Importance of owning a Car in small cities of USA ? Advantages and Disadvantages in big cities having a Car ?

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Owning a car is very important in USA especially in small cities. One of the big reasons is lack of proper transportation. In big cities like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago you have a huge public transportation system. There is huge bus network and metro train network in bigger cities.  Buses and trains are available all the time and you can live without a car in bigger cities. But, if you go to small cities, you do not find enough transportation and if they do exist you have very little frequency.  If you do not have a car in small city or even suburbs of bigger city, you are really crippled. It is like not having legs as a human being. You cannot go anywhere, you are stuck to house. Some say, “I live close to work, I won’t need one”.  Guess what? You will not have a life…You cannot go to movies, you cannot do shopping, you will not be able to meet friends. All in all, you will not have a social life or precisely NO FUN Life without a car. If you do not have any financial constraints, I highly recommend you buy a car as soon as you can if you are in a small city.  Many people think, it is expensive to maintain, blah blah blah…do not listen to them. You need a car, not a BMW or Benz. You can buy a used car for reasonably cheap price like four to five thousand dollars.

Owning a car in big city comes with great expense. I got towed recently too without my knowledge, some cities are very strict and they are greedy for getting parking tickets money from you as much as you can….a

Disadvantages of owning car in Big Cities:

  • Parking is expensive, you will have to pay for parking separately apart from rent
  • Auto Insurance is expensive
  • No place to park sometimes, if you park on street.
  • Waste of time in traffic if you drive to work.
  • Most of the places you go, you will have to pay parking. So, additional expenditure.
  • Risk of getting towed if you park on street.
  • More prone to get parking tickets

Advantages of owning a car in big cities :

  • Convenience: ONLY Convenience nothing other than this. You have independence to go out late and come home late.

Personal experience, I did not have any social life until I bought a car. Once I got a car, opportunities opened up. My network grew drastically. I got to appreciate the great opportunities available out there to enrich your life and be happy! Personal advice, buy a car first if you have money to appreciate great things in USA !


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Comments ( 10 )

  1. Damian

    HI.I’m Spaniard.As a busyness man I woul like to improve my professional Skills and I wanted to do it in States.Despite the fact I’ve being there and to some degree I might say That I know something from States must be recognized that I little I do about the education system.I would apreciate some help getting some basic imformation about it.Thanks

  2. Mohd faiz khan

    Hi sir .I have completed my undergraduate degree and am looking forward to study mba in usa can u plz share ur experience regarding tution fees ,some state university, part time jobs Waiting for ur valuable replay

  3. Mohd faiz khan

    Hi sir .I have completed my undergraduate degree and am looking forward to study mba in usa can u plz share ur experience regarding tution fees ,some state university, part time jobs Waiting for ur valuable replay

  4. Saha

    Rightly said. Car is not fascination but need. I stayed in Jersey City, New Jersey for quite some time, and then I never felt to have one car as I always preferred to get a bus to reach nearest path station and then path rail to reach manhattan downtown/penn station comfortably. But, in Hamilton, New Jersey it was different. I had to change 2 buses just to reach office and, apart from office timings, there’s no bus at all to go to AMC theatres on weekends or to go to shooping complex for groceries. It is horrible when I visit my cousin brother, who is studying at NY University at Stony Brook. It is very much integral part of life to have a car in case some0ne is staying somewhere in Stony Brook.
    For quick remedy, get a car rented from nearest car dealer and pay the minimum imsurance cost. Whoever is staying just in suburb of big cities can opt for it on weekends and explore new places and new people. These car dealers provide pick up and drop service too so no need to worry in case you are in trouble to reach them.

  5. administrator

    If driving is a weekend activity (i.e. one doesn’t require a car for day to day activities), then one can also look at the “car on demand” concept. There are car share programs like zipcar, city car share etc. which gives you the flexibility of having the car when you want it. It’s specially helpful in cities like San Francisco where parking can be a mess.

    The way they work is that you select a car, select start and end time, and then pick/drop the car at those times. You can rent the car by day or by hour (typically gas and insurance is included in the rate).

    I did that for a year, before I bought my own car.

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