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F1 Visa Stamping Experience 2010 – NO GRE, only IELTS and 3 years Work experience

One of our readers attended F1 visa interview on Feb 12th, 2010. He would like to share his experience with all our readers. He would like to keep his name and information anonymous.  Firstly, Congrats to our reader on getting F1 visa with just IELTS and No GRE. Thanks to him for taking time to write and share his experience with our readers.  If you have anything to share, you can use contact me to get in touch.

F1 Visa experience :

I had my interview on 12th Feb 2010 at 9:15

I reached the consulate by 8:00 AM(almost 1 hr before interview)..I was little nervous by seeing people who came for H1 interview wearing company tags around their neck(I also have 2 years of work experience)..

Very less number of students came for interview..As it is for SUMMER term.

After 10 minutes two people came to me to confirm if I am appearing for F1 visa..These people got rejected one month before so just wanted to take my contact number and to know about VISA stamping..

I was allowed to enter consulate 15 minutes before my reporting time..

Here the security check goes..we have to remove our belt also..We should not have any thing in our pockets..Then we will be asked to go through a sensor which detects if you have any kind of metal..Unfortunately I had Orbit mouth freshener in my pocket. And when they frisked me they found out that I was carrying something like food poison.. Then a person came and he told me that you cannot take this inside..I said ok.

Then we have to stand in a line there the person sitting behind the glass..Does some verification kind of thing and staples your Passport, I20, HDFC receipt..and pastes HDFC sticker to Passport

After that I was given a token number C53..but the current token number was C10..I had to wait for almost two hours for my turn

There were lot of people..I could not get seat also..I was standing for two hours…Finally my number came..and I was asked to go for counter number 13..

In front of me two people were standing..one person for H1B and one young lady for B1 visa.. H1B person was asked about his previous company I think he worked in a lot of companies and he was asked about each company and salary in each company…Unfortunately his visa was rejected…

Then the young lady turn, her accent was very good.  So the interview was like chit chat b/w VO and lady..and her VISA approved.

My Profile:

B.TECH : 76% (1 backlog)


IELTS : 6.5

3 years work experience from an MNC company

I was wearing light blue color shirt and dark black trouser.

Finally my turn..

Here is my interview experience

VO: VISA officer

BM: Bluff Master(BM)

VO: Good Morning(She only greeted me)

BM: Thank you madam. Good morning(while passing documents)

VO: When did you pass out?

BM: 2006(I was expecting this)

VO: What did you do since then?

BM: Working for an XXX company for the last three years as

Software Engineer.

VO: What was your job?

BM: I work as a software engineer and my job includes developing web applications as per client needs and my clients are UHG, Americhoice, Ovations and also I have good knowledge about Medicare and Medicaid

VO: (Till then she was typing something in computer after listening the client names she stopped typing) Why are you leaving then

BM: My career goal is to become software Architect but I am from Electronics background so I need masters in computer science which will help me in reaching my goal.

VO: Who is funding you

BM: My parents

VO: Savings?

BM: I have savings of 22 lakhs

VO: So much money? How did you get?

BM: My father works for Govt. of A.P.

VO: (Looking at my I20) Ok, Your VISA is issued and you will get in seven days..

BM: (Needless to say how happy I was..I don’t even remember if I thanked her.)

Over all it was good..I was very confident because I had good acads..the only reason was I did not have GRE(I could not give as I had less time..but I don’t advice any one to go without GRE)


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  1. I have my visa interview on 27th Jan,i have only IELTS score and not GRE,will it be any problem for me?if they ask me what should i answer them about GRE.


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