H1B Lottery 2016 Completed 233000 Petitions Filed

Official News : USCIS H1B 2016: 233,000 Petitions received, Lottery Completed

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As many of you know that H1B Visa 2016 cap was reached on April 7th, 2015 and we all have been waiting for the H1B Lottery information and how many petitions were received. USCIS released a press note earlier today indicating the details of lottery and total number of petitions received.

Summary of the Official Press Release on H1B 2016 Cap and Lottery Completion:

  • USCIS received a whopping 233,000 petitions for H1B Visa FY 2016 quota during the filing period, which is from April 1st to April 7th, 2015. Based on our previous research data from USCIS, this is the highest number of petitions ever filed at USCIS for H1B quota. The previous highest was filed in 2001, when the H1B quota was 195,000 and the overall H1-B petitions filed were about 201,543. Check out History of H1B’s filed with USCIS by Year from 2000. Also, read H1B max quota caps by year since 1990
  • USCIS received more than 20,000 H1B petitions for US Masters’ degree quota. They did not indicate on the breakdown of petitions received for Masters and Regular quota, they just indicated that overall petitions received for the fiscal year 2016 were about 233,000.
  • H1B 2016 Lottery Process, Info :
    • On April 13th, 2015 USCIS conducted Computer Generated Random Selection process aka H1B Lottery to select the required number of H1B petitions for FY 2016 quota of 65,000 for general quota and 20,000 for US Advanced degree quota.
    • First, a lottery was conducted for the US Master’s degree quota applications to select 20,000 petitions and then the petitions that were not selected in this this first round were added to general quota pool and lottery was conducted on this pool to select the overall 65,000 petitions for general quota. This is pretty standard over the years. Read H1B Lottery Selection Process, How does it work.
    • USCIS mentioned that they will reject and return all the petitions that were not selected in the lottery, along with the filing fee, unless the petition filed was duplicate. USCIS mentioned guidance on duplicate petitions that a same employer cannot file multiple or duplicate petitions for the same candidate for the same role or related roles to increase their lottery chances.
  • H1B 2016 Premium Processing Info :
    • As mentioned earlier, the premium processing for H1B 2016 petitions will start no later than May 11th, 2015. It means that the 15 days clock of premium processing starts from May 11th, 2015. You may start to receive receipt numbers for your case earlier than May 11th, but USCIS is setting the date as May 11th for official SLA purposes.
    • Last year this date for premium processing was no later than April 28th, but this year it is moved to May 11th, to cater to the large number of petitions.
  • H1B Cap exempt petitions to be accepted all year long.
    • Only FY 2016 quota is complete. As always, all the H1B cap exempt petitions will be accepted all year long, which falls under the below category
      • Previously H1B cap counted Applications
      • H1B extensions
      • Changes in H1B employment contracts
      • H1B Transfers
      • Concurrent working second H1B petitions

H1B Lottery Selection Results – Our Predictions

As per our H1B 2016 Predictions and Analysis, we expected a lottery and about 170k to 200k petitions…Due to the high demand and upswing in the US economy and technical workers demand in market, there were much more petitions received than anticipated by us.  We deviated about 15% from our actual predictions…

It is going to be a very long wait for many of the H1B applicants waiting for their case info… I know, with my previous years’ experience that it will be very long and painful…just stay calm and discuss sensibly in the blog comments, do NOT get into anything that hurts others or hate speech against race, country, religion, etc. Let’s keep the forum friendly for everyone and help each other in tough waiting period.   I suggest you add your H1B case to our H1B Case Tracker and keep it up to date, so that everyone get some high level info and take necessary action as needed.

What are your thoughts on this FY 2016 quota ?

Official USCIS Tweet on this with press release


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Comments ( 731 )

  1. itpraj

    I asked my employer to day that if they started receiving any receipt # he said …pray to god.

    Now that’s a response i was not expecting for US employer 🙂

  2. Solution to H1 Mess

    Here is a simple solution according to me-

    1. Increase MS quota to 40K , and regular to 45K (Total still 85k).
    2. Increase filing fee to X2 , to avoid multiple applications .
    3. Rigorous background check on people coming from tech giants in India for special skill (From personal experience, I have seen people who dont speak english well and some who are not smart at all).

      1. Good

        MS students should get more quota because they have paid atleast 30,000 $ to get their degree, and atleast should have an edge over free-loaders.

        1. aaa

          And what about bachelors who paid 5 times more than you f**king idiots? I don’t care if anyone gets it or not but your comment was lame as shit.

        2. aaa

          Brother, I seriously don’t care about the lottery at least not for myself. I never had to go through it but if I can get my point across, you will know what I am trying to say. Sorry for the foul language but that comment pissed me off at light speed.

          I came in here as an International student and I have heard the entire buzz about H1B. I was extremely lucky to not go through any visas and straight away become a LPR. I finished my bachelors here and I paid more than anyone could imagine but it’s not about the money and I could never weigh that money with the amount of skills I learned. If I was destined to be successful, I would have at any place.

          But if morons like these start making lame comments, it will piss off someone and in this case it was I.

          I am probably the most neutral guy over here since it has nothing to do with me, any of my friends, or acquaintances. I just happened to come here through a series of links.

          (Following lines are not for you)
          It’s a goddamn lottery so give me a break. If someone really used 1000 employers I don’t blame them. Everyone had an equal opportunity to do so. I know ethically its wrong but people still do it.

          If you really want to blame someone, then blame the companies sitting in India. Telling USCIS to do a thorough background checks is probably the funniest comment I ever heard. You think they have time for that crap? If US were to increase the quota then where will the citizens go? The quota was designed to meet the country’s need and not your needs.

          If you really want a solution, here it is:

          They should have two different pools, one for people applying for change of status and one for fresh H1 or they should only allow certain number of international students every year to tackle this crisis.

      2. SoStupid

        You’re stupid aren’t you? Free-loaders? Really?

        The government should change the entire system because YOU spend $30,000 on your education from the states?

        I personally think that the 20,000 quota for the US masters should be taken off as well, since there are no reliable benchmarks in quality of education at different places. Education and employment markets are two different things. A person with experience in the real market is much more worth than a recent US MS graduate sponsored by loaded parents in all likelihood.

        1. Programmer

          MS quota should be removed bleddy idiots. Who asked you to pay. They all fresher’s kids they don’t know anything tech or business. H1 should only for talented folks not for kids.

        2. True

          Ok. I agree with your statement. I apologize.

          But for real, Multiple applications should stop. Come what may, One person should ONLY be able to apply once.

          And Background check must be SUPER VIGOROUS.

    1. Bhagyashree

      Firstly.. Just because you did your masters in USA does not make you auto smart. Just because you can speak your mother tongue English well doesn’t mean you know what to talk. Me and most my friends speak at least 3 languages. Do you? And that’s true for 90% Indians in USA. There are people far more smart and intelligent without having advanced degrees. Secondly, I do agree about increasing quota. Also there should be fine and no refund for duplicate applications. Background check is definitely needed for IT folks as there could be fake candidates. But I would suggest don’t judge anyone based on speaking skills or appearance/looks.

  3. prasandude

    Hey guys,
    I heard that certain number of visas are kept aside or blocked for IT giants like infy, wipro, TCS etc and these companies set priority fr their candidates to get those visas.and they do not go thru the lottery..
    Is it true?? Or yet another rumor???

    1. fmk

      Ask your friend to enjoy and have fun. btw how he did premium++ processing which got approved with a day before the start of the processing. 🙂

    2. Bhagyashree

      Right now these are just receipts for those selected in lottery. Actual processing and approval starts 27-April. That would be 797 approval notice. Was your colleague in 65K quota or 20K one?

  4. allluck

    Any idea when will I hear from my attorney that my file is picked…?? I know receiving receipt from USCIS will take some time….

  5. H1Noob

    Hi guys,

    My first time applying for this Visa. I read a few comments here saying that the receipt numbers have already started trickling in. Does that mean I can expect to hear any time from my employer, if I am selected in the lottery?

  6. hoping4gudnews

    I wanted to know how soon will i know if my file is picked? I knw receipt will take sometime bt just want the notification that i am on good side of the case.. 🙂

    1. truth

      Its because of people like you this is even getting down to this situation. All your applications will go un-selected, so some deserving candidates get the visa.

      1. Sandy

        Chill Bro!! How the heck do you think the chances be improved by fining single application. Isn’t it similar to applying for multiple universities?


      Its because of people like you that we are facing this problem.
      Just make it fair, apply once, Give everybody a chance.

      Sigh.. cant do anything about it

  7. DY

    Hi Friend,

    Thanks for signing on to the FWD.us petition to Congress supporting high-skilled immigration reform and the freedom to innovate.

    Today, along with 14 other immigrant entrepreneurs from around the country, I am in Washington, D.C. meeting with members of Congress and officials from the White House to discuss the importance of high-skilled immigration reform that will create American jobs and grow our economy.

    We’re here representing you – the supporters of this movement. Will you help us make our voices even louder and make a call to your member of Congress right now?

    Call Congress and Support High-Skilled Immigration Reform
    We just took this photo and will be heading to Capitol Hill very soon. You can follow our progress all day by using the hashtag #Freedom2Innovate.

  8. SuperNervous

    1) What happen to the number of visas, thos were withdrawn or rejected out of 85,000? Are those visas awarded to other applicatants?
    2) How soon university records gets updated with “change in visa status pending”?
    3) Last night learnt from offshore immigration team that they received some receipt numbers.

    1. AL

      1, No they are not. There are rumors but the official source never confirm that.
      2, No idea. Depends.
      3, Must be from California Serv. Centre.

    2. Bhagyashree

      If anyone withdraws or application rejected.. They have some petitions under Pending Status apart from lottery ones. They will be picked if needed.

      1. pv

        But why would there we 1700 applications on the single day, i.e 13th? I am guessing they have started sending out receipt numbers for both PP & AD

      1. pv

        Check case status with the case numbers mentioned on USCIS. Last case number is probably WAC1513351769 for the 13th at California service center

        1. Hope

          Well ok. I am just checking my bank account every 1 hour to see if premium processing check is en cashed (Yes its from my account) 🙁 that’s only way I can figure out from my side. So far nothing…

      2. potential H1 candidate

        So does that mean, they start notifying the AD petitioners who has filed under PP first, and they General ones who has filed under the same??
        Would appreciate if you provide the correct answer and source for it?

        1. pv

          I am not sure about how they do it, but the case numbers clearly indicate they are notifying premium processing petitioners as well as regular processing petitioners.

          1. potential H1 candidate

            Hmmmm… That’s sort of weird isn’t it, that there is no concrete method on how they are distributing the receipt numbers. My Guess they pick the AD petitioner in the lottery first and then notify them irrelevant it him/her filed under PP or RP

    1. PK

      B coool. Its happening since many years. If Both are picked then we can cancel any of the filing but refund of money depends on ur luck. One of my friend got refund for cancelling the filing.

  9. premiumprocessing

    uscis starts processing premium applications from april 27th instead of may 11th.
    all the premium applications status (approval/rfe) will be known from 2 weeks from april 27th

  10. AMN

    Another quick way for Master’s students to find out if you have been picked in the lottery is -> Call up your university office and ask them your visa status. If you have been picked then your status would say – “Change of status pending”

    All the best everyone !!

          1. antony

            they will update the status one after the other. So you can expect that the status can change until 24th of April. After that .. please pray god

    1. Happy

      I do not agree with what you said. For my university (one of top ranked in US) I have to manually input to the system the change of my immigration status. I need to tell them what type of Visa I’m switching to and when it will be effective. Btw I am on OPT now. Hope this helps.

      1. Antony

        Bro.. You’re wrong. For OPT you have to do that but H1b USCIS will update your status. Also, You could have said university , top university and all that is unnecessary. #Showoff

  11. HopefulApplicant

    Last year, receipts for RP and PP both started rolling out 2-3 days after the lottery was conducted. They kept sending out receipts for about a week or 2 at most (ie till end of April). 90% of the people should get to know in about a weeks time I believe. Good luck.

    1. truthspeaker

      I wish USCIS finds out such fakers who double/triple file and removes all their applications. Its because of crooks like you that deserving candidates lose their chances.

      1. PK

        What a funny reply. Deserved candidates … hahaha….then ask USCIS to remove the lottery process and arrange technical rounds to all deserved candidates…..

    2. sj

      People like you should be banned for life not just from entering the states on any sort of a visa but also for working for any company outside of the states which is American and has offices stateside.

    3. RandomScientist

      PK, I salute you.

      First, for putting ethics into the trash can and committing to two employers.

      Second, for convincing not one, but two, employers that you are a high-skilled worker — despite the fact that you cannot take an overall probability and determine how this probability changes based on two independent attempts.

      They should create a “street-smart” visa category for people like you…

    1. pari


      Last year i applied reg/VT but we have received mails till june 1st week and my petition rejected in second week. So you can wait upto June first week for Regular

  12. Jack

    I Heard one way to know if your Petition is selected in Lottery or not is via “checking your cheque getting en cashed” . I just want to know when does this cheque will be en cashed? any idea?

    1. Pushkar Nagle

      Yes Jack, USCIS will deposit the cheque only if your petition is selected. But again, that cheque is given by employer, so ultimately only employer will come to know if the cheque is encashed or not.

      1. Jack

        Thanks for the reply pushkar. I just wanted to know when it will be en cashed. So now that the lottery is done, the cheque would have been en cashed by now if its seleted. right?

        1. Pushkar Nagle

          No. The process is somewhat like this:
          Selection in the lottery > Open your packet > Enter your details in the system > Create a receipt number > Encash your cheque > Notify you by email or mail depending upon your type of processing
          After this, there is further digging in your documents, and then they approve your petition.
          Now, we wont come to know when they will open your packet and enter your data in the system. So, its uncertain.

          1. Jack

            Ok .. Got it.. As mine is Regular Processing it may take time and we are not certain when it will en cashed. Once again thanks for your response Pushkar. True purpose of this page is served with response from people like you. 🙂

          2. Kishan

            I think you missed one step.
            Probably they start of with Masters and then Premium and then regular processing applications.

        2. Hope

          In my case its premium processing and i have given money for that, that means I will be able to know if I am selected or not if my check is en cashed from my bank account. Checked on line this morning nothing yet 🙁 I just wish to see that check no there very very soon… I WISH.

  13. mitil

    one of my friend got his h1b stamped on jan and travelled to the US.but fr lack of client letter & proper project his entry got denied at port of entry..so my question is can he go back to US with proper project details & client letter…can a new employer transfer his h1b ??will it be a subject to cap? need expert advice..he is worried and sad…he left a very good job here in INDIA fr this small consultancy..a big indian MNC.plz jelp

    1. Pushkar Nagle

      Hi mitil,

      As per my knowledge, once you get H1B via a particular employer, you have to work for 3 months in US with that employer before switching job there. You cannot switch job here in India and go to US via the new employer on that old H1B visa.
      Please note that there is a Labor Condition Application (LCA) required to be filled by your employer in order to get you H1B. Obviously, the old H1B visa is linked to LCA which has the old employer’s name in it.
      Your friend should have gone to US from old employer, should have worked there for 3 months and then he should have switched the job. Now that he has switched the job here means his H1B is no more valid.


      1. no guess work

        This is completely wrong. you cab get another sponsor being in india also. It will filed as Cap-exempt h1b. Then he can travel for new company with new i-797 and valid visa ( can be from old company also). You don’t have to be in US for changing company.

    2. truth

      Wonderful.. Wish they do that to all the fakes who just win the lottery and a H1 and try to misuse the system without proper skills or experience.
      I wish the entire H1B process filters such losers in the lottery process itself and provide the visa for deserving candidates.

  14. RealDeal

    Hi Guys,

    I’m from Germany, I just applied for this year cap. I work for a German company which has a subsidiary in US. Basically I have everything in here, I get well paid and no problem at all. However I just wanted to see difference between Germany and U.S.

    What I can say is please take into consideration when you make your own carrier plan. Germany’s economy is powerful and especially in IT we have huge gap that needs to e filled with Software Engineer and/or IT Professionals (+ Telecom as well).

    I wish you the best for everyone it seems that this year is going to be completely lottery 😛

      1. RealDeal

        Yea I know this option however I work as a freelancer it is complicated 🙂 My have my own company but work for only one company. They provide me customer to work with, kind of outsourcing 🙂

    1. Pushkar Nagle

      Hi SamHopes,

      Yes, email if its premium processing or mail by post if its regular processing, are the only ways by which USCIS conveys the lottery winners.


        1. Pushkar Nagle

          Hi raju,

          Emails to PP will be sent from today onwards, till 11th May, as per USCIS Release.
          Mails to RP will start once load of Premium Processing gets reduced. Around end of April or 1st week of May.
          Again, these predictions are based on last year’s dates, but as USCIS has received a record number of petitions this year, there may be a slight delay.


          1. PP

            Hi Pushkar,

            How is record number going to affect? Lottery is complete and now they have drilled down to 20k + 65k applications. It should be the same as last year.

  15. kus

    I want to check whether my Petition is selected in Lottery system or not.
    I have received the FeEx tracking number from my Employer for my H1B application which shows that my document is delivered on 4th April successfully.

    But I want something which can help me to check into the Lottery result.

    Should I ask my employer about the receipt number using which using which I can go any website (if is there any?) and check the Lottery Result against that receipt number ?

    Please suggest me what should I do to verify the result on my own instead of just relying on my new employer 100%.


    1. Pushkar Nagle

      Hi kus,

      The attorney, who has filed your petition on behalf of your employer, will receive word directly from USCIS in the form of email (if its premium processing) or mail (if its regular processing).
      Only after selection in the lottery, you get the receipt number. Not before that.
      Unfortunately, there is no way to look out for the petitions who are selected in the lottery other than patiently waiting for a mail.


      1. Jack

        I Heard one way to know if your Petition is selected in Lottery or not is via “checking your cheque getting en cashed” . I just want to know when does this cheque will be en cashed? any idea?

        1. Pushkar Nagle

          Yes Jack, USCIS will deposit the cheque only if your petition is selected. But again, that cheque is given by employer, so ultimately only employer will come to know if the cheque is encashed or not.

          1. Jack

            Thanks for the reply pushkar. I just wanted to know when it will be en cashed. So now that the lottery is done, the cheque would have been en cashed by now if its seleted. right?

        2. Ujwal

          You can sometimes get to know if you got picked in lottery by asking your Univ’s ISO/ISS if your SEVIS status changed. I’m not sure how long it would take for their system to get updated, but last year I could get this info along with the Receipt # for my case around April 25th.

  16. WellWisher

    I pray to god to be one among 58200. All the best guys.
    “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.”

    1. Kumarkan

      I don’t agree with your solution.

      But USCIS should do something. It’s obvious we need new rules.
      Actually The best solution is country quota like Green Card. 🙂
      (just a joke)

  17. AK47 Bob

    Guys alternative to H1 is to go to Russia. There is booming software industry in Russia currently. Just do a 1 month language course and you are all set… no visa issues.. lot of jobs.. nice country.. cold weather. . And blonde girls like US

  18. Sri

    Good luck to all the 85000 ppl who will be flying to US. I am fairly confident I will not get through. Anything random has never been kind to me in life, especially with such a low odds. Guess I better start checking the process to get a tourist visa and visit US as tourist for a few days at least on my own money.

    1. BOB

      Well we all are waiting for the same…

      if you are PP, u will get the receipt number via email or if ur are RP via snail mail, else other way is 2 knw via is if your cheque gets en cashed, u are in!

  19. Bob

    Folks, Stop hoping for H1.. if you get it, then its just luck by chance..
    with this count 1 in every 5 will get selected… with multi applications n all that crap.. i wud say consider 1 in 6 will get selected.
    Forget H1, be happy in what you are currently doing.. If you end up going back to India, then be happy and do good there.. its growing country better than US.

    1. Kesav

      True Bob. Here you can only stare at the white chicks and ***.. India at least you can be friend the girl, talk to her in your language and go on date with her

      1. Jack ass

        I am praying to god everyday. Even visiting temples. I want to fly to US and so that I can visit Las Vegas and take lap dances from blondes

        1. ItzMe

          lol… definitely your comment is going to give some stress relief for people who is so damn seriously waiting for the H1B results.

    2. Maxy

      The probility numbers are not correct , masters students have much higher probabilty even in the worst case masters students would be having 36% chance , general category would be having around 30% in the best case

      1. WellWisher

        Actually Its is not 65000 its 58200 6800 reserved for chile and Singapore citizens as per trade treaties so 25%.Sad but true.

  20. anti-cheater

    For H1B candidates who dislike these multi-filing cheaters, please support this petition https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-and-ban-cheaters-who-sent-multi-petition-h1b-lottery-selection these cheaters who filed multiple petitions will destroy our job opportunities in US. Do you believe there are 233,000 real people in this lottery? Surely not, these cheaters have filed 3+ petitions and they make our chance even lower!

    1. grow up

      Yes dude…they are real people…it looks like you applied for the first time and you heard this multiple sponsor thing very late and you ar making bog deal out of it. Multiple filing cases will not be more 5-7%. Max of this count is filled by infy/TCS/cog etc. Please broaden your spectrum and then try to become leader.don’t follow without applying your brain

      1. anti-cheater

        oh, no, my friend, multi-filing is a big issue. Have you followed other previous threads here at redbus2us.com? many people showed off their multi-filing and there were many argument here about this cheating behavior. Cheating hurts everyone, especially for us: you don’t want to accept low pay and be controlled by infosys/wipro, right? ‘grow up’ is not tolerating cheating, but fighting for justice. Best hope for all honest H1B candidates.

    1. h1bseeker

      result of regular processing would be arriving 6-8 weeks from 12th of April 2015,,which is 15th of May to end of June. Patience is the key word for next 6-8 weeks

      Applications not picked in the lottery are considered least priority. They will be answered only after the once picked are answered.

      Till we get an answer one way or another we would not be able to tell what is the status. Last year we got an approval on July 27th. Patience is a virtue.

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