B filing experience been so far ? How was your interaction with your attorney ?


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Comments ( 23 )

  1. h1b user

    how can one say that H1b cap will be 250k or 100k or 300k by just checking lca website data..there is no such option to check it for specially for cap..!! from those 100k LCA’s there could be multiple poisitions, extensions, transfers, amendments? right? correct me if am wrong!! so i think we will never know the exact count or approx count as well lol

    1. Sai

      Of course no one gonna predict the exact number, but by checking at LCA number and compared to previous years still makes sense.

  2. Sai

    Hey Saurabh,

    Thanks for the info. my employer is sponsoring me H1 and he is getting premium process done. So can you tell me by what time would i come to know if my H1 is picked in lottery or not ?

    1. Pradeep

      As per my Analysis from LCA data, this year the H1B count will be around 1.5L to 1.8L. All most all companies applied 30% less LCA’s compared to last year. I have taken LCA data from 2015 April to 2016 March. I hope they use only LCA’s filed in this period for this year H1B.

    2. administrator


      As per USCIS update, PP will start no later than May 16. So you should know by that date if you make through the lottery. If you don’t hear anything by that date, then there is a good chance that you didn’t make through lottery.

  3. vjrj

    Hi Kumar,

    My search on total LCAs (All states, H1B, start and end date were the inputs)
    between Jan 2016 to Mar till date is 68774.

    Can we relate this count to the expected H1B application count for this year ?

    Below is the link


    1. administrator


      LCAs for upcoming season are filed 6 month in advance. So any H-1s subject to upcoming filing season will have a start date of future. Here is what I found:

      Start date of Jun 1 and beyond: 213,325
      Start date of Jul 1 and beyond: 199,426
      Start date of Aug 1 and beyond: 180,751
      Start date of Sep 1 and beyond: 100,612

      **Most** of these will be for upcoming season and some may be for multiple positions within same application.

        1. H1

          Not really. If you see the numbers are decreasing with every added month. So, the total application (until now) starting Jun 1 is 213,325 so far. There will be more until the end of the month and first couple days of April.
          Out of these some will be for cap exempt application (unless the count is only for cap-subject).

        2. administrator


          These are cumulative totals. So they shouldn’t be added together.

          In Mar 100K were filed, in Feb 80K were filed etc. Again, not all will be cap-subject petitions and it is possible for LCA to cover multiple positions.

        1. Raj

          If you look at the comparable period last year or years before, the total LCA number went down actually. Can we conclude this year would be better, at least than last year?

          1. puzzle

            That’s a good news at least for those we have failed through lottery before. I think increasing the fee might have some effect on filing as companies are more careful.

          2. Obi

            The big icc: Inforsys, Tata, wipro, etc,has significantly lower number of LCA this year compared with last year.

    2. Insider

      In DOL site, LCA count for FY16 that is from OCT 1 2015 to SEP 30 2016 and its 396786. For FY17 H1b, job start date shouldn’t be before OCT 1 2016.

      Big MNCs have started use this H1b visa a carrot and delayed promotions, hike and control attrition etc.. they will collect docs from many employees around 20000 to 30000 but they never file for all and filing is based on rank assigned to each employee docs which employees don’t know.. Finally they will tell that your petition is not picked in lottery and assure employees that next year we will file again.

      i know two big MNCs C and I are doing this cheat work this year too not sure about T , W and H.

  4. Puzzle

    Don’t put too much pressure on God. He is nothing to do with H1B visa. Whatever God does is for your good. This is my second ald last attemp.Its just a math game 30% for General or 60% for PG.

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