Oct 1st – First Day of Work on H1B Visa – What’s your story ?

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It is a dream come true for many, who have been waiting to work in USA on H1B Visa. Today is October 1st, the first day that you can officially start working, if you were lucky enough to get picked in lottery in FY 2015 quota.

First Day of Work in America ?

Some of you may have been students moving from F1 visa to H1B Visa, while some of you may be completely new to the country and starting to work in America…It can be quite a bit on your nerves, if you have moved to US recently to work here….There is nothing to worry, US is a fantastic place to work…I love the work culture in America…I have lived and worked in different parts of the world and I can tell you that US is definitely a much better to work than other parts of the world…

If you are new to the country, it could be quite intimidating…you might be missing your family back home, the food, the luxury of close friends being around you…you may be very home sick/ nostalgic…Trust me, I have been there….give it some time, everything will be fine…In few months, you will be rocking the place…enjoying your life in America…

Also,  review Set of things to be done after landing in USA on H1B Visa .  Also, I recommend reading articles under Life in USA Section

What’s your H1B Story ?

I know many of you have been through tough times  to be here today in America and work here….Each of your  story can be inspiration to many…Why don’t you share your story as comment so that others can appreciate your hardships and maybe learn some new things….

So, what’s your H1B Story ?



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Comments ( 9 )

  1. Amit

    Hi Friends,
    I was contacted by HeightsIT.com from US (Houston) saying they are going to file my H1b and I need to pay some fee. Anyone having details about this company? Is it trustworthy ?

    Your responses could be appreciated. Thanks


  2. Sailaja

    Hi, My husband’s petition is applied by India Employer.He got 221g blue slip on 14th Nov 2014 for H1b stamping , by asking client letter and SOW form to submit electronically.Now he got only SOW and the client is not willing to give letter .Can he submit only SOW and proceed further .

    Your suggestion is most appreciated.


  3. mahesh

    I reached US on oct 8th .at dulles airport..All I can say is What a place!!! and the peoples culture, discipline,the cold weather and fasta pproacing winter…… awesome,one must be in USA for sure and in 2 weeks i changed so much ..:) saying hello,hi and respecting every one etc

    Last but not the least…………. nothing can be as beautiful as India.The peopel around you,lot of fun etc miss u so muchhhhh INDIA

  4. Andy

    Hello everyone,
    It was a bumpy ride since the day we filed for the h1b. We kept praying for this visa and asked God to help us in this. We received RFE in June 2014 for which the employer replied in July 2014 and our petition was approved in Aug 2014. After receiving the documents we went for an interview and were served with 221g white slip and all of our documents and passport was returned, it was very depressing experience. Attorney sent the required documents to the email address given on 221g and within a week we were asked to submit our passports, and surprisingly our visa was issued the very next working day. Well, it was a bumpy ride but in this journey we kept our faith on God and his ways. All glory and honor to Jesus our savior.
    I congratulate everyone on getting the visa. And would wish all the best to everyone who are waiting.

  5. k

    Hello everyone, I would like to congratulate to all who got their H1 B approved this year. I am one of those who dint get through lottery last year and gone through the pain. Finally I got approved this year. I been in US for pretty much about 6+ years and finally in H1 B after 6 years. I did my MS in US and started working on F1 and gone through all stages in my life. I wish everyone who is still waiting for H1 and I hope everybody gets their dream fulfilled.

    1. miral

      Hi i wanted to know whether i am eligible for H1B visa . I have done Bachelor of Engineering in computer science which is a four year course and i Have recieved training in building web based applications and currently i Have just started working for sofware company . i want to Know whether i am eligible for H1B visa.

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