H1B Visa Application Tracker Launched – Beta version – Add your Case !

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We have seen many of our readers asking one another for the status of their H1B Visa application…We realized comments are not the best way to track the status…

Our solution : H1B Visa Tracker !

We are really excited to launch the beta version of H1B Visa Tracker.

All the credit goes to my good friend and our new RedBus2US team member Adi. He has put in lots of effort to have it working.  A BIG Thank you to Adi for putting extra hours and making this launch happen !   Adi is working on few new projects to help our readers, stay tuned..

About H1B Visa Application Tracker
H1B Visa Tracker is a simple solution to keep track of your H1B Visa application processing time and share it with others for better understanding of the overall processing times…. You can add and edit your case anytime.
As  this is a collaborative initiative and relies on users’ data,  we request all of you to take time to enter your case details and update them frequently as and when there are any changes in the status of your H1B Visa application.

Remember, this is beta release, we will refine the UI and add other features over time….If you find any bug, send us an email at redbus2us(at)Gmail(dot)com

How to Add your H1B Visa Application Information :

  1. Navigate to our H1B Visa tracker page by using links on our Blog Home page , Q & A Forum home page
  2. Click on  ‘Add/ Edit Case’ Button to your case information.
    • If you are already registered with our Q & A Forum and logged in, you can directly add the case, if not you will be prompted to register or login
    • You need to register, if you do not have Q & A forum registration.
    • If you are registered with Q & A Forum, you need to click on login
    • After you are logged in, click on H1B Tracker and then Add/Edit Case button.
  3. Enter all the required fields and press ‘Save record’
    • If you do not have a decision date, please leave it blank.
    • You can add additional information related to your H1B Visa application
    • You can also share your H1B Visa application filing experience at the bottom.
  4. Click on Back to Listing button to come back to home page to view the details
  5. You case is successfully added and other can see it as well.
  6. You can edit your H1B case info anytime, by clicking on the Add/Edit Case button.
    • Only YOU can edit your case.
    • You cannot edit others’ case info.

Step by Step Guide with  Screenshots

H1B Visa Tracker on Blog Home Pages 

H1B Tracker Blog Home Page

H1B Visa Tracker on Q & A Forum Pages 

H1B Tracker - Q A forum

How to Add Case / H1B Application Info

H1B Visa Tracker Add and Edit Case Button

  Register in Q & A Forum  or  Login with your Q  &A  Forum Credentials 

Register with H1B Q A forum

  Add H1B Case information, Your H1B Application experience

H1B Visa Tracker FormView Entered H1B Case Information  

View Details of H1B Visa Case in Tracker



If you find any bugs, please send us an email at redbus2us(at)gmail(dot)com


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Comments ( 11 )

  1. SortingNotWorking

    Can you please fix the sorting of columns? Sorting doesn’t seem to work at all. Another improvement would be a filter, meaning one could list only entries for WAC or those that are Approved.

  2. Ismail

    Hi Adi & Saurabh,

    Good job guyz, You people are lot and are impacting many people’s lives ! Information is the key here.

    One suggestion is – When some guy comments on any thread, add a link to that name field which will directly show his Visa Details. This way we can stop asking persons repeatedly about their Visa details.

    Cheers !

  3. sabzi7889

    Hi, My lawyer informed me that my H1b application is in security background check. I have heard of extensive delay in 2008. But it seems in recent years it has been faster. I am aware that there is no time frame for this. However, does anybody have any idea that how long it takes for majority of cases. Did you or anybod you know go though this in 2011-2012, so you can give an estimation? thanks

    1. administrator

      Most are cleared in 2-8 weeks. However, if it gets into name check (common muslim name) then it can take longer.

  4. Site_Follower

    Great work!!
    Thanks a lot for helping tons of ppl with such a nice blog..I m fan of this blog.

    Can you please add sorting in “H1B Visa Tracker”, like sorting by filing-date/name/processing-time etc…also adding a filter will also be a good idea considering number of entries will increase by time which I m sure ll do.

    Thanks again!!

  5. administrator

    Would love to get feedback from you all on this. Its success depends upon your participation. Do enter your information in the system and encourage others to use it as well, and update their statuses in a timely manner. This will will help all in knowing the processing times w/o waiting for each other to reply back on several different posts.


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