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One of our blog readers, Vijay Vasu,   had an appointment for H1B visa stamping on February 11th, 2011 at Chennai  US consulate office, India.  He was gracious enough to take time and share his experience with us. Thank to Vijay for sharing his experience.  You can share it as well, send your experience to redbus2us(at) gmail.com

The day of the visa interview:

Just like the last time (with my B1visa), I had gone to the US embassy at 09:00 AM. I had had some negative vibes the previous week with a couple of my friends getting their L1B visa rejected for various reasons. So, I tried to be as confident as I can and I ensured I was dressed best in my suits and also wore a smile always.

Step 1:

In front of the embassy, you will need to show your visa interview letter. They will then issue you a token. My number was N450.

Step 2:

You will then pass through a security check.

Step 3:

You will then be asked to wait in a hall till your token is called out. It’s a patient wait and the expected wait time is around 30 minutes on a good day.

Step 4:

Once your token number is called, you can go over to the counter. You will need to submit the following,

  • The green HDFC receipt
  • The passport
  • Your latest photograph as per specifications
  • Your H1B I797b notice of action.
  • Your D160 confirmation letter.

You will then be asked to make a ten-print. That is all the fingers of your hand will be finger printed. If you do not have the latest photograph, you will be asked to go to a photographer in the same hall. He will issue 4 copies of your passport photograph for Rs. 100.

The officer will staple this entire document and put it into a USCIS cover and hand it over to you.

Step 5:

You will then be asked to a separate hall where the interview happens. You will be made to sit until your number is called.

The actual H1B visa Stamping interview with Visa Officer .

Coincidental as you may call it, I had to face the same lady who had approved my B1 visa in May 2010 and she was sitting in the same counter. I greeted her and she greeted me back. She got all the documents from me that was inside the USCIS cover.

She asked flipped through my passport. She asked me what role I was going to perform in the US and what my salary was. I answered it short and sweet. She then asked me about my project and I explained it and said it was an internal development project. She took a minute to review my petition and then issued a 221(g) blue form with a case number.

This form is something that requires you to submit further documents for processing.

The documents requested are all employer related documents.

1. A copy of petition with all supporting documents.

2. Copy of employment contract or letter of agreement signed by myself and petitioner.
3. Petitioners Income Tax returns for the last 2 years and financial statements.

4. A notarized list of all the petitioner’s employees. The list should show all employees’ names, their specific job titles, start and end dates and their individual salaries and immigration status.
5. State unemployment wage reports, showing all wages paid to each employee in the state, for the past 3 quarters as filed to: All States.

6. A detailed and specific description of the internal development project.

I told her that I had these documents with me. However, she mentioned that she will not have enough time to review all these documents and that I should post them at the VFS drop boxes in a city near me. I thanked her and left the place. Though a little bit disappointed, I was seeing the bright side that the visa was not rejected outright.

Next Steps:

I expect to receive the documents from my employers in another couple of weeks. Especially the notarized list and the Unemployment wages report. I will then submit them at the drop box in Cochin.

As per what I read, from the day I submit my documents it may be processed within 15 days or it may take almost 3-4 months to get an update from the USCIS on the stamping status. I now am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best and in the mean time I will be looking forward to my next short term assignment in some other corner of the world J

I will keep you posted on what happens and I wish all the H1B aspirants all the very best with their endeavors.

You can read my complete professional  background, How I found my H1B employer, transitions in careers, etc on my Personal Blog


We have all decided to stay away from India for various reasons like better quality of life, including financial reasons. If you want to help and don’t know how to do it, please visit us at www.aramtrust.org. Every little helps. Thank you!

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Comments ( 158 )

  1. ram chander

    I went to kolkata for stamping, they gave me orange slip, I submitted all additional documents along with passport, do you know how long it is taking to process orange slips, Is orange slip a good sign?

  2. Bharath


    I am in US on H-1B working for a Council of Governments since 2.5 years. My H-1B extension is approved now and is valid till September 2014.
    My wife is on E-V-C model and went to India for a family event. After 2 attempts in 4 months in India, her latest H-1B visa petition again got “sent back to USCIS”. Now she is just planning to quit the job and come back as dependent. So she has to attend H-4 visa.
    My questions are –
    1. Does the 2 failed H-1B visa attempts have a bad impact on my wife’s H-4 visa petition?
    2. Does the fact that I work for a public agency help?
    3. Any statistical/experience-based/friendly advise between Hyderabad vs Chennai consulate?
    4. Documents required – is it basically everything related to my H-1B petition, pay stubs, bank statements, W2s etc.? or does she need to carry anything more?

    Thank you.

    1. administrator

      1. Usually it doesn’t. Her approval will depend upon your H-1 employment and should not be impacted by previous H-1 rejections
      2. Yes. People working in EVC or EC models have harder time during stamping
      3. I have seen more negative stories about Hyd than Chennai. However, I haven’t kept track of data to say that w/ surety. Besides, no consulate is 100% safe.
      4. Your H-1 stuff, and her H-1 stuff to show that she maintained status in US on H-4. In addition, proof of marriage (marriage certificate, wedding card/album etc).

      1. Bharath

        Thank you Saurabh. A couple more questions, please.

        1. I was also hoping to find this answered in the question posted below by Rahul. Does my wife need my original I-797 and application, or just the scanned copy?
        2. My current H-1B is valid until May 2012. Extension valid from May 2012-September 2014. I will send both the I-797s, but which is our primary? Which I-797 receipt # do we use while filling out DS160?


        1. administrator

          1. Scanned copies will work. The original needs to remain w/ you.
          2. I would suggest using the 2nd one as primary so that she gets a visa stamp until Sep 2014.

  3. Rahul

    Hi Team,

    My dependent’s visa stamping is scheduled at Mumbai on 21st March.
    I am currently at US. Please let me know if the original visa(I797 and LCA) documentation are required for visa stamping at Mumbai location? I have provided the scanned copy of all the docs. Will the black and white printouts work here.
    Also I have provided the W2 form. Is tax return document also mandatory?


  4. Rahul

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am planning for visa(h4) stamping of my wife at Mumbai. Please let me know what is the process for having the interview in Hindi. I have not seen any information for the same while filling DS 160 Form. Please help regarding this.

    Thanks in Advance.


    1. administrator

      I think the DS form still needs to be completed in English. At the end there is a section asking if someone else helped w/ the form and over there your name can go in (if you filled the form for her and not she herself). Later, on VFS site she can look for consulate of choice and select interview language as Hindi. That should work.

  5. Titus

    Update on my status.

    Interview 13th Feb. Got a pink slip (H1B extension).

    Got my passport today (March 5th) with visa.

    Total time : 3 weeks.

  6. Vinoth


    I am in US for past 1 month(first time travel) with H1b visa, now i am processing h4 visa for my wife, her interview is scheduled on end of this week. I would like to know whether 3 months(US) pay slip is required for interview? currenly I have only one month pay slip (US payslip) but I have India payslips for the same employer. So please help me whether any issue will be there for her interview due to this?


    1. a

      you dont have to wait for 3 months for your wife to join you, she can apply for the visa any time, she could have applied along with you on the same date.
      Hope this helps.

  7. justforit

    Hi Saurabh
    I need an information. My husband is working in an reputed American company as a full time employee for last 8 months. We are planning to visit India and our stamping is due. As my husband is working as a full time employee, is there any problem to renew our visa? What are the documents we carry? As my husband working as a client, is there any need to carry any letter from client side?

    1. administrator

      If he is working as a full-time employee for a reputed American firm, it should be much safer for you guys to get visa stamped. You should carry:
      – your documents (passports, degree certificates, marksheets, resume, experience letters, payslips, W2s)
      – H-1 documents (copy of LCA, I-129, 797)
      – employer documents (employment verification letter, offer letter, contact details)

      If it’s a publicly traded company, then no additional information needs to be carried for the employer. If not, then how many employees are employed by them, and what’s the size of the company? No client information is needed, if the employer is not a consulting company. But he would still need to know what his duties are, and how they benefit the employer (for example working on a product that’s sold outside for XXX dollars etc).

      1. justforit

        Thanks Saurabh. He is working in a Avis Budget Car Rentals as a direct full-time employee. Is there any need to carry client letter? He is working as a client. For that reason is he need any manager’s letter? Please answer ASAP.

        1. administrator

          He doesn’t need client letter. If I understand correctly, he is not working as a client, instead as a full-time employee. Client is an external entity like another company.

          He would need employment verification letter from the employer to show that he is employed w/ them, designation etc.

  8. Bharath

    Hello, here is a synopis of my ongoing Visa experience, am on EVC model in IT field –

    1. H-1B visa appointment at Hyderabad, Nov 10, 2011: 221(g)Petition returned to USCIS because a)h-1b amended petition needed due to changed vendors b)employer-employee relationship.
    2. Dec 2011/Jan 2012: H-1B amended petition filed in the US and approved.
    3. H-1B visa appointment at Chennai, Feb 10, 2012: (with amended H-1B) 221(g) blue slip issued. Administrative processing. No specific documents requested.
    4. VFS office Feb 27, 2012: Voluntarily responding to 221(g), Submitted attorney-recommended complete list of documents. VFS retained the passport.

    Please advise if VFS retains everyone’s passport along with the other documents, or does it indicate any positive sign? 3.5 months and waiting..


    1. administrator

      Retaining the passport is definitely a positive sign. They usually keep the passport when they are of the opinion that visa stamp would eventually get approved. However, note that it doesn’t guarantee the approval, but it’s a positive sign.

      1. Bharath

        Thank you for your response. I tried to get a sense of how long it takes between retaining a passport and getting approved on 221(g) blue slip from the tracker app on your website, but it is not very evident.
        Based on your experience and interaction with several folks you are helping out, any advise on average time they take to approve in this type of scenario?
        Thank you.

        1. administrator

          There is no set time-frame and it’s difficult to track like H-1 petition processing. It can take as less as few weeks to as long as several months. Unfortunately there is no intelligent answer to this.

          1. Bharath

            Pb, Thank you..
            Were you in similar situation as I am in – H-1B amended petition, Chennai Consulate, blue slip, and voluntary response. They have not requested any specific documents of me, themselves. I voluntarily submitted them what my attorney felt should be sufficient response to the 221g in general.

          2. Elisa

            Hi Sourabh,

            I couldn find my original post, so thought will reply to yours.. I work for the security industry… But none of my colleagues faced this issue, however they got their stamping done a couple of years back.. My concern is the time they are taking.. I hear that pink slips are the easiest amongst others (Chennai Consulate). It has been 4 months already.

          3. administrator

            They have become stricter now, and your industry (security) might have triggered TAL. Yes, pink slips are the easiest ones. Ask your employer/attorney to follow-up w/ DOS. You can also seek help from your senator.

  9. Smita

    Hi ,

    I am working as Manufacturing Engineer for a small company with around 20 people. I recently got an offer from a bigger company as Financial Analyst. I am planning my vacation while they do my transfer. I will be coming in with the new company’s visa stamp.

    1) Not having pay stubs from the new company, can that be a problem for my stamping.
    2) Changing position from Engineering to Finance – Is that a problem.


    1. administrator

      1. You need to have payslips for the time you were in US. If you were working for the old employer until the time you left US, then it’s ok to have only payslips from them.
      2. USCIS and consulate may look into this to see if you are qualified for the position or not. If you have done courses, trainings etc to support your role as Financial Analyst, then it would help.

      1. Smita

        Appreciate the prompt response. I did my masters in Engineering Management and took courses in Finance. Also, can you let me know H1B transfer might be a problem. My previous petition was filed for Manfacturing Engineer and now the transfer will be for Financial Analyst. Will the new company find that out and create problems for me.

        1. administrator

          You might be eligible but can’t say for sure. USCIS may question your credentials and then you will have to provide a satisfactory response.

  10. amit

    Below are the details of my H1B case :

    VISA Type : First time H1B (Myself) & H4 (Spouse and Daughter) all on same day
    Intervew Date : 02/02/2012
    Place of Interview : New Delhi

    VO at counter 30 issued me 221(g) Pink Handout and kept our passports and said they want to do additional processing. They didnt ask me for any other documents also.

    This is fourt week and I didnt here anything from them and the case status @ websites shows pending processing.

    I was issued a 221g green in 2008 as well from new delhi embassy for my B1 Visa – but it got typically cleared in a week or 10 days and got my B1 Visa in two weeks.

    What do you suggest as VO at counter 30 told me it will take 4 weeks ? Wait and watch –

    Is there anyone else who is in the same boat?

  11. Titus

    Applied for 2nd H1B visa at Chennai. First one did not have any issues but the second one, I got a pink slip for additional processing (no missing documents and they didn’t ask for anything extra). I am currently waiting for my passport. I am sharing this information in case someone needs the current trends.

    H1B interview date: 13th Jan 2012
    H1B approval: Still waiting (as of Jan 25th, 2012). Will update once I hear back from them.

      1. Titus

        It should be pretty random in my opinion. I have a materials science and physics background and that is what I do. He really didn’t even ask me much. He just joked about being from my rival university and then gave me a pink slip. Given that I would rarely get to be in India for thins long, I am not too unhappy I can stay here longer 🙂

    1. administrator

      Pink slip is usually issued based on your industry and experience. You have degree in Material Science and Physics, which may be present on TAL (technology alert list) and that would have triggered the 221g. I don’t know the processing speed of Chennai consulate, but I know few recent New Delhi 221g pink slip cases which were approved in 3 weeks.

  12. Neha

    Hi Saurabh
    Thanks for your reply .No all other employees are citizens this is the first H1 they have filed … so i am a bit skeptical … This company is US based and they have offices in United Kingdom and Poland as well.

    1. administrator

      Is this a consulting company or a product based company? Normally desi consulting companies have the worst time, but your employer doesn’t look like one. So you may fare better during stamping, but still there is always a chance.

  13. Neha

    Hi ,
    This is my case i came from L1B to H1B in July 2011 .I have been taken as full time employee for a small company about 20 employees in US .Do you think their is risk in getting visa stamped in India ?
    Appreciate your help

    1. administrator

      Size of the company can be a problem as there may not be enough information available to the VO about small employers. Do you know if there are other employees working for the firm on H-1? If yes, then how did they fare during H-1 stamping? Also, is this a consulting company or is it a proper US company?

  14. Vishwas

    Yes Saurabh, there was a blue slip given with LCA underlined on it, I have contacted the VFS but got a generic response. If my attorney writes to the consulate through the attorney mail channel would it of any worth? Has anyone been through that channel?

    1. administrator

      You can search online for other 221g blue slip experiences. In general, there is no set timeline for these and it can take few weeks to several months to get it resolved. They process these at their own speed and do no expedite it even when the attorney/employer/client contacts them. At this point, one cannot do much except to wait patiently.

  15. Vishwas

    Hello, I attended the interview on dec 20, 2011, I have moved from L1b to H1B and its a EC model case, I have not received the passport yet, I have submitted the documents and the latest LCA was submitted a week ago. Is there any expedited process that can be requested with the consulate, is it possible, what is the best way to approach the consulate.

    1. administrator

      There is no way to expedite the process. Was any 221g issued to you? Did you contact the VFS or consulate regarding your case?

    1. administrator

      These are given out when the consulate wants more information about the employer/client and employer-employee relationship.

  16. loverate

    Hi Saurabh
    As i have already told you that my petition was approved and i recd my 797 and on 1st of Dec. i appeared for interview and got issued 221g green slip and i have submitted the requisite docs on 20th DEC-11, now yesterday on 29th Jan 12 i received letter from US Embassy that they are not able to issue me visa coz my “petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in the USA in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations” my petition i.e. I129 has been returned to USICS with a memo explaining the facts of my case as presented to embassy at the time of interview and my visa is refused U/s 221g of the INA.
    Please let me know what I should do now.
    Is all finished now? And if finished then when next my petitioner can apply for fresh HIB for the same post


      1. jaswant

        Hi All,

        Same thing happened to me. First i was issued 221g (green slip) on Feb 7th. Later on Feb22 i received a phone call from Indian person and he asked the same questions as the VO asked. Today i received a letter saying” we are not able to issue you an H1b becuase:
        Your petitioner doesnt appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in the US in accordance with apporiate laws and regulation.

        I was working on EVC model.Could you please suggest What if my client wants me to hire? will client be able to transfer my H1b or client has to file a new petition?


        1. administrator

          If the client is ready to file cap-exempt petition for you, then go for it. Working as a fulltime employee has a better chance of approval. However, you will have to check if you have signed any non-compete agreement signed w/ employer stating that you will not join any client you work for through them.

          1. jaswant

            thank you for your reply Saurabh.
            One question, should i leave my current petition as it is and work with client to get my h1b transferred ?

          2. administrator

            So the process would be that you talk to your client about joining them as fulltime employee. They will then file H-1 petition for you and USCIS will process it. Once approved, you will appear for visa stamping. Until then you can continue working through your current EVC arrangement or stop working if your your client/employer says so. As you are currently out of US, you can work directly for the client even before H-1 gets approved.

  17. manoj

    My employer had filed premium H1B processing for me, petition got approved and I have been told to book interview appointment. I am planning to take interview along with my wife and son. Do I need to pay HDFC visa fee for me and as well as dependents..? I heard that there is no need to do for dependents if it is premium processing one. Please share your opinion at the earliest.

    1. administrator

      You need to pay HDFC fees for your wife and son as well. So in all, you will have 3 HDFC receipts. Benefits of premium processing end once the petition is approved or denied. Stamping has no relation to premium processing.

  18. Jitendra Harpalani


    I gave the interview on Dec 23rd 2011 for H1B stamping and got green slip at New Delhi Consulate. I submitted the document same day. A few days ago, on Jan 10th 2012, i got a response from VFS that Embassy has forwarded my docs to concern department. I don’t know whether its a good sign or not??

    If yes, can anyone estimate how much time it may take now ??

    1. administrator

      There is no way to estimate how much time 221g processing will take. It varies from case to case and can take anywhere from few days to several months. You can contact VFS and ask them if they know what they mean by forwarding to concerned department.


    Hi Saurab,

    a friend of mine had her visa stamped for three years in india, received her passport too, however someone from USCIS called her to let her know that there was a problem with the petitioner and they had to revoke it. I know a total of 6 others from the same consulting firm who have been given the same grounds for rejection/ delay- employer cannot provide qualifying employment. What does this mean? How can this be rectified? Thank you,

    1. administrator

      This might have happened if USCIS found out huge discrepancies and issues w/ the employer. They were big enough to black list the employer and revoke all petitions that were approved for the employer.

      Your employer can appeal against the decision, but it is a lengthy process and may not be fruitful if the employer has indeed done something illegal. You may file through another employer, but that petition may be subject to cap as USCIS is revoking the current petition.

  20. chennaiVaasi

    I plan to schedule my stamping at Chennai consulate 1st week of Feb 2012. I work as a direct employee with a fortune 500 company for the past 7 years (total of 12 years in US on H1b). My green card process is still pending with the current employer. I also possess AP (which I personally don’t intend to use).

    Any info on recent patterns at Chennai consulate and do you have any word of advise to put my mind at ease ?

  21. Vijay

    I had got an RFE on 2nd Nov and had submitted to the docs to the attorney on 21st DEc. but still I cannot see any updates in the status its still showing RFE.
    Can you please tell me how long will it take to update the status based on your experience?? and Approximately when can I get the petetion from california center??

    1. administrator

      You mentioned that you submitted the documents to the attorney on Dec 21. Do you know if the attorney has sent the response to RFE? If yes, then when did USCIS received that response? Usually they flip the online status within few days of receiving the RFE response. If filed w/ PP, it will be adjudicated within 15 calendar days; else, it may take few months.

  22. Saurabh Gupta


    My H1b is appoved. But my interview is still pending. My petition documents shows my annual compensation nearing 62k per annum. I came to know that h1b is rejected if your annual compensation is less than 72k for California location. i have my offer letter from my HR for annual compensation 72k+. i have a clarification if they ask me my salary what should i say – the one mention in petition or the one in offer letter..


    1. AARTHI

      Hi I have the same question. In my case I am paid a little more than what is mentioned on my LCA. In the DS 160 form am I supposed to go by my LCA salary or what I see on my pay stub?
      And what would I say my salary is to the VO in India, the LCA salary or what I earn per my paystub?


      1. administrator

        Your salary is what’s there in the paystub. LCA sets the minimum salary, but your actual salary is what’s there in your paystub. You should use it for DS form and any questions asked during the interview.

    2. administrator

      It should be what’s there in the offer letter. LCA has the minimum salary as per existing wage system. An employer can very well pay more than that minimum amount, and your salary would be what’s your employer is paying or plan to pay as per the offer letter.

  23. Poornima

    I had been following this article since my husband got 221g blue at chennai consulate. His actual intervew was on Nov 2nd 2011 and VO issued 221g to submit additional docs similar to vijay vasu. He submitted the docs via drop box chennai on Nov 8th. He finally got an update from vfs on 23rd dec 2011 saying that embassy asked to submit his passport. It took around 6 weeks to get an update. He submitted his passport on 27th dec and is still waiting. His is an EC model and F1-H1 first time stamping.

    Hope this helps

    1. Poornima

      Hi all,

      Today my husband got his passport and stamp for his H1b. The visa date of issue is on jan 2012 and date of expiry is jan 2017. His is first time stamping and he has been working on H1 since 1 now. wonder do they really stamp for 5 years like this…

      1. administrator

        Wow … 5 years … I have never seen anyone receiving such a long duration visa stamp. How long is the H-1 petition (797) valid for?

    2. H K

      Hi Poornima,

      When did your husband get the stamped passport back? I have submitted my passport recently, just checking the timeline, I have return ticket to US and I do not want to cancel/postpone it from now.

  24. Vishwas

    I was working in the US for the past couple of years, I moved from L1B to H1B. I was working for Accenture earlier. I had the interview on Dec 20 2011 and when the VO asked for LCA (which I had it in my hand) but unfortunately could not show it on time(that sucks) and the VO issued me a blue slip and asked me to submit passport and LCA, 797 and 129 together which I did the same day. I asked me if he needed anything else but he said nothing else was required. How many days do you think it would take for the process to be completed? Do you see any complications in this process.

    1. administrator

      Unfortunately there is no set time frame. It can take few weeks to several months. You can follow-up w/ VFS, but they would not provide any meaningful updates.

  25. Babu

    I’ve finished my interview with US consulate on Nov 30 2011 @ Chennai issued form 221g to submit additional documents to approve the visa. I’ve dropped all the documents at VFS dropbox on Dec 6th 2011, have n’t heard anything so far. When can i expect any reply on this. Any suggestions or thoughts. Pls share any comments on this.

  26. Dinesh

    In my career there was a overlapping of a month in my experience letter i.e my relieving date from old company and and joining date in the new company are overlapped by a month. I have applied H1b visa now and its under processing. Will it cause for any issue at the time of interview?


        HEY SAURAB,

        this is my case, i have my I 797 approved however the client address is different from where I work now, the distance between my previous client and current is 0.6 miles, in the same county, city and state and my employer insists that there is no need for a change in LCA. My title, roles and responsibilities remain the same. I need to get to india for my stamping, what are my chances of rejection. I’d appreciate it if you could mail me your answer.

        Thank you,

        1. administrator

          I think LCA needs to be filed as the work site has changed. If I understand it correctly, your LCA and 797 was approved for client A, but now you are working for client B at a location 0.6 mi from previous location. If this is correct, the new LCA is required and probably H-1 amendment as well (these days consulates are asking for it when the client changes).

  27. Moorthy

    Today I had HIB interview, everything went well but th eofficer finally said am eligible for visa but require some administrative processing to be completed and issues a pink slip.

    What do they mean by Administrative processing?

    1. administrator

      At times, they need to do some processing at their end (get petition info etc). They can also do background check or name check if they have not asked for any new documents in 221g slip.

  28. Pb

    I have been working in US for almost 5 years with my 140 approved recently.
    Visa interview 5-dec-2011
    Got 221g orange slip in kolkata
    Waiting for documents from petitioner to arrive inFadex.
    Have requested my friend to submit the documents.
    I am asked to submit the passport with the documents.

  29. Anonymous


    I have applied H1B for me as premium processing and it got approved very recently. Now i am filling the DS 160 form. Concern is the project name is abbreviated in the support documents but in the client invitation letter it is elaborated. will it be a problem during the visa stamping. There is no change in location or the client or Role. Only thing is mismatch in name ..

  30. Tk

    Saurabh ,

    I had my H1b appiled after L1/I94 got expired while L1 extension was in pending with RFE.
    Now I got H1b I129 approved but COS so I am back in India for H1b stamping .
    Question –
    1. Why they approved I129 and denied COS. What they will achive by asking me for conceller processing .
    2. Is H1b stamping great deal if I129 is approved ?
    3. I am with the same company from last 5 year and with same client . India ( 3.5 years ) and then 1.5 ( on L1 in US) . Do I need new offer latter for H1b though its continues employment ?
    4. While filling up DS 160 – As this is continues employement ( Indian to L1 and now H1) I do not intent to specify previous employer because i am with same employer since 5 year and that should be fine right ?


    1. administrator

      1. As your I-94 had expired by the time H-1 was filed, so COS was denied.
      2. Yes, do not take it lightly.
      3. Yes, a more recent one.
      4. If there is no previous employer, then no need to mention anything. If there were past employers, then you should mention them in the DS form.

  31. sachin

    sorry for cross post as it is related to B1 visa. I got the Blue slip from chennai consulate as my passport lamination was slightly defaced. I need to travel to US on 9th dec. Assuming that i will get my new passport in a week ( i have already applied for tatkal passport) and courier it by 30th Nov day through VFS, should i be getting it back before 9th dec. If anyone had similar experience or got the passport back within a week or more, please share your experience. “Blrbuddy” in comments is only hope.

    Also, As my new passport will have new address, will it create any trouble is terms of issuing a Visa?

  32. Jitendar


    I am working in EVC model. My employer is in different state far from client location. i am planning to go for stamping. Should i go or not? are chances of rejection very high in EVC models? As i haven’t seen a single successful case for EVC stamping on forums.
    Please advise. Thanks in advance for help.

    1. administrator

      There is a higher risk of stamping when it comes to EVC model. Unless it is really necessary to travel, one should avoid that when working in this model.

  33. Ravi

    In my career there was a overlapping of a day in my experience letter ie my relieving date frm old company and and joining date in the another company are same (it is happened bcoz my new company I joined for night shift it was a support job). Now i am going to apply for H1b visa (work permit) will it cause for any issue?

  34. Anand

    One company is applying my H1B in this month Nov 2011.
    What are the chances of getting it approved?

    I am unmarried. If I marry next month Dec 2011, then how can I bring my wife along with me?

    Please suggest.


    1. administrator

      Chances of approval would depend upon your profile, your employer profile, proposed job etc. Once your H-1 is approved, your wife can go for H-4 visa stamping and use that to travel to US and be here w/ you.

    1. administrator

      Masters quota has been reached. Regular quota is still open. People who have done Masters in US can still apply under Regular quota.

  35. Bharani


    My petitioner had filed my H1B during september 2010 and USCIS approved it by January 2011. Took an appointment with US Embassy, Chennai by April and during the interview the consulate office gave me a blue slip(221g) and asked me to submit some more documents from my employer.

    I’ve submitted the documents by June 2011 and i received a notice by August 2011 that my H1B has been refused. The reason is as given below:

    “Your petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in the United States in accordance with appropriate laws and Regulations”

    Can my petitioner take this up with the USCIS as i had all my documents like offer from petitioner, agreement between client & petitioner and letter from client stating that i have work for next 36 months has been submitted as proof of employment.

    1. 221g sucks

      The petition will be sent back to USCIS. Then USCIS will review it . If they feel nothing is wrong with the petition, they will inform it to Department of State for visa processing. The Visa officer may still accept or issue you another 221g.

      If however the USCIS finds the petition shouldn’t have been approved, then they will send your employer a notice of intent to revoke (NOIR). Your petitioner has to reply within 30days explaining why the petition should not be revoked.

      1. Bharani

        Thanks for the information. My case is now being handled by the USCIS. And my petitioner has requested the Dept of State to provide the NOIR, so they can respond quickly.

        Hope to get the approval sooner…

  36. kumar

    I am working in Japan for the past 5 years.
    I am planning to attend for H1 interview for the first time from Tokyo.
    Can I attend in foreign country. Is it necessary to go to motherland when attending for the first time?
    BTW, I have been to US on B1 previously, I got the B1 from Japan.
    Any information on this would be helpful.

    1. administrator

      As you have been working for a while in Japan, you can try to attend interview there (although home country is always the recommended choice for 1st stamping). To be sure you can call up the consulate in Japan and ask them about their policy on TCN (third country nationals).

  37. Shri

    Hi friends,
    I have read through all the discussion that you all have been having here. My case is a slightly different.

    I was in the US for an year and had got my H1B there, but now in India. I need to get the approved H1B stamped. I am basically from Karnataka but would like to prefer going to Hyderabad rather than Chennai. Only people from Andhra Pradesh or Orissa need to go to Hyderabad if I am not wrong. Can I still go to Hyderabad US Consulate office? How to manage this? If I am staying with my friend in Hyderabad then can I opt for this center?

    1. administrator

      They changed the rule sometime ago. Last I checked, a person can now go to any consulate for the interview. You can call VFS and confirm.

  38. lostpacket

    My case : Delhi Consulate
    Visa Date : 31’st May 2011
    Received green 221g . Submitted docs on 7’th June 2011.
    I am waiting. At the same time I have the pressure of convincing my client that I can do work remotely. Not sure how long they will bear this.
    Feel like my biggest mistake coming to India just for a visit. 🙁

  39. Vijay Vasu


    Finally the visa has been issued! I got the confirmation from the embassy today! I hope the rest of the process goes without any problem!

    Dear Sir,

    This is in response to your inquiry. Consular Records show that your visa has been issued and the passport is sent out through VFS. Please track your passport through VFS website.


    Visa Information Unit

  40. dhina

    Hi Kumar,
    Your articles are so nice that I couldn’t stop my hands visiting your site every time I open my system. I have one more question what is the probability of H1B visa getting approved for people who are moving with their family? Any idea? plz reply Thanks in advance

    1. administrator

      Thank Dhina ! Well, we cannot really predict….It has nothing to do with family….But, in general, as long as your skills match your job and you have the right company you should get H1B visa approved…

  41. Ram

    I thnk Vijay is right. I have attended visa interview in Chennai consulate.

    I have got reply back from visa consulate and my visa status is under administrative process. I went through several blogs and there is no specific time frame mentioned to complete this process. I am totally disappointed with this. Because this is not my first H1. I travelled several times to US and this is my fourth time, I attended interview Chennai. Also I am working in US from past three years and I came here for a visit.

  42. kewlguy

    yes vijay its true chennai got mixed treat these days… as said we get stamping when client letter is there with us…. since mine is internal project and very less no of employees in proposed company i am planning safely….will schedule with hyd the interview and get prepared with al the docs in 221g 🙂

    1. Rajat


      Did you finally receive your Visa? Actually my case is same as yours.I am going to work for a small company with 18 employees and in an internal project.

      1. skp

        Hi Rajat,

        My case is similar to your. Planning to attend my H1B visa interview in September month in chennai consulate. My project is Internal project with a small US based company with less than 50 employee. Kindly let mw know wht happen to your stamping? did you attend the Interview? if so which consulate?


  43. kewlguy

    Yes vijay , chennai has mixed treat…blr buddy got his stamping as well in 2 to 3 days… and thats one in thousands…. my 221g is inevitable so better will try with hyd this time…… my us employer do have only 8 employees and gave me internal project….. ….

    hyd consualte takes project docs before interview itself so hyd shud be a better option i feel….

  44. Vijay Vasu

    Well, I finally submitted my documents to the VFS last Friday. Blrbuddy, your case gives me a lot of hope. Mine is something similar too. Let us wait and see what happens! 🙂

        1. Vijay Vasu

          I submitted my documents on 08 April 2011. I sent a mail to the Chennai consulate on 11 April 2011. I got a confirmation on 12 April 2011 stating that my documents were received and they are processing it. Please see the reply below:

          Dear Sir:

          This is in response to your inquiry.

          Yes, we have received your documents. The same is under administrative processing.
          Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any time frame for this as it varies from case to case.

          Visa Information Unit
          American Consulate General
          220, Anna Salai
          Chennai 600 006,
          Telephone : 91 44 28574000/28574242
          Fax : 91 44 2811 2020
          website :http://chennai.usconsulate.gov

          On 18 April 2011, I send them an inquiry on ability to track the status online. The below was the reply I got from the team.

          Dear Sir:
          This is in response to your inquiry. You will not be able to track your case on the website. You have to wait for us to get back to you once we complete the review.
          Visa Information Unit
          American Consulate General
          220, Anna Salai
          Chennai 600 006
          Phone – 91-44-28574000/28574242
          Fax – 91-44- 28112020
          Website – http://chennai.usconsulate.gov

          The good news is, a friend of mine went for a stamping today from Infosys and she got the visa stamped. So, they are not intentionally rejecting every one.

          I think, I should wait patiently and see what happens. What ever happens, happens for the greater good!

          Chennai Consulate Contact Details:

          email: [email protected]
          Phone – 91-44-28574000/28574242
          Fax – 91-44- 28112020

          1. dhina

            Hi vijay,
            I need some info can u plz clarify it. What type of visa u have applied? My employer have applied for visa on first week of april but till now i dont know the status of my visa. Can I send a mail to chennai consulate regarding the status of my H1B visa.

          2. Vijay Vasu

            Hi Dhina,

            I have applied for a H1B visa.

            Petitioned Filed: 06 August 2010
            Petitioned Acknowledgement Received by me: 31 August 2010
            Initial Notice of Action Received: 15 October 2010
            Amendment Requested for Change of Company Name: 20 October 2010
            Amended Notice Received: 03 December 2010
            Petition Stamping Interview: 11 Feb 2011
            Issued 221G on: 11 Feb 2011
            Submitted Response to 221G on: 08 April 2011.

            The above is my time line.

            If your employer filed for a visa only in the first week of April, you need to ask your employer regarding your acknowledgement number. This is called as a case number.

            Once you have the case number, you can track it here:

            If you have used a lawyer, then, please ask your lawyer to contact the USCIS for acknowledgement.

            I wish you all the best!

          3. Vijay Vasu

            ey Guys, There is another twist in the tale! I wanted to keep you updated on that as well.

            I got a blue dart courier from the embassy yesterday as mentioned in my previous comment. They had returned all the documents that I submitted to them. And they had given an additional 221(g) letter asking me to submit my passport.

            I submitted my passport today at the drop box facility in Kochi. But I need to keep my fingers crossed.

            As per the lady at the counter in the drop box (who is a lovely girl by the way :-p) There is 70% possibility that they will return my passport without stamp and ask me to apply for a new passport.

            It seems that if the passport cover lamination is slightly defaced, they will not stamp the visa. hmm.. So I will need to apply for a new passport on Tatkal (emergency) basis and that may mean another 2 weeks..!! I hope it does not happen. I am keeping my fingers crossed…

            Will keep you posted!

  45. Blrbuddy

    Well I too had a similar experience, not many questions asked but a 221(g) is issued (my company had only 9 employees, so she is not comfortable with such a small company doing internal project) so 221(g) required internal project descriptionand other mandatory docs that are filed with USCIS and the employee-employer agreement etc, but the bright side is after I dropped my passport and the docs with VFS, I got my passport back in 4 working days(including dropped working day and received working day) with a stamp.
    I guess the docs you drop with VFS will be sent to the same VO who interviewed you and if he/she is satisfied then your visa will be issued right away.

    1. kewlguy

      did you went to chennai consulate? is it wise to go to hyd consulate as we can submit these project documents in advance for their review avaoiding our stamping get lost in pending status

      1. Ram

        Hi Vijay

        I am also on the same boat.

        Petition Stamping Interview: 24 Mar 2011
        Issued 221G on: 24 Mar 2011
        Submitted Response to 221G on: 29 Mar 2011 at VFS

        I have also got same response from the visa consulate. Please update your status on yor H1.


        1. Vijay Vasu

          Hi Ram,

          I will do so as and when I have an update.

          I believe the owner of this blog, Mr. Kumar is facing similar issues. He has actually been waiting for almost 40 days now and is awaiting update on 221G response.

          I believe there is nothing much for us to do, than to pray and wait 🙂

          1. kewlguy

            I am planing to attend the h1 interview in may 2011 and yes my proj is internal one …just wondering if hyderabad consulate visit can help fetching stamping for the first time….which consualte comparitively is best for h1 chennai r hyd…..
            Ram , have you went to chennai consulate?

          2. Vijay Vasu


            This is a very subjective question. I have seen people who have got 221G from Hyderabad. And I have also seen friends who have got their stamping from Chennai without any hassle whatsoever.

            I would suggest that may be you can try Hyderabad as chennai continues to have a higher 221G issuance ratio than any other consulate in the world. This again is my personal opinion and not something that is statistically validated.

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