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Is studying MBA in USA really worth it? What if I do not make more money in Job?

Few of my friends question me indirectly questions like:

  • What are you trying to achieve by doing MBA ?
  • Will you really make more money after MBA in USA ?
  • What if you do not make more money after MBA ?
  • Why dont you do it online ? You get the MBA degree

I have explained the differences between MS and MBA and if one should apply for MS or MBA in US after Bachelors in previous articles. Here, I will try to give my answer to above questions.

MBA in USA AdvantagesIf you think logically, what my friends are asking is correct. What if I really do not make more money, is my degree going to be waste?  Let’s try to analyze the question and possibilities by using some math ! Imagine you are spending $60,000 towards your MBA in USA.  What is the Return on your investment for $60,000 ? When will you be break-even? When will you make more money from the MBA degree?

Traditional Thinking of MBA and earning after MBA

If everything goes well and you get a job promotion and make $5,000 more every year then it takes 12 years for you to break-even. ( I am taking a very minimum hike scenario, in reality you may get more, but for discussion let’s look at worst case scenario as base case )  . Even if you get promotion even at the age of 45, still you will be break even financially. Let’s look at the best case scenario, imagine you get that promotion at age of 35, and then you are making $50,000 dollars on top of your investment. What I have explained above is just layman’s thinking of finances and how most of us looks at finances…This is probably not the right way to look at MBA. It is not just about making more money…

My perspective, what does MBA really give you?

After my personal experience of studying MBA courses, here is what I think about MBA. In MBA, you study about many concepts of Business that can be applied to personal life. MBA really gives you the ability to make better decisions financially and personally.  Doing MBA online is the worst thing that you can ever do. In fact, you learn NOTHING and may only learn just bookish material. You should go to MBA classes and discuss with professor and fellow classmates. You learn from knowledge and business situations of other companies explained by your fellow classmates. Bringing their companies experiences to class. Classroom is a place for exchange of ideas. Online, you may read the articles and do discussions online.. but it is not the same….

Few things that I learnt in MBA

  • How does Financial Markets work ?   How can I invest ?
  • How does Marketing work ? What makes a product good ? What makes a brand good ? How can I demand customer service ?
  • How does Sales work ? How not be tricked by Sales people ?
  • How does Economy work ? How to save or spend based on Macro economic conditions ?  Where to invest in terms of Macro economic Crisis ?
  • How to identify a trend and predict the future if I have a set of data ? How can I implement the data analysis concepts to real life ?
  • How to create a Business Plan ? How to start a business ? How to create a Marketing Plan for business ? How to sell  ? Everything about Entrepreneurship
  • What is Strategy ? How to think Strategically ? Looking at 1 year from now or looking at 30 years from now ? What is best ? what is your strategy for personal life or career  ?

I can keep on writing….The key point is, strategically thinking : two to three years of my life and $60,000 of investment is totally worth the time and money for MBA because, if I can make more educated decisions by using logic and knowledge for the next 30 years of my life, I will get at least 20 times more than I invested in my education. Just imagine, if I can invest my savings money 2% better with the knowledge I gained, I make a lot more… Also, imagine I can save and buy better products in the next 30 years, I am saving a lot too. The first case is making profit, the second case is cutting loss by not choosing bad products, both of these are adding value… Some may argue, you do not need MBA to get all these, you can study and learn all these. Come on guys…tell me, How many of you will take time to study all these with dedication, unless you have tremendous self-discipline ?

My view of MBA and investment on MBA :

You are investing in yourself to make educated decisions in future based on logic and knowledge. MBA is not just for getting a better job or making more money. You cannot really measure the value of all your decisions by just money. It is more than money !  If you are passionate and want to learn and grow, I personally think MBA is a something right to consider… You may make a ton of money, you may be intrigued to open a company and you may succeed in making millions, you may be failure as an entrepreneur,….or you may not make an extra dime in job or business, but still you know how to manage your finances and other things at hand with more knowledge and logic…

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  1. Hi , My name is Santosh and i have completed my MBA from Hyderabad and now i have 2 years of exp and now i am planning to do MS in US, so it is better idea and am i eligible for MS in USA?

  2. Hello All,

    My name is Venkatesh. I have complted my MBA in Hyderabad in 2015 and Simultaneously i have 29 Months of experience . I am planning to do my MBA in US. Can any one suggest me if i do my MBA in US now will it be good.

    Can i have the opportunity for the job. Please help me .


  3. I completed bcom from india in 2010 but now i am in usa from 5years thinking to start study again . i am confuse What to do So i can Make more Money Is MBA is a good option or not

  4. Hi,

    Well, I’m quite sure I can get into one of the top 20-30 Universities in the US for an MBA; But even with that, can someone please tell me if spending ~60-80L is worth it? Meaning, I have a great profile, but I cannot spend this much without thinking about ROI. What I need to know is 1. Does graduating from top 30 Uni guarantee you a job? 2. If so, how long will it take to repay a loan of ~40L ?

    • No university can guarantee you a job . In the US , there’s no such thing called campus recruitment , like in India. There are career fairs where you get to know the companies and submit your resume. If they like it they will call you for interview.

      MBA is all about networking and making right contacts . if you can do it during the 2 years of your studies , there are good chances of landing a job.

  5. i am studying in final year information science and engineering and i am placed in a company.I want to do my MBA along with a job in USA or Australia.
    can u please suggest me what to do.And please tell me what will be the expenditure.
    And please tell me your opinion about this.please tell me in detail about how to apply.

  6. U guys are doing a great job by helping the people!!
    I did my bcom and would like to opt for diploma degree I am not sure if I should invest 20lacs for it and would like to know the job scenario after I complete my post graduate . the pgdpm is for 2 years . (marketing) program

  7. Thank you so much for the information. Given me lots to think about. I’ll be posting in the Q&A section shortly, I hope you find time to respond. Thank you.

  8. MBA is all about brand , so obviously everyone would want to do it from Harvard, Wharton , Kellogg and the likes , but not everyone is going to get into those.. It depends on the individual what he wants in life. If the motivation is to settle in USA then he might as well do MBA from any tier -3 /tier-4 university ( at a much cheaper cost and if one gets a scholarship from such a university , even better ) . There is obviously a risk because getting a job from a tier -3 / tier-4 MBA program is near impossible.

    But if one really wants to do MBA from Harvard , Wharton and other top tier schools ( basically M7 , its the status symbol and it does matter because the world is not ideal.) one needs to be ready to spend big money ( unless the person has full scholarship, even a partial scholarship will mean spending a good amount of money from one’s own pocket). Will the money spent be worth it ? In all likelihood Yes, because MBA from M7 adds a lot of weight to the resume and can put one’s career in the fast lane right away( look at their recruitment data for more info).

    At the risk of exaggeration , every Engineering Grad toys with the idea of getting an MBA at some point in his career (a look at the class profile of any MBA program ,will show bulk is from engineering background ). Some are able able to do it and many aren’t ( for various reasons and constraints ).

    No doubt , MBA from a top university can accelerate the career graph like nothing else . It can help reach C-positions and earn big money quite early in life which gives one a great high and a great sense of achievement . At times it can really become an obsession ( because of the charm attached to it..! ), but every person is his own best judge. You know what you want in life . So, make an honest assessment of your own circumstances and constraints and make your own decision.

    At the end of the day ( whether you did MBA or not , and if you did it whether you did it from M7 or tier 2 , or 3 or 4 whatever) , you should be happy and at peace with the decision you made.

    MBA , especially from the top schools is like that fancy toy which everyone of us wanted when we were kids , but not everyone could get it…!!!

    • Hi. Thanks for all the info you have shared. Really insightful.
      Just one help, do you know how to find out IN which tier a particular university MBA falls into??like particularly Marshalls University (WV)…would be a great help if you can answer back. My email []
      Thanks in advance….cheers!!

    • Hi , I have Completed my BBA from Nepal With 2.97 CGPA, Recently I am Working as an Accountant in a Manufacturing Company in Nepal From about 10 months. So Can anyone Suggest me Best Ideas for Applying for MBA At USA ?

  9. Sir,
    I will complete my B.Tech by June, 2015.I want to do my MBA in USA or London. I have Some Doubts regarding this(as listed below).
    1) Some One Suggested me, not to opt for MBA at Abroad, as the opportunity of getting good job is very limited for Indians(International Students).
    2) Cost of Study is So High..(i.e., Approximately 80-1 Crore INR ) to Study in Top Universities in US. Is it Right Sir..? How much to be Invested for total MBA Course in top 30 Universities/Business Schools in USA..?(just to have an Idea..)
    5) What is better ..,whether doing MBA in USA or in INDIA..? which leads to the Bright future.(because, One of my senior suggested that, if you want to do MS, opt for USA. if You want to do MBA, do it in INDIA through CAT Exam).
    i am totally in confused state, in choosing my next career Step..pls help me if you can..
    thank you..!

    • Balu,
      If you really want to do an MBA from abroad with high assurance of good job, you should be ready to shell out some big money (You are right, it could be anything between 30 lacs – few crores). If you score well in your GMAT/GRE and have an impressive CV, you may get a scholarship or a Graduate/Teaching Assistant position which sometimes comes with full tuition waiver (You should consult current students/alums of your target schools to get real insights regarding scholarships/funding). I kind of agree with your senior’s advise. Bottom line is getting an MBA/MS from abroad or from India is no guarantee to success.

  10. hi frends ,i completed my graduation(b.com,computers )with 52% on 15-12-2013 and actually it shoud be completed in 2010 but havin some financial probs it took …
    and i have gaps in my education i,e {10th : 2004with 58% }, ( mpc 1st yr : 2005),
    { cec :2005 to 2007 with 46 % } ,b,com computers : 2007-08(1st yr ), 2008-09(2nd yr), 2009–10 (detained), (10-11),(11-12), (12-13),at last passed out in 2013. having this i’m totally confused what to do further ,i wanna try for mba abroad but…….
    got rank 12492 rank in icet and alloted in bhavans college,but atleast and atlast, i wanna do my mba in a good college having placements and good eduaction system and i also need a good career counsellors,and also confused about what to choose for further studies.:( any one help me.

  11. Dear All,
    I saw a lot of discussion regarding MBA or MS from US universities. I myself did an MBA from a state university in mid-west in USA and believe me it is the worst mistake of my life. There are very few jobs available after MBA for international students and most importantly, employers prefer to hire local people for MBA positions. I have similar background, B-Tech from an Tier 2 University and four years of work ex in Non-IT. The fight for full time positions and internships is very tough. I am not a big note writer, so in short: Either come to US for MS in computers or for MBA from a top 30 college (Refer US news rankings).

        • O man. ! I can understand. I did MS and am working in US now . Deep down I wanted to do MBA , but didn’t have the budget . I am thinking of doing 1 year Executive MBA from IIM A 0r B , but I really don’t know of it will help my career graph , but it’s always on my mind. There are various factors , and even if i do it , I will have to forget US forever.

    • Hi, Sachin…. read your comments… I am planning to apply for an MBA in US….btech from a reasonably good college… and 2 yrs in Mfg Sector…

      Looking forward to doing mba in product management / brand management….

      How are opportunities for these over there…??

      • @Pressi: If you do an MBA from good college, some opportunities in brand management/product management do exists. A good heads up would be searching the visa record of the companies recruiting from your target colleges. If they do sponsor for Management based positions, you should go for it.

  12. “Getting an MBA online is the worse you can do. You’ll learn Nothing.” I think to make a blanket statement like that is ignorant especially considering that the most valuable professionals are already gaining experience on their jobs and cannot take a leave of absence to get an MBA. Furthermore, your comment offends me because I’m active duty military obtaining my MBA..AND serving this great country and that my friend I cannot take a leave of absence from to go sit in some Ivy league classroom. Plus, I have a family of 4 I’m supporting which is more than I can say for many first year business students. FYI, I have learned ALOT in my MBA program but have learned more during my 22 years serving as a leader of Sailors in arduous environments in the Navy than any snob-nosed MBA program could ever teach me. So you should withdraw that blanket statement that you made because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Very true John. No way a working people with dependents can afford to go to Fulltime class. The author need to correct his phrase. Any thing should be motivating.
      Everything and anything is online nowadays. We should leverage the best use of the technology.

      Good luck for your studies.

    • Of course , doing MBA online is a waste of time and money . You definitely learn nothing. Also, from a job perspective no one’s going to hire an online MBA graduate. And when you have already gained so much experience and learnt other lessons on job, why are u doing MBA ?

      • Wow. Such a smart person you are. I guess you are saying that SUNY, Villanova, Carnegie Mellon and Thunderbird are worthless programs and their alumni have wasted their money. I guess all of these business schools that have world class distance programs have gotten it all wrong…they should have listened to you. Thank you for the enlightenment.

        • Look, you are getting me wrong. I don’t want to belittle anyone , but the purpose of MBA is to get a high flying job , with at least a lower end of 6 figure starting salary and then to go as high as u can.

  13. hey i wanna know , what if i work in kpos, in india as tech support , will that will be considered while i apply for ms or mba

    • any grad can apply to MBA , for MS it has be undergrad in science or engineering. but remember B.Sc from India is not eligible for MS because it accounts for only 15 years of education.

  14. I am a lawyer I’ve 5year work Experience I want to do MBA from USA but my academic record is not good . What score is good for me

  15. i wanted to purse my mba degree from usa. im situated in india. i too want to settle in usa . i am worried about the investment. will i be able to recover after working in usa.will i be able to earn better? how much would be the investment? how much time would it take to recover the amount? how to settle there?

      • If your sole aim is to settle in the US , you can do your MBA even in some unknown university at a cheaper cost (but that will still be around 35-40 lakhs Rupees at least) and get some ordinary job there and recover the amount in about 4-5 years. Choice is yours.

        • but keep in mind MBA does not fall under STEM ( i.e., no 17 months extension) , so you have just 1 year to get your H1B done , while you are on OPT.

  16. Hi Minh,
    You can hav a look at one of the rankings available from Financial Times, US News or Forbes to get a good idea about the colleges. It is not always so costly, as you can get good scholarships from top colleges if u have a good GMAT and work ex. No offence to AP, but I don’t think he has any idea about placements in non Ivy Leagues. I am a 1st Yr student and I gave up on a college ranked b/w 15 and 20 to come to a state college( ranked around 30) as I could get my MBA done for practically free in here. I know that most international students from 2nd year have already been placed( read around 90%) and I myself am working as a summer intern in CA in one of the top tech companies in an excellent role. My suggestion would be 2 gain a few more years in exp and then try as most colleges place high bars on international students.

    • Good for u . But it depends on ur field of interest . May be for tech field,An MBA from even a tier 2 school can help get a job in Google or similar .But if ur field of interst is MC in Big 3 or a job in a top IB , it’s gotta be M7 and may be the next 3. Of course there will always be exceptions , but in general that’s the case.

  17. Hi Everyone,

    Currently I am working as PR Manager in a Travel company in Vietnam with 2 years experience and now seeking for a good MBA program in USA. After getting MBA degree, I intend to settle down in USA. So I was wondering whether it’s easy for me to find a job there and to be a US citizen. If you guys know any good university or have a intention like me, we can share info together.

    Thank you
    Minh Hang

    • Hi Friend,

      i am anudeep from bangalore ,i have tried for us 4 time but my visa has been rejected, now i have more then 2 year experience in finance and marketing,can any one guide me.

  18. Unless it’s a top class university (Ivy League , MIT , Stanford, Chicago) it’s really difficult to get a good job ( in terms of money ) after MBA in the US. doing MBA from some state university is a risky proposition. Even in the sate univ. the MBA is very expensive (around 40Laks INR , just the tuition expenses) and the placements very difficult. If u do MBA from the top notch schools , job is guaranteed, but be prepared to spend 80Laks – 1Crore INR ..!!!!

    • What help do you want specifically: Basically, you need to consider writing the toefl and the GRE which most university require for admission. Then search for a school of your choice and also see if the school has some financial assistance especially if you will not have much money to complete the program. There are many University with assistantships but you need a good GPA and good score for the GRE.

    • actually i want to gat a usa job and by gatting 20000 dollar ,now i am persuing my bsc 2nd yr . what will i do for that? plz help me

  19. Hi All,

    I have completed my b.tech (E.C.E) in 2013 and currently working in cmc limited as a trainee engineer.So,by sep 2014 i’ll complete 9 months of ny job and i want to go for higher studies.In perspective of job and salaries which one would be the best .. either mba in u.s or m.s in u.s.I would be glad if someone help me.My main aim is to make more money .. and my budget lies around 15 t0 25 lakhs.I need job assistance more than anything and salary and life after that .. Some on pls help me…
    Thanks and Regards,
    S.Sravan Kumar Reddy

  20. I have done my Diploma in Hotel Management from India & Completed my BA in Hospitality Management from London. I have work experience of 2 years.
    Would MBA help me in future? I am currently working as a Program Coordinator – Hospitality with a Skills Development Company.

  21. Hi Kumar, i completed graduation from ECE stream in 2012, currently working in a MNC as Software Developer(JAVA Domain) since 1yr, for next yr dec 2014 my bond will be completed and have plan for joining MBA in 2015, since my childhood it was my passion to pursue an MBA degree, i am confident enough that i am going to get a good GMAT score, but confused alot about the stream which i need to opt and also i find JAVA(programming) also interesting. And also can you let me know is there any fellowship available for studying MBA in US/UK as well as the Best Universities which accept 2+ yrs experience.

  22. Hi sir I have finished my BE/ECE 2012.I am working presently in a MNC i am planning for my MBA abroad.Pls guide me.I am hearing rumors that jobs are not ther for MBA how far its true..?

  23. Hello sir
    my name is madhu sudhan i have completed my graduation in Electronic and communication Engineering(2012) and am a certified telecom engineer by ZTE Telecom India pvt ltd. And am working as business development Executive . And now am planning for higher education i have to go for MBA OR MASTERS

  24. Hi,

    Please let me know if anyone is interested in enrolling to Clarkson University : New York USA , it is one of the best business colleges accredited by AACSB , feel go through website and let post your details :

    GMAT :
    GRE (is valid for MBA):
    GPA / Aggregate Percentage :
    Work experience(Not mandatory but an advantage) :
    Recommendation : 3 required.

    • Please let me know if I am eligible.

      GMAT : 560
      GRE (is valid for MBA):
      TOEFL / IELTS : TOEFL 79
      GPA / Aggregate Percentage : 7.5
      Work experience(Not mandatory but an advantage) : 3 Years fulltime in ICICI Bank India

  25. Hi sir.
    I completed my be in 2009 and m.tech in 2012.
    I am planning for m.b.a from USA.
    Can u plz guide me in this.
    Which exam i should take and what wil b the cost.

    Sir kindly reply…

  26. i just completed my degree ,i was major in physics and i would love to study MBA in unites states .i’m really worrying about the coast to take an admission over there ,can you be specify the rate that i can spend for .

  27. Sir,
    I have completed my BE IT in 2011.
    I am working as a Software Developer After that.Now I want to have a MBA Degree from USA.
    However I have few question.
    1.What are the chances of getting a job in usa after having a MBA degree at present since i have heard that its hard to find management jobs there due to the great recession.
    2.What can be Minimum and Maximum expenditure there ie College fees,stay and food.

    Thanks in advance…

  28. Hi,

    I was going through the thread and found it really helpfull.I have few questions about my carrer prospect so if anyone could help me out.

    I will be having 3 years of experience by next fall.I want to pursue an MBA as I am not much inclined to technical side of industry I am working in(IT).So just take a hypothetical situation so as to understand my concern.

    1)If I get a decent GMAT and have a admit from good college(take SP Jain for example—fee 25+ lakh).

    2)Admit from tier 2 MBA college(Iowa State Univ or Univrsity of Bufolo etc..)with some scholarship.so fee comes out to be—15+lakh.

    What should be a better option given that I want to work in India later in my life(i.e. 10 years after)?

    Disclaimer:-I don’t have an admit from these school just taking a hypothetical case.

    Thanks again for your time.


  29. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for clarifying things in a clear and precise way. I am a BE (I.T) and have total work experience of 9 years (6 Years in US) as a team member and project lead. I want to MBA from US, but I am not sure if it is too late for me. I agree with you that MBA is not just for higher salary or working in US it empowers you to make educated decisions in life. Please advice.


  30. Hello Kumar,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed information.
    I have an experience of 4 years in IT and would like to go for an mba in US. My budget is 20-25 lakhs indian rupees(total). Can you please suggest me some good american state universities which offer mba course in that budget and their ROI after completion ?

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Simit kumar,

      for MBA courses your budget is very less. for reputed institution the cost will come around 35 to 40Lakhs. so better think twice and do :)…..

      • Dear Kumar,

        Thanks for your precious view.
        In past few days of extensive research on state universities in US, i found that tear 1 schools have fees of range : 40-60 lacks even more. There are other state universities whose fees budget are around 25 lakhs eg. San diego state university, oklahama state university. My concern is whether doing mba from these universities will fetch me a job in US (myself being a hard working person).
        Now a days doing mba from India is costing 15 lakhs and the salary you get after that is sill not up to the mark and you are under debt for a long time(even from top ones).
        It would really be great if you see both the sides and give you opinion.

        Thanks and regards,
        Sumit kumar

  31. You can get the same info and financial knowledge and understanding from a decent private BBA program. You dont need an MBA to learn about business, I have a BBA and I wouldnt recommend anybody getting an MBA unless you have 3 to 5 years of management experience especially in the USA. The only exception to this rule is if you graduate from a top 20 school IE HBS,Yale,Fuqua,Sloan. If you dont go to one of these schools for your MBA go get work experience first then consider an MBA. I’ve seen plenty of fresh undergrads go for their MBA right after finishing their bachelor’s degrees and they end up hurting themselves because they are “all theory no practice” Bachelor’s degrees are meant to give you entry level skills and an MBA is only used nowadays as a resume booster or advancement tool in the future you learn nothing more from a contemporary MBA program than you do a BBA program this is one of the main reasons many people are saying MBA’s aren’t as valuable as they were 20 or 30 years ago. Point is go get experience first go work then figure out what you want to do and see if the MBA will actually assist you in that goal. Getting an MBA just for the sake of getting one may end up being a waste of time and money. There is no guarantee you will see a raise or see any advancement with an MBA as opposed to a BBA. Is it likely? Sure just depends on the market and what you’re doing but its not a guarantee. Graduate schools push reports that youll make more with an MBA than a BBA and yes the average wage is higher but YOU as an individual may not be in that “average”. Go work first, then decide if you really want to get into senior management because thats all an MBA is really for, statisically speaking only about 30% of people in high executive positions have MBA’s. So its not the big requirement these grad schools try to push on everyone. A bachelor’s with experience is much more valuable than an MBA.

  32. hi,

    im presently working in kotak mah bank as manager in foreign exchange services dept with 8 yrs work exp. im basically an MBA from Osmania university, Hyd. im planning to do one more MS or MBA (1 yr) . Please advise me on the same, whether my decision is correct or not

  33. Hi, im currently pursuing BE comp sc. To be very frank,im not a computer person at all and my university is also not that great,so my computer science knowledge and skills are way below the expected standard !!! I dont want to do an ms in comp sc because i know i ll b e a failure in that without proper basics. I feel mba is the thing for me . But my parents feel otherwise. They feel mba doesnt have enough job opportunities . Im good at logic and reason and english so im sure i ll ace gmat. Common perception is they dont take indians for management jobs in the us, indians sell in the US only if they are in IT. I hope thats not true !!! I want to know what kind job opportunities are there for mba in the us ( for indians of course) if i do mba there from a good b-school. Pls give me some guidance,im so confused. Thanks in advance !!!

  34. What is the current scene for Indian Students studying in (M7 +Next 8) Business Schools in US?Are they able to get good jobs after MBA ?How much role does Visa sponsoring play in final FT Recruiting for Indians there who doesn’t have work permit/green card ?Is the competition tough for foreign graduates (~around 40% of the class I guess ) as the firms may have limited quota for foreign students.

    I am planning on my MBA and I was shortlisting schools .I would like to know your honest opinion on this.Is it worth taking 100k + loan and apply to US MBA schools.I don’t have that kind of money but I am willing to take risk if it really worth

  35. hi Kumar,
    Thanks for the info.I am mechanical graduate and had 3 yrs of xperience in automotive R&D.Now have decided to quit the job and move to do my MBA in US.I am in gr8 dilemma in this regard.I am stuck up wid 3 questions.
    Will i get admission in a State university ? ( For 3 yrs xperience )
    Will US recruiters keep Foreign students aside as position is crucial to be dealt with ?
    Which is better option-MBA in indian B-school or USA?
    Ur advice is very much important to me sir..as am going to take a major turn..

  36. Hi Kumar,
    First of all i would like to Thank You for clearing doubts and confusions of so many people and guiding them to take the right path.Hope you will answer my queries too.
    I want to pursue my further studies in U.S,primarily MBA.I am a B.E graduate with 2 yrs of wrk exp.Now my question is, how are the job prospects of a MBA graduate in US as compared to MIS graduate.An Education Counselor said to me that MBA graduates in US from tier 2 and tier 3 universities usually don’t find jobs,which has forced me to think twice on my decision to pursue MBA.If one cannot find a job than how will he repay the debts incurred from the over expensive education.
    Please consider my query .


    • Arjun,
      Well, partly it is correct. For MBA, school can really matter to get opportunities. My perspective of higher education is different…You need to really be clear on why you are pursuing Masters, either MS or MBA. Just changing your mind from MBA to MS because you may not get job is NOT the right perspective.

      Financing your education can be challenging, you need to plan….Why NOT try for tier 1 schools ? Why NOT be proactive in Tier 2 schools and get job…it is not black and white that you will get a job, if you study in tier -1 school, just your odds increase…end of the day it is up to you to work hard and find your way out.

  37. I have completed Engineering(B.tech mechanical 2012) and working for a IT MNC now. But i am not satisfied with my job(at present). i want to work in managerial side of IT.
    will MBA degree from USA help?? if yes
    1)which specialization in MBA ??
    2)what is the minimum work exp required for doing MBA in USA??
    3)what are the exams that i need to clear??
    4) having a degree in MECHANICAL and working for an IT company. does this have any negative impact for doing MBA in USA.??
    5)how much does it cost for MBA in USA??(considering a B grade university)
    6)what is the chance of getting a job in INDIA/USA after completing MBA??

  38. Hi Kumar,

    I read the selection criteria of IIM-B, where they have mentioned that they consider academics very closely along with your CAT score.

    Lets say if a person scored 99 percentile in CAT but was average during his academic period, he might loose a chance against a person having very good academics (say above 80s or 90s) even if the second person scored 98 or 97. This happens when they call for PI.

    My academics : 10th: 84, 12th=67, B.E. =67
    with 2.5 years of work ex.

    Do I stand a chance to get into descent college in India if I score well in CAT?

    What about the colleges in U.S. ? Do they give weight-age to academics like in India?

    Thanks ,

  39. Hi Kumar,

    I just loved ur whole thought process of choosing a course in the higher education segment.
    I am computer science engineering passout of 2011 from one of the good colleges in Bangalore. My career goal is to be a strategy consultant in IBM,Cognizant,Mckinsey,BCG…… or be part of the internal corporate strategy team of a Fortune 500.
    So I have decided to do a MBA from one of the top 25 colleges in India.

    My question to u is (since u r already a MBA u can guide me better)
    I have 2 separate questions :

    1) What is the specialization I need to take : Finance or Marketing
    Let’s say if I wanted investment banking as a career I would have chosen finance directly without any confusion but in strategy consulting as a career there is no specific strategy specialization as such.
    I am taking ,only Indian MBA into consideration while asking this question.

    2) I was seriously thinking of the PGSEM course of IIM Bangalore wherein one can complete a part time MBA in 2.5 years.
    My question is my engineering academics are not good as compared to the rest of students of my batch in terms of grades. So if I work hard on CAT/GMAT to get a decent score of around 700 in GMAT let’s say……will they consider me or will they just straight away eliminate me saying that my grades are not good even though my work experience and test scores are decent.

    3) Can I also know what was your total expense for ur MBA
    and only if u don’t mind which university u did ur MBA from ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hoping a reply.


  40. Hi kumar,
    I’m interested in doing MIS course in USA, I have completed my b-tech in computers stream and i do carry work experience of 2 years in software field

    my ielts overall band is 6.0, and gre score 980,can u suggest me atleast 3 univesrsities for MIS course in US.

  41. sir,

    i did ma engineering in c.s nd now i want to go in management field so i want to do from u.s so doing mis from u.s is worthwhile bec i m in confusion tht shud i go to abrod or shud i do from india itself. i ve not any finacial issues but i m liitle confused tht after doing ma mis or mba from us . will i get job in india or u.s or not..?pz suggest me..!!

      • Sir,

        I completed ma b.tech in c.s from Pune university. Now I am in confusion that should I go for M.s or M.ba. because I am not intersted in ma computer field at all. that time i choosed wrong field because i had no knowledge and ma friends suggested so i choose engineering but now i dont want to go in ma field. but i read ur note that without experience should not go for M.b.a . So what should I do now..? please suggest me

        • Well, if you do NOT like Comp Science, then you should not go for it. Yeah, it is ideal to have work experience for MBA. You may want to consider working for few years and then pursuing MBA.

      • Hi kumar,
        I’m interested in doing MIS course in USA, I have completed my b-tech in computers stream and i do carry work experience of 2 years in software field

        my ielts overall band is 6.0, and gre score 980,can u suggest me atleast 3 univesrsities for MIS course in US.

  42. hey hi …
    i am confuse that i got 310 score in GMAT so can i get admission in university of USA.
    i got 90 marks in TOEFL.

  43. Hi Kumar,

    I have a small confusion over GRE and GMAT. I am planning to do MIS. Though GRE and GMAT both exams will open the gates in many universities in US for MIS however through GMAT you have another option, you can go for MBA in India and abroad.

    I completed my Engineering (CS) and have over 3 years of experience in an IT company.

    So, if somebody wants to do MIS (or in the management side) then which exam he/she should prefer GMAT or GRE?


    • Ankit, you got up a very logical point…If I were you, I would take GMAT, you have multiple options…Also, in my opinion many schools prefer GMAT…Good Luck !

  44. Hi Kumar,
    First of all thanks for the useful information you have provided here. Its very helpful for me. I want to do MBA from a reputed college from US, can you please tell me what is the minimum amount I need to spend for the whole course (excluding living expenses), if I get a good score in GMAT.

    And one more question is that one of my friend who had 5 years of experience as a corporate communication skills trainer got admission in one of the top 10 colleges in the world in US for 1 year course (International Business Consultancy), without writing GMAT and got scholarship, the remaining amount he will have to pay is INR 10lakhs only. Can you put some light on this? How someone can get into good college and that too with scholarship.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Eshant, It is very hard to generalize the cost… MBA at good schools can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $160,000 depending on the type of school and its brand value…you may get MBA at some schools with less money too, but the worth would be relative in terms of your MBA brand…
      I am not sure what that program is and not sure about details as well, but it is NOT an MBA right ? The program makes a big difference…

      • Kumar, I have asked him and he said its an MBA program only. Anyways please tell me if someone quits the job at Rs 50,000/- per month in IT industry in India and get into average B-school in US, is it really worth it?
        And if the budget is not more than 15lakhs for the whole program, what would you suggest here, I mean to do MBA in India? If yes, then please let me know the outcomes of doing MBA in India in an above average college like S.P. Jain mumbai etc.

        Here I would like to mention the objective of that particular person which is more salary, exponential growth in career (strictly no business plans) and more job security.

        • Eshant you noted that you make 50,000 indian rs a month, converted to USD that is about $915 a month, which is lower than USA’s federal minimum wage. In america you would make AT LEAST $1299 (equal to over 70,000 indian rs a month) with minimum wage, which usually means no education. You can look to making at least $34,000 a year with a LOW BRAND mba in America, which is about 154000 indian rs a month. The cost of living in USA may also be much higher compared to India, though.

          • Brad I am not sure about the cost of living in US. But risking a job that pays 50k per month in India to go for MBA in US needs serious introspection. First of all its not easy to get jobs (in India am talking about), second thing cost of MBA in US its a way too high (50 lakhs plus) if we convert. So a person has to think about financial condition before taking up loans after comparing ROI from various colleges. So If I am not getting TIER-1 college in US then how risky it is to take a decision to go for MBA in US (considering ROI, present job) if I don’t have scholarship and I am applying for loan.

  45. Hi,
    Compliments on doing such a noble job of enlightening many info seeking minds. I am new to your website and I have learnt a lot about US education systems and opportunities there. Primarily, my desire for higher education is money oriented and frustration driven, because of the peanuts offered to me by my company against my services here in India.

    I have a question in my mind which is a result of direct conflict between choosing between MS or MBA.

    As I understand from the few articles I have read that you are pursuing MBA post your MS(CSE). I would like to know why did you plan for MBA after your MS? You could have done it right after some requisite work experience. In this case, the higher knowledge and advanced concepts you learnt in MS is futile, right?

    Please understand it is not a personal attack on you, it is just my confusion and I seek your advice on this.


    • Thanks Saurav ! My personal choice for MBA is based on the fact that I want to change my career to business side…either leadership or management roles… I realized that I am not a computer person and should make a switch. In fact, MS was a wrong choice due to lack of proper guidance. I learnt the hard way…In the end, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am very happy…BTW, I do not know if MS will be completely futile, I may be able to add value to MS with MBA for few roles…

      • @kumar, I was happy to read your previous post as I am planning to do my MBA now and I graduted this may 2013 in Masters Electrical Engineering and working for a company. To be a product development or product techinal sales Engineer , one needs to have a strong technical and manageral skills.
        I am trying to look for some evening schools where I can finish my office and attend evening classes.Kumar seems like you have made some research about Mba schools , it would be a great help to me if you can share you ideas and how to going about it. Im currently in San Jose, CA

        • Money, money, money. Is that all people think about? I understand the need for compensation but you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if that’s your catalyst for getting an education. I got my MBA so I would be better equipped to navigate as a professional in the business world. Compensation is just a byproduct. Who cares want you paid for your MBA? In most instances it wont be the deciding factor for hire anyway. The number one factor employers look for in a candidate is a positive attitude and the ability to fit in with the team. Attitude determines altitude.


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