How to Check Per Diem Rates in a US location? Concept of Per Diem?

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If you work in Consulting, you might have heard this concept of Per Diem. Let me share the concept of Per Diem and how it works and how you can check per diem in a location.

What is Per Diem ? How does it work ?

Per Diem is nothing but daily allowance for living expenses in a location, when you are traveling for work.  The way it works is, if you are a consultant and travelling for work to a location, you spend money for lodging and food. This money is typically billed for the client and treated as expenses.  US General Service Administration gives the standard per diem rates for a location in US to avoid any misuse of per diem claims.

How to check Per Diem rates?

Per Diem rates  can be checked in US for a zip code, state or a particular city using the US General Service Administration website. You can click on any state and get the per diem rates for that state and locations in that states. Check: GSA Per Diem Rates in USA. Per diem rates vary drastically by location. For instance, check Los Angeles Per Diem Rates for California vs. Per Diem rates in Montana.  Also, the meals and travel expenses are also listed on the website. You have to look for : GSA Meals and Incidental expenses for the break down.

These per diem rates are very important for employees or consultants who travel for work.

Do you have any other thoughts to add for Per Diem ?


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