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New Look to Blog – Mobile Responsive Design – Your comments ?

The way we consume content on various device is changing…We all want responsive website that create best user experience to read content on mobile and tablet devices. We have embarked our first step for beautiful mobile design by adopting a new responsive design.

Typography is something of great importance and we had serif fonts, which was readable, but not the best experience for web and mobile site. We have changed the typography to San-Serif fonts, which are better for readability.   It is a work in progress…trying to refine it every day…Below are some more screenshots…

Call to action : To avoid issues, please empty the cache on your browsers or do a Ctrl + F5 to remove all the old css and get the new CSS for better look.

We would love to hear from you, please share your feedback.

RedBus2Us New Look 2

RedBus2Us New Look 4RedBus2Us New Look 5


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    • Hi Meen,
      What is confusing ? What can be done to avoid the confusing part. Nothing much changed, just the mobile responsiveness and the font.

    • Hi Vivek,
      Sorry to hear that. Why do you think, it is very bad ? What can be changed ? The original theme was not mobile responsive and does not give good experience to mobile and tablet users. Please give your suggestions. Our goal is to have users enjoy the site with better user experience


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