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FREE Green Card (PERM) Database Beta – Companies Approval, Denials, Wage, Details

One of the most discussed topic or asked question among professionals working on H1B visa, Students planning to apply for job, International professionals  seeking employment in US is “Green Card “…Questions like:

  • ” Does your company sponsor Green Card/ do PERM Processing ?”
  • “How many PERM applications did your Company get approved ?”
  • “Are there any PERM/GC denials in your company ? “
  • “What is the average salary your company gives for PERM filing ?”

To answer, some of these questions, it would be handy to quickly check PERM/ GC data filed by companies. In fact, all the information is public (DOL Foreign Labor Certification – PERM ), but not in its best form for direct public review….I have been thinking about writing software to process the data…There are no bells and whistles in the software, very simple and straight forward…It is in beta stage, I will keep improving the software in my free time.  In fact, there are websites that charge money to give you the same exact info that you can search and view here…

So, it is a deal for everyone….FREE Access to review PERM processing data in last 5 years…WILL Always be free !  Share it with your friends….

Click RedBu2US  PERM / Green Card Sponsors Database

Please leave a comment for any suggestions to product/software or email redbus2us (at) gmail .com


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  1. Hey, one of my colleagues accessed my PERM and now has information about my salary. Is that a matter of public record? Is it legal to do that? If yes, then how is it done?

  2. GC: My total 5 year L1b Blanket visa Period will be ending by May 2016. My company have just started the process of Green card.
    1) Is the advantage in L1b visa compared to H1B in green card process?
    2) How long is the process to get labor approved if my company applies in EB2 / EB3(approx)?
    3) If my visa period is over before i get the labor, i may need to go back to home country? or is there any grace period where I can stay to know the result? Also if i leave the country before i get the update . Is it all done or can i wait for the update from my home country?

  3. Hi saurabh,I hv applied to a company but my H1 is ending on dec2016,nw the company say we will discuss with the director then can say anything about PERM processing.my question if a company wants can he go for it or nt.earlier I worked with the same company as a consultant so they knw me n my work.

  4. Hello Saurabh,

    How are you !!!

    I just got my H1B approved in April. So what’s the latest can I ask my company to apply GC for me? Is there any time limit?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

    • Udiksha,
      Lot of companies apply for GC only after you have worked for them for at least 6-12 months. This helps in showing that employer was impressed w/ the work and want to hire you permanently on that basis. If the employer wants to file GC earlier, they can do that as well.

  5. Hello Saurabh,

    My company has decided to start my GC process, attorney has asked to place teh job advertisemnet, it is already placed. But emplyer is still not registered in perm database. Is it Ok they register after the advertisement is given. Please let me know if this is going to be problem in future. Thanks

  6. Hi Saurabh

    My employer is ready to apply for the GC now. But I would like to know its small company just about less than 10 people. Is it ok ? Or the company should be having at least more than 100 people for getting GC without any hurdles.
    If you guide on employer requirements for the GC process that would be very great.

    And Once we start till what stage we should not change that employer ?

    Thanks a ton

    • Mallu,
      I don’t think there is any requirement on number of employees, but not sure if there is a requirement on company’s size (i.e. market cap, revenue or income etc). You can change the employer anytime, but then the company will stop their interest in your petition. Once I-140 has been approved, you can move to another employer and have them file GC for you. They will have to start from scratch, but can try to port previous priority date once the I-140 has been approved.

  7. Hi Saurabh..
    I have couple of questions.

    Here is my situation:

    1. First time entry in US – July 2009 and remained in job till April 2011 on L1b visa of company A. I made 4-5 trips to india in between but purely on vacation.
    2. Re-entered US in August 2011 again on same Company A L1b and got L1b transferred to H1b in Nov 2011 to a different company B.
    3. Currently working for company B. H1b valid til april 2014.

    Now questions:

    1. What is the maximum duration one can work on H1b. Is L1b stay also count in that limit.
    2. In my case would I be able to extend my H1b for another 3 years.
    3. If my employer B files my GC in EB2 suppose PD is 1st April 2012 then after my I40 is approved.
    a. Can I make a job change to company C so that company C take do the rest of the GC processing? Or company C has to start a fresh EB2 application.
    b. If Company C has to do a fresh EB2 application (starting from perm) then can I port my previous priority date (Company B GC filling) to company C.

    4. Why people don’t advice to travel to india when ur GC in process?


    • Pankaj Gupta,
      1. 6 years total and includes time spent in US on both L-1 and H-1.
      2. You can do the math to see how long you can get it extended until you reach 6 years
      3. New employer will have to start PERM process and I-140 again. But you can retain the PD from initial GC filing
      4. I know one is advised not to travel while PERM is under process, but many people do travel during rest of the GC stages.

  8. Hello Kumar,

    Very glad to see that you have the perm record project in place. Thank you!! I am building a software for both, the H1B and perm. Can you suggest me as to where can i get the data to feed into it. Please email me if you want to work further with me regardign this project.

    Thanks much!!

  9. Beloved RedBus
    wishing you very Happy New year , it is better to be late than never
    it is indeed nice of you to give a wonderful data feeder ,
    nice work
    keep it up
    wishing you and the visitors a wonderful time


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