New FORUM launched to ask Questions and Share Info. All previous questions organized with responses in FORUM

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Hello Everyone !

The “Ask a Question” page was getting too long with many questions and was too hard to distinguish between posts.All the valuable questions asked by everyone were not properly organized and it was not giving enough value to uses. I was thinking about having a Forum to ask questions and share your experiences for a while. Finally, I have configured forum and disabled the old page.  I have moved all the questions asked as of now and posted them as topics in respective sections.  Let’s build a small community to share your questions and experiences. I am looking forward to answer some good questions. I have a section for General Questions and Articles requests, feel free to ask for any articles.  The article request section will have a list of current article requests that are outstanding and will be posted in future on the website.

Some screenshots for more info. Use the global search and category search. Search is very useful and works great ! You can subscribe to the category in forum, the forum has features to indicate the new posts or marking all posts as read.  Explore the site for more features.

Here is the link to Redbus2US Forum. You can click on Ask a question in Forum.. I will do a redirect once everyone get used to the navigation.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment for this post !

Redbus 2 US Forum Image


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  2. sunny

    Looks like registration is not open. Can you please tell me when it will be opening up or if it is shutdown on purpose?

    Thank you

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