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New H1B / L1 visa stamping documents checklist by US Consulate Office

Some of you may have got H1B visa petitions approved and thinking of going to visa stamping sometime soon. We H1B Visa Stamping Documents Check List start to ask people on what documents to carry for H1B visa stamping and try to get the checklist of documents.  With New H1B visa rules of 2011, seems the document list has expanded and consular officer is looking for more information/ documents than usual for granting visa at the visa interview. Recently, US Consulate General of Hyderabad in India released the check list of documents for H1B or L visa stamping interview. I will share these details below:

List of documents to be carried for H1B/L1 visa stamping

Typically for interview one used to carry just these documents :

  • Original Passport
  • Photo
  • Visa Application forms
  • Visa approval Notice and other supporting documents

Now, from employer or the H1B/L1 Sponsor/Petitioner, you are suggested to carry these documents, It does not say mandatory, but says suggested. (Substitute L1 wherever you see H1B for L1 visa holders)

  • H1B visa Petition and Supporting docs filed with USCIS
  • Employment contract letter signed by you and the H1B visa sponsor
  • Your H1B Sponsor’s Income tax returns of last two years and Financial statements
  • Notarized list of all the H1B Sponsor’s employees at the listed job site with specified information about each employee.
  • H1B sponsor’s  State unemployment  wage reports for wages paid to employees within the state
  • Letter from Client company regarding project and copy of contract between H1B sponsor and client with all the details of time of project, agreement, etc
  • Copy of contract between H1B sponsor and the job site ( the location where you will work)
  • Letter from job site that there is a vacancy for you to work there
  • A detail report on the project that you will work on at client including the technical details, time line, current status, employees assigned, etc

You will have to carry these personal documents as applicable

  • Your personal license to practice your profession in America
  • Original documents of all Academics credentials like degree certificates
  • Work experience documents from previous jobs, etc
  • Old passport (if any)
  • If you were in US, evidence of extension of stay
  • If you worked in US before, W2 forms and other tax filings for all those years

In all honesty, the list of the documents that the US consular office suggests to carry to  visa stamping interview is really hard to get.  We do not know the implications of this list of documents posted on their site and how it may impact the visa stamping; they say that it is suggested to carry these documents. We will have to find out and see how things go. Do NOT be scared by looking at the list, talk to your employer and see what they think about it and carry as much as you can.

If you have gone to H1B/L1 visa stamping recently please send me an email with your experience, I will share it with our readers.

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  1. hey ,
    I’m Santhosh from Hyderabad . One of my friend recommended job in US under L1B category from India.
    But the employer asking me to get my personal six months statements while visa interview in hyd . I just want to know is that correct or its fake.

    Please reply soon as my interview date expired due to statement and for that employer is rude on me.

    Please reply on urgent basis . thank you

    • You cannot work under L1B for a company in US, without working for them back in home country( india in your case) for at least 1 year…I am not sure what you mean by statements ?

  2. Hi Guys,

    Need big suggestion !!!

    For me 2 employers filed H1B petition and both got picked in lottery and both went RFE 🙁

    Last week 1st employer sent the response and the case status was showing it’s received and it’s still not approved /Reject.

    Now my questions are

    1) Should i withdrawal from the 2nd employer or shall i proceed to response for RFE to get approval ?

    2) Still i have 25 days time to respond the RFE from 2nd employer so shall i ask the employer to wait some more days to get the 1st one approval ?

    3) if both sent the RFE response, it will create any issues for getting approval ?

    4) Usually when should i withdrawn from the employer ?

    Please help me out …

  3. Hi Saurabh,

    I have a question regarding H1 Visa stamping. Can I go for visa stamping with Original I-797C (Approved) and a Scanned copy of I797A
    and I-824 (Proof that I applied to request for the duplicate copy of I-797A). Actually, My company has lost my I-797A. They have applied
    for the duplicate copy from USCIS and as per the processing time it might take up to 5 months to receive it. I can’t wait for 5 months as my wedding is scheduled for December. Also, does my spouse needs original I-797A for her H4 Depended Visa Stamping?
    What if I went for Visa Stamping with I-797C and got my visa rejected?
    I would really appreciate your suggestion in this regard

  4. Saurabh,

    I have a passport. I have a client inUSA who is ready to give job for me there. but I have lost my educational certificates. I dont have xerox also. But I have police FIR copy and non traceable certificate from them. Will this impact on my L1 visa stamping

    Please reply ASAP, i need to find someone in the university to get duplicates


    • Yash,

      It should not impact. For L-1, they usually look at job requirements and not so much at education qualifications. Still in the long run, it would better if you can get duplicates issued from your school/college.

  5. I have a passport. I have a client inUSA who is ready to give job for me there. but I have lost my educational certificates. I dont have xerox also. But I have police FIR copy and non traceable certificate from them. Will this impact on my visa stamping

    • Hi VnothKumar,

      what is the status of your L1 visa, is the certificates madatory?. I have same issue, is educational certificates are mandatory for L1 visa? please advice ASAP.


  6. Dear Saurabh,
    I am working in current company for 7.5 years now and in the current company they are going to process L1B visa for me, I have the experience certificate of immediate previous company, but previous to immediate previous company i have lost the experience certificate some where and i came to know that company also closed(please note that this is 10 years before experience),Will it be a problem to apply L1B visa? please advise how to proceed further

  7. Hi Saurabh,

    Could you please provide your valuable comments for my case.

    I have two H1B petitions applied for me. 1 from my current employer ( but, I don’t have any update of Receipt No and etc.,) and 2nd from different employer.

    For 2nd Petitions, It is APPROVED and I197 is with me.

    Now my question’s are
    i. what should be best time to go for VISA STAMP INTERVIEW
    ii. Some tips & suggestions of Interview questions for MULTIPLE Petitions.

    Thanks in Advance


    • Hi Nanda,

      Did you go for stamping with multiple petitions. I am also in the same boat. Please let me know hoe was your experience.

  8. My current exp in CV:
    Company1-This is my Current company from 2.4 yrs to till date
    Company2-My previous company, worked for 3.5 yrs

    I have a B1 issued from my previous company (Company2) for that the experience shown while getting the B1 was:
    1.Company2- 2 yrs exp (Current employer then)
    2.Company3 & Company 4 (both consultancies) as previous employers for 2 yrs one year in each (now thy are closed and no one to contact)

    I got the B1 and traveled to US twice in the old company (Company2). After that I joined in Company1 showing only my “Company2″ experience, as the other two were closed. After joining in the current company, I traveled to US using the old B1.

    Now my current company (Company1) is trying to file H1 for me. So will there be an issue if I do not mention my initial “Company3 & Company4″ experience while filing the H1. I cannot include Companies 3&4 in my CV now as I did not mentioned about them in my CV while joining my current company. And also Companies 3&4 were closed and no one to contact with out any proper documents to support.

    Please let me know if I will face an issue in getting my H1. And also i do not want my current employer to look at me as if i did a mistake so i do not want to take the risk.

  9. Hi Saurabh,

    I am applying for L1 Visa from my current company. Earlier I got B1 visa from my previous company. When I had applied for B1 visa from my previous company I had put experience from Company A and Company B.

    But when I had joined current company I had removed Company A from my experience and included another company call it as company D. Now when I apply for L1 visa from my current company I would be showing experience from Company D + Company B + Company C(previous company).

    So will there be any problem if I go for L1 Visa. Please clarify me in this regard.



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