How does Walk-ins vs. Scheduling working in US ? Call ahead, Appointment ?

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When I used to live in India, I never called anyone and scheduled appointments to meet them for getting stuff done like auto repair, car oil changes,  visiting doctor, haircut, looking at new apartment, travel guidance, meet insurance agent, dentist appointment, etc. In my experience, things work different in America. Let me share some of my experiences and explain the importance of calling ahead and scheduling.

Experiences – Car Oil Changes , Doctor appointments, looking at new apartments.

Few years ago, I wanted to get oil change done for my car…I visited a local auto shop and asked them I need to get the car oil change done, Guess what they said ?  We do NOT have any free appointment slots for today, can you drop off your car and we can get it done for you. I said, I do not have time to wait until tomorrow…They just said sorry and we cannot do like that. I went couple more places and had similar experience…I could not get oil change done. Another time, me and my friend were looking at some new apartments and stopped at few apartment leasing offices on weekend, guess what ? They were all booked for the day…they said, that they were booked for all day and asked to call ahead and schedule…..Talking about doctor appointments, they would not even allow you unless you are in Emergency situations.  Unlike, I had outstanding customer experience calling ahead of time and booking appointment for viewing apartments, travel guidance, getting a haircut, etc.

Why should you call ahead and book appointment ?

After few of frustrated experiences, I made a decision that I would never walk-in to any store/service center without proper appointment.   It is always a good idea to call ahead and book time. It can help you in many ways. Firstly, it will  save you frustration of being rejected at the door. Secondly, it will help the person on the other side secure resources required to service you and give prompt service. Finally, it will help you be in an organized manner and do things ahead of time, rather than rushing in last minute.

What are your experiences with Walk-ins vs. calling ahead in US ?

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