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H1B,H4 Visa Bills – Latest News Updates, Reforms, Passed Status – 2018 Tracker

This page will track all the H1B Visa Bills that are introduced in 2017 & 2018 under President Trump Administration and earlier, including their status, summary.

H4 Bill Title :“H.R.7150 – H-4 Employment Protection Act of 2018″.
Introduced Date : Nov 16th, 2018.SponsorRep Eshoo, Anna + 6 co-sponsors
Status :  Introduced in HouseH1B Bill Status - Introduced in House
Summary :   This H4 bill is intended to stop Trump Administration from revoking/ removal of the H4 EAD rule (which was introduced in 2015) that is on its way to be revoked. Currently, DHS is pursuing H4 EAD rule removal and is going through rule-making process. You can check more details on the history at H4 EAD History and Analysis

Official Link : H. R. 7150 on Congress.Gov

Latest Update :  

  • Nothing new has happened since it was introduced.


H1B Bill Title :“H.R.1303 – H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2017″.
Introduced Date : March 2nd, 2017.Sponsor :  Bill Pascrell + 5 co-sponsors
Status :  Introduced in HouseH1B Bill Status - Introduced in House
Summary :   To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to reform and reduce fraud & abuse in certain visa programs for certain aliens working in temporary visas in US.  Modify the application requirements for H1B such that  they not to replace US workers, post requirements of job in internet for 30 days, change wage requirements for to have median wage for skill level 2. Ensure employers with more than 50 employees, do not exceed 50% of their workforce to be H1B. Prioritize the H1B visa cap allocation with order of 1. advanced degree holders in STEM , 2. the wage level will be skill level 4 median, 3.  US bachelors degree holders in STEM,  4. employer E-verified., others misc requirements. Also, ensure the bachelors degree is required in the area of job and license, if required. LCA Fee to to be sent to Treasury in separate account for oversight, enforcement  and investigation in the H1B program. many more details around H1B investigation, penalty and enforcement.  Transparency and reporting wage requirements. DOL to hire 200 more people to enforce the regulations.  Similar to H1B, Protection and enforcement to avoid L1 visa fraud by making sure they do not replace US workers. More reporting requirements on H1B and L1 to stakeholders.

Official Link : H. R. 1303on Congress.Gov

Latest Update :  

  • Mar 28, 2017 : Two more co-sponsors besides original ones.
  • Mar 16, 2017 : Referred to subcommittee on immigration and border security.
  • Mar 2, 2017 : Introduced in House and referred to House Education and the Workforce committee. Also, to House Judiciary.


H1B Bill Title :“High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017″.  Other Title :   HR 670 – To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to reform the H1B visa program, and for other purposes.
Introduced Date : January 24, 2017Sponsor :  Zoe Lofgren
Status :  Introduced in HouseH1B Bill Status - Introduced in House
Summary :   To strengthen integrity of the H1B Program by doing things like increase the H1B dependent employer wage level from $60,000 to $130,000 USD.  Require employers to provide immigration paperwork to H1B visa holder within 3 years of filing of petition. Change the prevailing wage requirements to protect American workers. Implement Market Demand based H1B visa allocation. Reserve 20% of annual H1B cap to small and startup employers. Remove visa hurdles for Students and Work visa holders. Remove the per country cap for employment based immigrant visas.This is the famous  H1B 130K bill

Official Link : H. R.670 on Congress.Gov

Latest Update :  

  • Feb 8, 2017 : Referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.
  • Jan 24, 2017  : Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.


H1B Bill Title : All Bill Information (Except Text) for S.180 – A bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to reform and reduce fraud and abuse in certain visa programs for aliens working temporarily in the United States, and for other purposes.
Introduced Date : January 20, 2017Sponsor  Sen. Chuck Grassley + 3 Co-sponsors
Status :  Introduced in SenateH1B Bill Status - Introduced in Senate
Summary :  Summary in progress, will be updated.

Official Link : Bill S. 180 on Congress.Gov

Latest Update :    Jan 20, 2017 Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.


H1B Bill Title : HR 170 Protect and Grow  American Jobs Act
Introduced Date : January 3, 2017Sponsor : Darrel E. Issa + 8 Co-sponsors
Status :  Introduced in HouseH1B Bill Status - Introduced in House
Summary :  This bill amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to revise the definition of “exempt H-1B nonimmigrant” to eliminate the masters or higher degree requirement and raise the annual salary threshold requirement from $60,000 to not less than $90,000 to $100,000.   Also called as 100K Bill. Full details of the Bill from Nov 15th, 2017 update :  Grow and Protect American Jobs Act 

Official Link : Bill H.R. 170 on Congress.Gov

Latest Update :   Nov 15, 2017 : Approved by House Judiciary Committee.  Official Press release 


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  1. Getting worried. Why are the H1B related bills not been presented for VOTING? Looks like something very fishy or kickback that Indian IT companies are giving to …? Mind you, these Indian IT companies have made hundreds of billion dollars in U.S. They are parasites !!!

  2. Labor department requires to look for U SA candidate first, so indian companies simply place ad and make JD so difficult , and nobody qualify for job except their H1 b candidate, even if they call for interviews , it’s just a formality, and they disqualify candidates after asking some ridiculous questions .
    There goal is to hire their candidate and US labor department and immigration department is just a joke to them

    • I’m talking about major Indian I.T companies that operate as IMPLEMENTATION PARTNERS and have tremendous authority which they used in keeping me, an U.S Citizen out of job for almost 2 years now.

      They go out to get resume’s from U.S Citizen, with the primary objective of building their statistics on number of U.S Citizens interviewed.

      ***** Now my personal experience *****

      I have had many face to face 3rd. round interviews with these companies and their end-clients.

      After getting accolades during the interview (remarks of awesome and great) and subsequently been rejected with the excuse of “hired someone internally” or “due to budgetary reasons the job was off-shored” or “hired someone who came on the bench around the time you were interviewed”.

      ***** Now about myself *****

      I have managed and architected data integration projects related to multi-billion dollar Mergers and Acquisition at Network General and McAfee (1997), Wells Fargo and Norwest (2001), Hitachi Global Storage Systems and Western Digital (2012), H.P Divestiture (2015) and Safeway and Albertsons (2016). I have an M.S degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and an M.B.A in Information Systems. I am also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) having certification valid until Nov. 2020, certified Scrum Master having certification valid until Jun. 2019 and an Oracle Certified Professional (DBA track). I have been recipient of Deming’s Total Quality Management (TQM) Awards by I.T organizations for diligent application of ITIL and Six Sigma principles resulting in high customer satisfaction and achieving SLA commitment of 99.9%.

      • “certified Scrum Master”? No wonder no company eventually hired you. Please go update yourself. If you think your interview is biased, go try Google, FB, Amazon, Apple, try there, they have a very fair interview process, they also hire a number of H1b candidates too. Could you beat them in the interview?

        • That’s where the problem is. We should STOP HIRING H1B visa holders at low salaries between 80K – 100K.

          I have had Face-2-Face interviews at Facebook, Apple and Google recently for Big Data and B.I projects and during the interview they were all praises when I responded to their questions on coding. Finally their response was that I was over-qualified.

          I think the only reason they are interviewing U.S Citizens to build their statistics. I think what USCIS and DOJ should do is not ask them how many U.S Citizens they interviewed but ask them HOW MANY U.S Citizens were HIRED.

          How come these H1B workers have the audacity to boast their IIT degrees and challenge Engineering degrees from Stanford and MIT?

          • If you do mind could you upload a screenshot of the email you received from FB,Google and Apple saying you are overqualified? You could erase the personal details in the email. I wonder how the HR at those companies are handling candidates with such stupid reasons?

    • H1b’s have to right to know when they are hired, that there will be no green card filed for them. If H1b highly skilled labors knew earlier then they would have definitely decided to work in other welcoming countries instead of wasting their time here in this country. Legally withholding highly skilled labor by falsely showing chances of getting green cards but then after using them, deporting them without paying for their job or investment loss, is a potential FRAUD!!!

      DEFINITION OF FRAUD: a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

  3. Entry level software jobs are shipped to India, existing American software jobs require 8 years experience so our college graduates are going into other profession, there are 5 million software engineers in some kind of employer dependent visa. Hiring foreign workers and sending jobs offshore has same effect for our labor work force, to encourage hiring locally and cutting down sending jobs offshore, those companies that send jobs abroad or hire more than 15% people(Information Technology professionals since more Information Technology jobs are shipping into India and 80% of IT jobs are taken by consulting companies that hires 95% of their employees from abroad on some visa) on some kind of visa need to be taxed 55% while those companies that don’t send jobs offshore and very limited full time employees and contractors who are on visa should have given tax exemption or low corporate tax of 10%. Most of the foreign countries including India put high tax on the products of foreign countries, to buy German cars Audio, BMW and Benz in America is way cheaper than any other country, In India to buy German cars, people pay 125% tax where as in Germany people pay more tax on the cars on their own companies so in India which is a huge market, consumers buy Indian vehicles like Tata because of huge tax on foreign cars, in America now Toyota and Honda are sold more than General motors, if we put at least 30% tax on foreign products even though now German cars have manufacturing units within Usa, also put more tax on companies that sends jobs offshore (around 55%) while giving tax exemption for Companies that don’t sends jobs offshore and don’t give away their jobs for low cost foreign employees( like 15%), all companies would try to bring back jobs to the country, consumers would try to buy American and small companies would get tax exemption and GDP would grow like India’s 7% instead our GDP is growing only 0.5% even though we have the biggest economy.
    Skilled temporary visa should be reformed to stop Americans getting fired for cheap labor.My idea is this, a new comprehensive bill should be passed soon in Senate and House, and need to be signed by Trump into law. All Companies should be required to publish jobs on centralized government website, Americans and legal immigrants should be encouraged to apply, Uscis should monitor any malpractice or fake job advertisement that companies often do, for those jobs companies can’t find local professionals, visas should be awarded for foreigners sponsored by companies, to aquire visa, Companies have to put highest bid, bidding salary starts from highest salary that an American gets for the same job, in the same technology and in the same location

  4. Ceos and india tech ceos have abused the h1b visa programme to displace american workers with the conveyer belt of slave labor from india. We americans are done being displaced. India tech workers need to go elsewhere and build your own country
    Class action lawsuits from pink slipped american it workers is escalating. The scheme is over. America voted President Trump to end this program. Tens of thousands of americans are protesting. Congressional members who are bought off by ceos need to be removed.

    • May be you are left out in the competition. Go pick some apple or oranges , that would give you better returns in the long term.

    • EveryOne in america is immigrant ,thats what your Last President Told and you know that too,American is great and one of the greatest Country on this planet not because of hate but due to people from Different Culture,different religion collaborated at single place,for winning election Trump has said lot of things,most of the H1B Employee Earn more that 85K which is not cheap…moreover if margin are low in this competetive world companies cant pay you 130K because they have to Compete globally and US companies want to lead,if president STOP legal immigration companies will have a Tough time working Globally,its easy to hate but knowing both the Side of Coin is good,world is global and Protectionist measure will not help anyone..

    • @Jack Delany
      America voted for Trump with the same hopes like back in 2008. Trump is more interested in playing golf and building the Trump brand (getting Ivanka / Jerad to help him get richer). If the big things like the wall and health care are failing to pass, are republicans really going to care about H1B?
      Face it, we have a duopoly, not a democracy. It is not in interest of either party to end slave labor (legal and illegal). This country was built on slave labor to serve the economic elite which buys off the political elite. It will continue to happen.
      Presidents like Trump / Obama would come and go, nothing will change.

  5. What happens after it is introduced to the subcommittee on immigration ? What if it gets approved or disapproved , what will be the steps before the bill becomes a law.

    • yes, yes, and yes again… Just staying alive is an act of war. And we are declaring war on the liberals who hate us and want us to be replaced by Indians and then make us die in the sewer.

      It is time to fight back to survive.

      • before fighting with others, fight urself and larn some technology and prove that you are worth to get a job. You guys don’t know what is competition, companies are not here to hire dumbs and pay high salaries. Can you work beyond 4:30 -5:00 PM. survival is the fittest.

  6. I have been studying somewhat like a college student to learn new technology even though my old one would last me till I retire. But due to the flood of H1B at my normal places to work in Los Angles, I have only worked on a contract basis for half of the last 5 years.

    I am kind of old to start again, and I do want to work another 10 years.

    I am hoping this(any of these) H1B reforms will at least give me a little window so i can finish out my career with the pride of a good job and being able to use the skills I spend most of my life acquiring.

    • I don’t think any tech company is looking at whether you are on an immigrant visa or not,but they will see if you can deliver or not. If you apply for a job and if your skills mach their requirements, they will definitely call you for interview and the rest depends on how you perform in your interview.

      • who cares about what you can do or not. they lay off in droves and outsource everything to foreign company. Maybe you have not tasted a lay off yet. Good luck to you.

      • Dream on , nobody is calling you on merit, India hiring manager prefer Indian and there is so much discrimination and fraud going on in market, if you have word to word matcing discription in resumes, you still don’t get any call


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