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F1 Visa to USA Rejection – Plan your backup options to Work or Study

One of the things that we often overlook at times is not planning a backup option. I have seen many students, who were so much into applying for MS to US schools, wasting one or more years of their productive life because they did not US F1 visa rejection Backup Planplan their backup options well considering the worst case scenario of F1 Visa rejection.  I will shed some light on the importance and explain some thoughts to overcome the time waste.  This article is part of the series : Guide / Steps to study in USA for International students

F1 Visa Rejection – Importance of Backup option in worst case scenario:

Some of you may look at the title and say, “Why in the world should you think pessimistic or look at worst thing that can happen to you or your career ? Doesn’t it hurt you confidence?” .  Well, it is debatable. Let me tell you, I am very optimistic person by nature, but I always calculate and look at the worst case scenario in most of the scenarios, especially where the actions are not under my control.  The reason is, if I do not have control on something, then what is the guarantee that I will get it ?  So, I look at the worst case option to see what would be my way out of a situation, just that I am prepared. In the same way, think of the F1 Visa, Is visa stamping really under your control? Probably not, the actions are not under your control, what it tells us by logic is, you should be prepared if your expectations go wrong for some reason. I have seen students go to visa stamping 4 or 5 times, but not even make an attempt to plan for other things…by the time they realized, it will be too late to plan…   Honestly, NO one in the world want bad things, but just in case, if it happens…and you are not prepared, then you are stuck…You will not be in a position to make a good decision about your future if you think that day when your visa is rejected. You need time to plan your higher education or job career.  That’s the reason you have to have a back up plan to avoid last minute hasty decisions which may not lead successful results.  Also, when you prepare your resume and you are applying for jobs in the long run, what are you going to put in the gap period if you do not having anything planned? Well, you may say a million excuses, but what if you can do something that can help you put that year as an asset to your professional career or education? That’s why you have to plan.

How to plan for F1 Visa Rejection Backup Options :

Few fundamental questions you want to think about are :

  • What are your goals for higher education ?
  • Why were you thinking of studying Masters in USA ?
  • Do you ONLY want to study only in US or are you open to study in your home country or study in other country in worst case scenario ?
  • Do you want to work if you cannot come to US for MS or MBA ?
  • What is your long term goals for life ?

Just write these questions on a piece of paper and write your answers. Once you know what your ultimate goals are, then you can start to plan for it. Ideally, you should be doing this when you start preparing for GRE or TOEFL or at least one year before your Bachelors graduation.  The sooner you start planning, the more options you will have on your plate.  Some may argue, it is waste of money spending on two things at a time and your efforts are diluted. Well, you do not need to put 100% effort on your back up plan. But, just do it along and choose an option that costs you less… It is your discretion.

Few ideas for career if your F1 visa is rejected:

These are in no way NEW or my invention, just listing as very popular…

  • Job Search :  If you were selected on campus, then you do not need to worry about this, you have an offer, just in case you missed it…you may want to start applying to jobs as soon as you graduate. Just prepare a good resume and start attending interviews and taking job specific screening exams. You lose nothing. If you get visa, you can always say, sorry I got visa and I am going to US. No one is stopping you. You can always say, I can only join after few months, I need break… The key is, just keep doing it along as you are doing your F1 visa and MS planning, even if you do not get a job, it gives an understanding of the Job market.
  • Apply to Universities in other countries : Some students take additional tests like IELTS, and also apply to other countries and keep that as a back up option. The constraint here is, MONEY and INTEREST. If you do not care about country or if you have money, just do it… If not, no big deal.
  • Apply for Masters in your country :  There are a variety of entrance exams in your home country that are geared towards Masters, for instance in India we have GATE which is for M.Tech or M.S.  You may take those kind of tests and give it a shot….you may or may not pursue it, but just an option. It is up to your interest and preference.
  • Do some course : Some people just do some courses that are one year, it can be a small diploma or certificate in something. It can be helpful, but this is like the very last option for you…it is very easy to do these things, you just pay money and join the course unless it is like a super good program at University.
Anyways, my whole point is, be prepared for the worst and have a back-up option. In all reality, not everyone who gets admission in US schools gets F1 Visa…

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  1. Nice article .

    I like the way you explained about worst case scenario. I do belive one has to be prepared for the worst case in life. That too for some things that are not in our hands. Like visa interview .

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