Funny Situations in US where you mean something and others get something

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I recently came across this funny video that reminds a typical social situation in US, where as internationals we mean something and the words we used mean something else in US….just communication gap / difference in choice of words. It is totally worth watching….you will either learn something, if you have not been to US  or enjoy the funny situations and think of your first days in US…


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  1. anjali

    When I came to US for the first time to start working on a project assignment there was a colleague of mine – Tom – who used to keep bragging all the time about his kids keeping him super busy and stuff like how messy his house gets when he does office work-from-home to stay up with the kids and wife is out for work..(back then she was a realtor). Just to keep the conversation moving I asked him one day- ‘how many kids are there ?’ . A question pretty common in India , which you expect to be answered by a number/count….correct ? Well, Tom’s reply was quite different and this incidence is from 5+yrs ago but I still have clear imprints of how serious he was with his calculations.. and I still smile when I think about it. He replied…my wife has 2 , I have three , and we both together have 1 and there is one dog….so SEVEN !! I was like WOW ..that’s different ..can’t imagine anyone answering that way in India :).
    Another type is..when you ask someone – ‘do you have any kids’ and they reply – ‘no, we have dogs’ 🙂 !
    Not sure if its just me who thinks these answers are funny !

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