F1 Visa Stamping Experience Oct 2010 for Spring 2011 in Hyderabad, India

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Ramesh had F1 visa interview at Hyderabad on October 25th, 2010.  He is gracious to share his F1 visa stamping experience with our readers. Congrats to Ramesh on getting visa and  Thanks to him for taking time to write his experience !  You can also share your visa experience with our readers, it will help others get some perspective. If you  would like to share your visa experience either F1, H1B or L1, please email to redbus2us (at) gmail.com.

F1 Visa stamping experience at Hyderabad, India

First Steps : Security Check, Biometrics, Verification

Well, my visa procedure was in funny way then conventional.
My visa appointment was 10:15AM.     I have reached there by 9AM. As usually, initially security check then went inside the general visa counters. In the first counter, they will take our passport, interview confirmation letter, SEVIS fees paid receipt, HDFC visa appointment receipt and I20 (guys don’t forget to sign in I20). He does some entries in the system and said me to go to the next counter besides this; there is another counter where they are taking (biometric system) finger prints. But, I thought the guy sought me to go to the next room and directly went to the interview room. The situation is like there are three counters in Hyderabad U.S consulate for interviews (2 girls and one guy). I went to the second counter VO there is only one girl standing in line. Now it’s my time to take interview.

I was little bit tensed and nervous, but I didn’t express on my face.

Visa interview with Consular or Visa officer (VO)

Visa conversation was as follows.

Me(Ram): Good morning mam, how are you? (With Smiling face  🙂 )
VO(visa officer):  Good morning with nice smile.
Me(Ram): handed the passport with documents.
VO: which university?
Me: said Southern Illinois University at Carbondale SIUC
VO: which state?
Me: Illinois
VO: any other admits?
Me: said SUNY New Paltz, Louisiana Tech university,  University of North Texas( waiting for department review)
VO: why SIUC?
Me: said that depending on the university ranking, department profile and faculty in the university made me to select the university.
VO: what are your grades?
Me: so, I said ours undergraduate is percentage system not grading system. I got overall 75% aggregate.
VO: any  backlogs?
Me: No.
VO: show your certificates
Me: Shown the certificates
Given back the certificates
VO: Who is going to sponsor you ?
Me: said my family
VO: What is your father?
Me: Faculty of science in XXXXXXX school. (Actually government teacher, made it as higher level look)
VO: What is your mother?
Me: House wife or Home maker
VO: How is he going to pay for education?
Me:  my father has total savings XXXX Rs in the form of savings bank account, fixed deposits and having number of assets while continuing.. interrupting me.. ok.
VO: OK. Visa approved.

Here funny thing happened, checking my details in the system. She didn’t get the details of finger printing. So, she said to go back and give the finger prints and come back. Taken passport with document again to other counter where biometric finger printing is taking. On my passport and document observed that written A with round mark on A. thought approved (that are precious moments of my life).

Now, finished with biometric finger printing. Went back to the VO.

VO: (taken back the passport with documents) said VISA approved with smile, you will receive passport back in a week.
Me: Thanks a lot.. Thanks  a ton.

Funny Thing is:

Actual procedure :

  1. Initially visa entry in first counter (documents are arranged and stapled).
  2. Then go to finger print check.
  3. Then go to waiting hall and wait here for your turn with the token given. Listen your token number go to the interview room and attend interview. That’s it.

But, In my case I went directly to the interview room and attend the interview (simply, shortcut.)

After coming outside the visa consulate,  I hugged my father. I felt really happy. This is my dream come true day.

Visa Officers are really kind of us. I am really thankful to her. (Visa officer didn’t argue with me why did you come here directly without fingerprinting).

So, I am really glad for that.

Guyz, see you at Southern Illinois university, Carbondale

Thank God…!!!

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Comments ( 28 )

  1. sukhpreet

    Hii i have 5.0 band with ielts,and 62% in 12 standed and also DCA from LPU with55%. may i able to study in us

  2. sandeep

    academic:62% b.tech cse (10 backlogs but clear)
    i have applied 5 univ
    1.kent state
    2.indiana state

    in which univ i would get unconditional admits and conditional admits. What are are the problems i am going to be facing in visa interview

  3. anas

    Friendz..I have received my I20 and got my IELTS 6.5 band. I have total 7 years of experience in MNC’s ….applying for student visa. No GRE. Any suggestions

  4. swathi

    hi all

    I applied for ms , my visa got rejected 1 times .At tht point of time i answered the best , there rejected my visa by telling see u again ,

  5. malik


    1. Freedom

      Please DO NOT come to USA. Make time to learn how to communicate! Not a single sentence of yours makes any sense. You got every right to be nervous and why wouldn’t you be? your such an idiot. I will pray that you never make it to USA.

  6. vamshi

    hey what documents they ask and what they will ask really and one more important thing is i did not get my provisional certificate so what can i soo

  7. sandya

    i have completed my b.sc in 2008 . then in i did mba . i want to do mba in us can i show 3 yaers experience insted of mba.

  8. avinash

    Hi guys I am 2010 pass out.I am palnning my visa for fall..There is one year gap..I am in confusion whether to keep as fresher or Fake experience …. I had went for training in networking for 3 months and 2 months gre and toefl preparation…so wht should i do

  9. chandrasekhar

    hiiiiiiiii this is chandu…..

    i would like to ask u some qusetions…. i had taken my gre exam on jan 2011 but i had got less score i mean i got 710 marks… sooo me went for second attempted but me got less score… soooo that me lived gre and prepared for toefl then i got 95marks in toefl…. soooo that is there any problem in visa stamping depending on this score… what type of questions they ask…??? im planing to for us only on the bases of toefl score…. if they may ask y didnt u went gre then what i want ans for such qusetions…??? is universities expect only toefl score…??? pls kindly sugges me… what i want do…???

  10. varma

    hey actually i have 34 backlogs and my btech persentage is 58 i am 2010 passed out my strems is mech.so i am planing to take cse for my m.s no gre only toefl 100 so please let me know can i get the visa for this profile i am pretty much nervous..plz help me on

  11. divya

    I have done my M. SC bio-tech and now i applied for ms , my visa got rejected 2 times .2 times i answered the best , there rejected my visa by telling see u again ,i m unable to analyse myself where i gone wrong .my GRE score is 900 and to elf 108

    1. administrator

      Sorry to hear about your rejections. Unfortunately, we don’t know what they look for…I guess, it has become more about luck…

    2. Amir

      hey Divya,

      One reason could be the failure to show family ties back home. Dont take it personal, I’m telling whatever I read from a blog. The consular doubts girls who come alone with no relatives at USA, because their motive can be to flirt someone, get married and to get settle in the united states. I dont know to what extent is that correct. So, try to show some proof that you have family ties, or some properties in your home country, or you being part of some non-profit organization; so that you will be back to your home country.

  12. binnu

    hi guys…
    my gre score is 990,toefl score 90, i got admission from 4 universities but i select newyork institute of technology (nyit) ,
    my Btech percentage is 63 with 6 backlogs…. planing for fall 2011 ….
    is there any chance to reject visa

    1. administrator

      Binnu, It is very hard to tell…Your visa decision is solely dependent on Visa officer’s discretion and based on how you present yourself…

  13. varma

    hey actually i have 34 backlogs and my btech persentage is 58 i am 2010 passed out my strems is mech.so i am planing to take cse for my m.s no gre only toefl 100 so please let me know can i get the visa for this profile i am pretty much nervous..plz help me on

  14. Prasad

    My name is Prasad…from hyd…i hava completed my b.tech with 61%.
    i have scored 95 marks in toefl and gre 900 marks …but i ‘v 19 backlogs….
    how to prepare for visa interview?

  15. Srinivas

    I have done my engineering in electronics and communication … I had 14 back logs and in between I had 2years back as I failed in subject’s I was not eligible to attend next year.. Now I had one year full time experience as field engineer in embedded system base…
    I got gre of 850 and toefl 72. What are chances that I get admit and visa .. Pls reply ..
    Should I better work for a year more and go for visa or I can prove them that im capable to finish my masters with my gre score…

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