H1B 2021 Sample Receipt and Approval Notices Info

H1B 2021 Sample Receipt, Approvals Notices – Shared by Applicants

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As many of you know, from this year, which is H1B Visa 2021 season, USCIS started the new H1B Visa Registration process and many are still filing H1B petitions for FY 2021 until June 30th, 2020. Also, USCIS announced earlier the delays in getting receipts notices for FY 2021 until early May. Now, some of our blog readers have applied in April and few have got approval notices as well. Couple of such readers, anonymous and Kiiki, have been kind enough to share their receipt notices and approval notice for everyone’s benefit and positive hope. Thanks a lot, to anonymous user and Kiiki for taking time to share it with the community, we appreciate it. You can share it with community as well by writing to us at [email protected]

Background of H1B Applicant ( Anonymous) – H1B Timeline

Applied for H1B visa and went through H1B Lottery for the last 6 years and this year got lucky in 6th time.

  • Applied in early April 2021 as H1B Change of Status (COS) Petition
  • H1B Receipt notice received with April 24, 2020 date.
  • H1B Approval date – May 14th, 2020.
  • Received H1B Approval duration for close to 3 years.

Sample H1B 2021 Receipt Notice – I797C – Notice of Action (First User)  

H1B 2021 Sample Receipt Notice - Page - 1- User 1
H1B 2021 Sample Receipt Notice - Page - 2- User 1

Sample H1B 2021 Approval Notice  – I-797A with I-94

H1B approved with Change of Status approval. Received I-94 as well. See below.

H1B Visa 2021 Sample Approval Notice - Shared by User 1

Background of H1B Applicant (Kiiki) – H1B Timeline

Applied for H1B visa under Masters cap with below details

  • STEM OPT Expiring on My 31st, 2020.
  • Submitted H1B Petition with USCIS late April, 2020.
  • Received H1B Receipt in last week of April with some errors ( this is reported by many users too).  The error is on the petitioner’s name, where the authorized signatory was listed as the petitioner.
  • Waiting for the approval notice.

Sample H1B 2021 Receipt Notice – I797C – Notice of Action ( Second User)  

H1B 2021 Sample Receipt Notice - Page - 1- User 2
H1B 2021 Sample Receipt Notice - Page - 2- User 2

Did any of you receive H1B Receipt Notice? How about H1B Approval Notices ? Share your experiences and timelines in comments.


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Comments ( 13 )

  1. Jae

    My company submitted LCA around mid-April. But my lawyer said he didn’t still get approval for LCA. So, the lawyer cannot submit any of my and company’s documents. I heard that LCA is usually approved within 2 weeks. Is it delayed for this year? Do you know how long does it take for approval this year?
    Thank you

  2. Mimi

    I am confused. USCIS asked for a bailout to the government because immigrant applications dropped by 60% due to the current crisis. If they have 40% of the work they had before, shouldn’t they be faster? They stopped Premiuim Processing because they said they had too many applications, but then ask a bailout because they don’t have enough applications. So, which one is it?

    1. H1B Unselected

      Hi Kumar and Mimi,

      Does this mean the H1B Filing petitions submitted to USCIS for 2021 also got dropped so far some %?. Will this increase the chance for a Second run by June 30th?.


  3. Good Luck

    Congrats to all who got their approval notices. Is it possible to go to Canada to get US H1B visa. I am under the advanced degree cap. Let me know.

    Good Luck

  4. OMG

    Is there a pattern how cases are being approved? The USCIS website says petitions will be processed in the order they are received? I don’t understand how some people are getting approvals already !!

    1. administrator

      It is hard to say, every case is subject to their own scrutiny…some get adjudicated faster, some take time as there can be RFEs.
      It has always been that way, some get approvals fasters, there is no clear logic or pattern.

  5. Fedotov

    Happy for those who’ve got their long-deserved approvals.
    I have got the RFE a day after a petitioner’s name correction. VSC.
    My employer’s lawyer haven’t seen the RFE yet (case status was updated yesterday) but I think it’s about specialty occupation, because I have a “loser’s combo” of “Marketing Manager” title and and an MBA degree…

    1. administrator

      Don’t worry stay positive. As long as the role is genuine and it is classified as speciality occupation, your attorney should help you get it cleared.

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