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There has been lot of hype in the immigration blogosphere and news arena about this new Startup visa act bill that was introduced couple days before on February 24, 2010.  The summary of the bill is to create more jobs in America by attracting innovative entrepreneurs (here comes my MBA ideas, I want be one of those ) across the world.  Fundamental concept is, if you are an innovative entrepreneur with bright idea and can get $250,000 funding from US investor, you get 2 years visa and they propose that to be EB-6 category. If you grow your business and create 5 jobs or 1 Million dollars then you will be  given permanent legal resident status.  You can read the articles listed below or watch the video instead 🙂

Official Press release from Senator Lugar : Kerry-Lugar Visa Bill Will Create Jobs in America

StartupVisa.Com :  Website Created for Awareness of EB-5 Visa to EB-6 – Kerry & Lugar Startup Visa Act

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Video  of  Sentaor Lugar on  CNBC about Startup Visa Bill :


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  1. MP

    This is nothing then Stupidity and total crap.

    Please let me know guys if they do have any Business in USA or any where else in a world which can generate USD 1 million in 2 years by investing USD$250 000. i will be investing right on spot.

    here is a little telly,
    must have 5 fulltime emplyeee (min wage(40k p/a) = 200K for 2 years
    wife and kids should not be counted as employee.
    your own expance which is rougly around 70000 including all bills,
    again i havenot counted tax expenses …
    in total you have to make at least $ 1,400,000 USD by investing $250,000 which is nearly imposible..

    Some one should have to recall this Bill and revise it….

    1. goodlucksuccess

      I totally agree with what MP said. MP is really smart and logical to point out the problems of this EB-6 visa bill in reality. No profits will be guaranteed in any kind of business. Personally I do think this EB-6 visa is very very difficult to work because it is NOT easy to find someone to invest those big sum of money into your business during this great economic recession. So I am thinking about why don’t give out green cards to international students who have advanced degree in Science & Medicine regardless of whether those students have a US job offer or not. It is because immigration of those international students lead to the inflow of knowledge and money to US and it will indirectly increase the US reputation and uplift the US economy. I do believe the inflow of knowledge and money are keys for immigration which are welcomed by all other countries in this world. Since those international students are trained by US and they are familiar with the US surroundings, therefore, I do think the inflow of money for immigration should be brought back to US. Also, if US absorb those inflow of knowlegable groups for immigration, US will become more and more famous in the world leadership of Science and Innovations. All rich and knowlegeable groups will be concentrated in US for world leadership. Moreover, those international students will buy houses, cars, computers and set up their own business for daily living and these will indirectly uplift the retail buying power and consequently uplift the US economy. In addition, more relatives or friends from those international students will be indirectly invited as visitors to US and these will increase the profits of the retail business, hotel reservations, restaurant business and airline tickets reservation. Also, those students established the companies to US will hire 1-5 persons and these will create job opportunities in US. All those inflow of money will bring tremendous monetary income to US economy.

      For those poor people who want to immigrate to US, we can give him a chance either to start up a business on their own to hire 1-5 persons or to invest a small to medium sum of money to those advanced degree graduates’ business. Finally more jobs created, more people visit US for tourism and more money inflow for better US economy!!

  2. Nathan

    So is this now the 6th employment based visa, or is it still pending approval? I like this one because it seems ot be an offshoot of the eb5 visa program, which is generating billions of dollars and creating thousands of jobs for American workers. It does sound a little tricky, but I am strongly in favor of the premise.

    1. administrator

      It is just a bill introduced, lot of details yet to be presented and it has to go through approval process in senate and long process…lets see how everyone thinks about EB6 visa and EB5 modification.

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