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MS or MBA education in USA. Is US Education right for me ?

US EducationOne of the fundamental questions every international students think about when planning to apply to US Universities is “ Is US education right for me ?”. Education systems is different in different countries and obviously, the education system differs in US.  You must read this article : Bachelors and Masters Education System in USA vs India to get an idea of the education system in USA when compared to education system in India. It gives you an idea of US education system and you can compare it with your own country’s education system.  I have a lot of international friends and they all feel US education as a big change. Also, this article is part of the series: guide / steps to study in USA for International students? How to plan? Part – 1

My thoughts on Education in USA:

Well, this is my personal opinion. It is not very hard to get decent grades( B or B+) in US for international students because, international students are used to lot more work and studying in their respective countries going to school from 9 AM to 5 PM  and that too 6 days a week. The amount of stuff we are forced to study in our home countries is huge and it is hard because sometimes we just cram and not use much logic for everything. We just by heart rather try to understand. I am not trying to generalize, but for the most part, it is our exams system and other factors that makes the system work that like that. On the other hand, One of the biggest things I like about US education system is, it is very practical and application oriented. When I say this, it is for the most part. There are always exceptions. One thing is true, the classes are designed to apply your knowledge, discuss, do some hard work. But, you can get away with less work and still get a B. So, getting grade is never an issue.  The key thing is, the Projects, Homework, Case Studies, Group Projects, and Quizzes make you apply more concepts.  Professors in MS and MBA level are very good and they have good knowledge with publications and other stuff. You can gain as much as you can from them. You just have to ask. I have gained so much, I cannot even define how much I have been learnt and am still learning.

I talked to few of my other international friends from Germany and they were not very happy with the education system in US, because it does not challenge you enough. He feels like that because, some students ask for questions for exams and other things just for grade and professors do not care and they give you guidance and be easy on tests. In fact, going to grad school ( MS or MBA) is a big thing in US and they do not want the student to get less than B grade. Because, if you get less than B, then you have re-take the class. It is a lot of fee to re-take the class and some of them companies pay and they do not reimburse if you get less than B. So, professors are very nice and try to help you to get at least a B or even more. The point is, from my German friends’ perspective, students are not challenged as in our home countries.  That is true. But, the reality is, you can learn as much as you want. If you ask questions and take up initiative you can learn a lot. Probably, you can do the same thing in our home countries too, but few things better are the infrastructure and support from professors is incredible. May be I am biased, but my personal opinion is, education system in US is good and it gives you opportunity to learn and apply practically rather than just cramming.

Few examples of my MBA projects and classes applying concepts

  • Market Study of Buyer Behavior of Stock Brokers and their Marketing strategy
  • Stock market prediction using Mathematical models
  • Game theory Concepts
  • Case Study of Toyota, Frito-Lay, etc for Business Strategy
  • Beer Game to experience the Supply Chain in Real world
  • MarkStrat for real market simulation, strategy and decision making

The career path is very good for PhD and you get full support with all the infrastructure for future growth. Especially if you want to be a professor or do PhD, US is the destination to come. It is up to your discretion to like the system or not. I just shared my personal opinions. Hope it helps some of you to make wise choices.

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