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Hot IT skills for 2010 to make big money

If you are starting a career in IT and looking to make big bucks in 2010, here is the list as exactly by Dice . They mention it is based on research done by IT consulting firm Foote Partners. 
 Non-certified Skills
§  SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
§  Linux
§  SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)
§  C++
§  Microsoft Commerce Server
Certified Skills
§  Red Hat Certified Engineer
§  Cisco IP Contact Center Express Specialist
§  GIAC Certified Incident Handler
§  Systems Security Certified Practitioner
§  Cisco Certified Design Expert                 
Refer to  original post on Dice  if you need more info.


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  1. Hi ,

    I am an MBA graduate from Coventry University UK ,2009 November graduate.I got Married last year and moved to USA.Are there any jobs for an MBA fresher or any course which would help me kick-start my career here in USA.

    Please guide me as in I am really want to restart my career and don’t want to sit at home.

    • Divya,
      It could be challenging to find a job for MBA fresher in this tough economy. You can find one, just need to be proactive, network with people and see options…be open to volunteer or do an unpaid internship…. Applying Online will not help you.

  2. Hi,
    I am presently working in SAP SRM for a US based client. I am new in my career. I see myself going onsite sometime down the lane. My dream would come true if I get a job in US. Can you tell me if such dreams really come true? If someone like me really wants to work in US, say after 5 years experience, then how should he prepare for the same. I would request you to publish an article on this,from working in a top-notch IT comany in India, getting H1B visa to finally getting a job in USA with decent pay.


    • Your dream will come true Saurav ! I see passion in your words. I will publish an article on this soon. With the new H1B rules 2011 it is getting a little hard for H1Bs, but a safer choice is to come to US on L1 visa and then convert to H1B. Here is an article that explains the same : http://redbus2us.com/l1-to-h1b-visa-conversion-advantages-l1-to-h1b-transfer-change-of-status-implications-in-us/


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