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F1 to H1B COS (Change of Status) Denied Letter(Real) by USCIS

F1 visa status to H1B Visa Change of Status(COS) is one of the most common application types filed with USCIS. Unfortunately, some of the COS are denied due to various reasons, couple of these are not maintaining proper status by exceeding the unemployment days allowed and not having training plan compliance as per regulations. Unfortunately, one of our reader got denied for the same reason. Our reader, keeping anonymous for privacy, was kind enough to share with all of you for benefit of everyone, despite their unfortunate situation.  Thanks a lot for the reader.  Please review the letter, it has some great insights that you can use to be in compliant with your F1 status.  Also, you may check real H1B Denied Letter by USCIS for Speciality Occupation

F1 visa to H1B Change of Status (COS) Denied Letter from USCIS – Violation of Status

H1B Visa Change of Status COS Denied Letter from USCIS - Violation of Status Sample Page 1

H1B Visa Change of Status COS Denied Letter from USCIS - Violation of Status Sample Page 2

H1B Visa Change of Status COS Denied Letter from USCIS - Violation of Status Sample Page 3

H1B Visa Change of Status COS Denied Letter from USCIS - Violation of Status Sample Page 4


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  1. Hello All my H1B got Approved but COS Denied and i got I797B

    I have a quick question will it effecct H1B stamping because i did my masters in IT and Day 1 CPT in MBA so my roles and responsibilities in offer letter are not matcching with PT approval letter

    In Offer letter it says all about IT and in CPT approval it is both IT +MBA

    Need suggestions what are the chances of H1B stamping

  2. What is the status in USCIS case tracker when you get h1b approved but COS denied?
    Does USCIS inform about only COS denial but H1B approved?
    I had to travel during my H1B RFE was pending, so probably my COS would be denied but I see in the case tracker that “Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed”. Please help me understand that could it be only COS denial notice that USCIS sends or is it related to denial of h1b petition too?

    • AB,
      The online status can be misleading at times, hard to say what you would see. Sometimes, you may see approval, sometimes you may see like what you see now…so, cannot trust. Wait for the physical documents.

      • One of my friend did her 3 years OPT in first masters and now she is doing 2nd year CPT from Campbellsville University . Her first masters is in Engineering and second is MSITM. She is working as Transit Planner. What are her chances of her H1-B getting approved ( COS) if she is selected for 2021 Quota ?

        • Ron,
          It depends, if it is part time for full time CPT. It can vary by school and DSO can tell that…Usually, doing anything over a year is not accepted by USCIS and they do not give COS approval. Talk to an attorney to be clear.

          • It is a Full time CPT from day 1 and she is in her second year of full time CPT. DSO at Campbellsville University response is below and DSO says COS got approved:

            “Students enrolled in an SEVP-eligible institution may participate in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during their programs of study when CPT is an integral (essential) part of program of study. Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) for 12 months is available to eligible student who were employed full-time on CPT with fewer than 365 days of CPT.

            Federal regulations specifically state only 12 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) may be completed at each educational level. These regulations do not extend to Curricular Practical Training.
            Accordingly, a student who enrolls in a second Master of Science program at the same or a different SEVP-eligible institution may participate in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during that program when CPT is an integral(essential) part of the program of study. “

          • Ron,
            This sounds fishy to me. Many of the Day 1 CPT schools claim this. USCIS does not agree with this and most of the times, they deny the COS. You can talk to an attorney and make your decision.

  3. Hi Kumar,

    I got my H1B approved but we received i797B consular processing instead of i797A COS. However, we still haven’t received a COS denial letter explaining why it was denied. Online case status shows i129 was approved. Is it possible that USCIS sent i797B by mistake?

    • Hello,

      I have the exact same situation. Yesterday, I got the same mail from USCIS as shown in the document above from the same office in California. It says failure to maintain F1 status so change of F1 status to H1B is denied. But when I login to my account in the USCIS website, the case history shows that Petition was Approved for I-129 Authorization for Nonimmigration worker. The Case action says ‘Documents were mailed’. I did not receive any form of I-797 notification form. The only letter I received in the mail yesterday was the one mentioned above. I am really confused and I have no idea what the letter interprets, what are the next steps, and am I expecting the I-797 document or not? Any suggestion/help/advice would be appreciated.

      Thank you

      • Shay,
        Give it few days, you should get something. Talk to your immigration attorney and keep him informed. Seek their advice. Do update your situation.

        • This is kind of a dark hole to be honest. I haven’t been able to get a resolution to my situation yet. My employer or I never got any physical documents after receiving this particular letter from USCIS. My employer tried to get answers but USCIS sent an email to my employer’s ticket saying “physical documents have been sent to the US consulate in New Delhi”. I did some research and came to a conclusion that it means I needed to go back to India and get it stamped there. But my company never received I-797 yet. I dont know how I will be able to book an appointment at the embassy without I-797!!! No idea what to do. Any help would be beneficial .

      • Btw, I still haven’t received the denial letter. Just i797B. As per my lawyer, since we opted for automatic consular processing if CoS gets denied, we didn’t receive the letter. But I find it so strange that USCIS would deny CoS without giving an explanation on the reason for the denial.

        • Sure. Thanks for the reply Kumar. Actually this mail was sent to my company address but due to covid, the office might be closed so it went back to USCIS and they mailed it to my address. Do you suggest that the company might have got or might get I-797 form from USCIS?

          Also, does it imply that my petition was approved but due to failure of F1 status, I cannot get it stamped here in US, but go back to India and get it stamped? I did some research and I believe when it says I-129 petition approved, it usually suggests that petition is approved but change of status is denied?

          • Shay,
            They would have, you need to check with your attorney on this.
            Yes, it is likely. There are cases, where the H1B gets approved, but the COS portion gets denied.

          • I am with the same issue.
            My H1B got approved last year 2019. I got all the documents mailed to me. It was consular processing.

            My STEM OPT expires in Feb 2021 and have applied for a change of status from F1 to H1B. I got a RFE for the same. It’s very strange considering I got OPT, STEM OPT as well as H1B visa on this very same role and duties at the same company.
            I’m hoping it doesn’t get denied and what happens to my already approved H1B of 2019?

        • Oh did you check with your company if they received any documents or mails? I guess they wouldnt send it to you personally, but the company or attorney representating you. I guess I wasnt supposed to get this mail as well, but the company is closed so they forwarded it to me. But no other documents or I-797 in the mail. I have a feeling there might be more documents coming but not sure.

          • Hey NV,

            lI thought I-797B might contain further actions or some explaination. So far, we haven’t received anything yet as well other than the letter above. In the USCIS website in your account, does it says the petition I-129 was approved or denied?

          • Same. Says its approved. If you dig online, it usually means the petition is approved but COS is denied. I have no idea what happens after that.

          • Thank you Kumar. Yes, I am trying to get more information from the attorney/company. Maybe because the office is closed physically so its taking longer to pull out any information. Any idea what happens next or what to do next in this case, if you or someone has gone through similar situation already?

  4. Hi, I have some questions about second Master’s day 1 CPT and its possible future consequences.
    If while pursuing a day 1 CPT MBA, you get selected at the H1B lottery either on year 1 or year 2, your COS is denied, and then your visa is also denied at the consulate interview. If after that you immediately depart the US, would it affect a future Green Card?
    What if you pursue a day 1 CPT, never get selected in the lottery, and then just leave the US. Would it affect a future Green Card?

    • Pranav,
      Yes, it can. Day 1 CPTs are subject to lot of scrutiny and can cause issues. We do not recommend you pursue them.

  5. Hi,

    I am very new to all this and don’t have much knowledge. I finished my undergrad last summer and I am on my OPT till the end of September (no STEM available). I won’t be getting H1-B so I am thinking of joining Day1 CPT this fall. I don’t want to lose my OPT for my masters so I will make sure to stop working after 10 months or so and end around April of 2021. I want to just work till then so I can save up money to actually go to a top university starting in the fall of 2021. Do you think that is a good idea? And if so will this Day 1 CPT cause problems for me down the road when I apply for a nationally accredited university or if I were to change my status or get H1-B or anything like that. Also, if I enroll in a new University and don’t transfer any credits will I be eligible to do my CPT there after 1 year and do it for maybe one summer and then get my OPT? Please let me know.

    Even though Day 1 CPT is legal by some colleges I am not sure if it will have repercussions. Please guide me a little bit. Thank you

    • Sangs,
      Joining Day 1 CPT is a bad idea. There is so much fraud there and it can jeopardise your US future. Day 1 CPTs are generally subject to much fraud and ICE investigations. There is not really a proper accredited state university that offers Day 1 CPT….That clearly tells something is wrong. So, stay away from it. After you are done with OPT, go back and plan to apply H1B and then try to come.

  6. I have received RFE for my H1b COS petition selected in lottery this year.
    My stem opt is also pending. In case, If h1b and COS is denied will it cancel pending stem opt as well?
    Can I covert my pending h1b case to Counselor Processing ?

    • ruma,
      You maybe able to do it. Talk to your Attorney on this.
      It may not cancel OPT, but it puts you at risk telling that your status is not valid in US… in that case, you should leave the country to be safe…otherwise, it may impact your entry in future.

      • Okay Thank you! My attorney is yet to receive RFE copy. The status says request for initial evidence was mailed. Is there a difference between Initial and Additional RFE in complexity?
        I did internship for 8 months during masters in last two semester in a different state from university. I am expecting the RFE to be related to this. Is internship done in different state going to be a problem if it is for above reason?

        • ruma,
          Yes, usually initial means something basic related to your petition is missing. These are initial documents that they need to even work on your case. USCIS may not work on the case until they get those details. Wait for the document, stay positive.

  7. My H1 is approved, COS is denied as I have traveled internationally when the case was still pending, my SEVIS was automatically updated to completed, my DSO said she raised a request to reactivate, what does it mean to reactivate and how long does it take? does that mean I’ll be out of status till the SEVIS is active?

    • sahithi,
      Well, hard to say…You should check with DSO on the specifics on how it works for your situation.
      In general, you should have SEVIS active for entire duration…

  8. Hi,

    I got the same notice and denied my H1b and OPt extension also because of violationg unemployment rule in initial OPT.. So my attorney said that I’m in out of status now so get the I-20 from any university, leave the country and come back. I got the I20 on same SEVIS (It’s still active) I left the country after 20 days and went to Mexio and came back to US. And then took CPT and filed an h1B with different employer and got approval with updated I-94.
    Now I’ve a travel plan to India and needs to go to H1B stamping now. Should I mention all this to the question ‘Have you ever been unlawfully presented ,overstayed or violation of US visa’?. If I answer Yes, what’re the consequences?.

    • If you have overstayed, you should mention the same. I would suggest you talk to your attorney and then take decision accordingly. Hiding facts in visa application is not recommended.

  9. My Case Status on USCIS website says “My case was denied and so was i129. When I called Customer service, the automated system said the same. But it also said they sent the denial notice on form I-797.

    I haven’t got the physical copy in the mail yet but I checked my F1 Visa and I think the denial could be because it expired 5 days ago. So it could be just COS denied not H1B itself.

    But I thought I-797 is intended only for approval, so do you think they denied COS but approved H1B on I-797?

    • Ned,
      The online status can be confusing at times. Just wait for the Physical copy, talk to your attorney on this. Sometimes, there could be delays in transit. Again, you should talk to your employer and attorney and take respective action.

      • Thanks Kumar for the reply.

        How long does it usually take to hear from USCIS if H1B is pending but COS is denied? Is it a good idea to go with premium processing after COS denial?

  10. Hi,

    My H1B application and COS got denied(got separate copies of denial decisions).
    COS got denied for not maintaining full course of study.
    Denial decision date: 12/04/2019.
    I am on Day1 CPT(2nd masters) from Jan 2019.
    Called SEVP on 12/17/2019 and they said my SEVIS is active.

    Some say I am out of status and should go for stamping and some say I am still on CPT status.

    what are my options now? Please advise to the right path

    Prathap .

    • Prathap,
      You should talk to your DSO on this. If your F1 status is still active and your SEVIS is active, you are in status. Now, coming to H1B, USCIS denied your COS and petition. So, it is hard to know, if the COS was denied because the application got denied or just it is a status violation. I would suggest you talk to your attorney on this. In general, Day 1 CPT is a risky thing and not compliant, so try to avoid it…Talk to your DSO first, then to an attorney on this and get things sorted out.

  11. Situation: H1B Approved COS Denied
    Current Visa: Day 1 CPT from Jan 7, 2019 (Completed 2 Years of general F1 and 3 years of OPT in entire 5 Years)

    I have too much phobia to attend visa interview in India, I filled with too much negative thoughts and I don’t think I can face the interview for sure especially with this CPT related questions.

    My question: is it fine if I withdraw my H1 and continue on F1 (CPT) and do not go with H1 filing in the future as I am planning to get H1 filing to my husband.

    Even after withdrawing petition do not make my status comfortable like I can avoid this mental tension.

    Please advice and do not think it’s easier to me, I am facing severe depression because of this COS Denial and thinking of stamping in India.

    • Hi Pragya ,

      can you please share your USCIS website case status description when you got H1b approved and COS denied , my case status says your 1-129 form denied , what was yours ? I am also in the same boat , Thanks.

    • Working on Day 1 CPT is technically risking your status. While, many pursue it, it is not recommended as most of the schools do not offer Day 1 CPT. The concept of Day 1 CPT is abused to work, instead of studying Masters, so it is always risky to work….If you have H1, you should get H1B stamping and work on it…
      Withdrawing H1B does not make your status valid, in their systems you violated status, if they given COS denial.

    • guys, no need to be afraid of consular processing. Many people including myself got their CoS denied due to Day 1 CPT and most of the people I know go their H1B approved with consular processing. If you’re on CPT, you’ve not done anything wrong if you’ve followed all the F1 requirements. Go for consular processing in your home country as it might take couple of weeks to 4-5 weeks to get your passport back. They will terminate your F1 and put you on H1B which generally takes about 6-8 days in the backend.

  12. Hi Kumar,

    I have a quick question.
    Got RFE on Maintenance of Status.
    I am on Day 1 CPT now and completed 3 years of OPT.
    During my OPT period, i did not had any unemployment days.
    My employer in the RFE response stated that i worked on OPT from 2016 to Jan 7 and CPT from Jan8 to present.
    But my SEVIS to the new school was released on January 2nd and my CPT started on Jan 8. This shows i worked 4 extra days during my SEVIS transfer. Do you think this will be a problem? My case is still pending for decision. Shall I withdraw my case?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,

  13. Hi Kumar ,

    Please reply ! my L1b to H1b COS case tracker says “On October 4, 2019, we denied your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number”. Is there any possibility that my h1b approved and cos is denied ? .. I am waiting for attorney response , Thanks.

  14. Hi, Can anyone share your input on below question:

    I’m on H1B visa which is valid until May 2020 to stay in USA. I’m planning to convert to F1 (CPT) so that I can work simultaneously during my course. I have applied to an university and classes are getting started on Jan 7th 2020.

    1. Do I need to do stamping (by going back to India) and re-enter US in F1 before my classes get started?
    or can I convert from H1 to F1 without stamping since I’m within US now?

    2. What is the process behind it?

    Quick response will really help me. Thanks!

  15. Hello,
    I have recieved NOID for LCA filling, STEM-OPT training plan and beneficiary maintaining status. As i was out of status in my intial OPT, In proper status in Stem-opt.
    My attorney confirmed that i need to leave country as i voilated my intial OPT.
    Right now, i came back to my country and reponse will be submitted.
    Are there any chances for approval if I am out of status.
    can anyone please reply.

  16. Hi Kumar,

    I got H1b denial notice, USCIS determined that I was unemployed during my Opt period for more than 90 days hence they considered my presence in USA unlawful & violation of the law.

    USCIS considered My OPT approved date as JAN 2017 to JAN 2018, But actually, My opt approved on FEB 2017 to FEB 2018.

    I updated the employer details before 90 days. I have the i20 with updated employer details.

    They requested the Paystubs from starting of the OPT period. I submitted all the i20s & OPT EAD. During the OPT period, I submitted the Unpaid intern Experience letter from employer.

    present I enrolled the course at the university, my DSO confirmed my SEVIS is active.

    How can I interpret to me? Am I staying lawful?

    What are the steps I need to follow?

    appreciate your suggestions

  17. Hi Kumar ,
    Urgent help
    My h1 got approved and cos is also approved but I lost the job with client .
    Now I got the offer with same client .
    Vendor said that he will provide all letters for amendment .
    Is it possible to do client amendment from October 1 st ?.

  18. Hi,

    I got H1B approved and COS denied, I think that is because I’m on my second year consecutive of CPT, (CPT and F1 Visa active until Feb 2020), my questions are;
    -Can I still work and get paid while I go to my country to face the interview and get my passport stamped?
    -What are the chances I get my Visa approved in the Interview if the only fault is using CPT for second year on the same education level?
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Well, you continuing to work on CPT even after getting COS denied may not be the best idea, remember USICS denied your COS because they believed you violated status and you could not defend it…continuing it further is risky…Well, stamping depends on many things, hard to say, give your best shot and have answers for any questions around the CPT, if asked by VO.

  19. Hey guys,
    Can I request people who got their COS denied to post their consular processing experience here? As we are all following this thread it would help everyone to understand what to expect from Consular processing interviews.

    I have my interview scheduled on 30-Sep.

  20. Hi Kumar,

    My friend who was in day 1 CPT got his h1 approval confirmation yesterday in email. Does this mean even change of status is approved?
    Does the email usually say if the change of status gets denied?
    Curious because I have heard a lot of COS denials for Day1 CPT folks.

    A little back ground-
    My friend has been doing his 3rd master’s (I.e., 2nd CPT degree).

    • If your friend gets COS approves, it is good luck. I am on same boat (second master with day 1 CPT) and my COS is denied saying it is not valid to do more than 12 months of practical training on same level of degree. OPT or CPT does not matter. If he still does that means he is violating status. You said 3rd master’s. I hope your friend’s COS is approved. Good Luck.

      • Thanks DP.
        So question is, will the premium confirmation email say anything about CoS denial or does it only show up in the approval notice ?

        I ask you this because the email doesn’t say anything. It only says, “The Vermont service center has approved the following 1-129 petition ….. etc”

        • I did regular processing and on my status update it says we denied your Form I-129, petition for a non immigrant worker. I got decision notice from attorney and it has reason of denial. In your friend’s case, attorney would be the best person to ask about COS.

        • No, it doesn’t say COS is approved or not. For me they gave me approval notice mentioning COS denied cause beneficiary was out of status when this petition was filed.

      • Hey! I am on day 1 CPT and got RFE for multiple years of practical training (since my CPT is total more than 12 months). My lawyer says that while H1 might be approved, but COS can be denied and I will have to go back home to get the H1 visa. Is this the same case with you, and you provide me some experience?

        • It’s same case with me. If you’ve got RFE and you haven’t responded to RFE, I suggest you withdraw application for COS and just go for consular processing. That way your approval notice will be clear. In my approval notice, USCIS has mentioned the beneficiary was out of status when petition was filed.

          • Hi Vraj! I have a similar case. What are you planning on doing? Are you going back home to obtain visa? Is there a risk for a visa ban?

          • I don’t think that’s true. As far as I know, You incur unlawful presence from the time USCIS proves that you were out of status. So the moment you receive official notice, you start incurring unlawful presence. Don’t think you would incur 180 days of unlawful presence if you’ve just received your notice. Also, I have read multiple cases where COS denial due to CPT got stamped at consulate.

          • Thank you so much for responding! Do you mind sharing where did you ready about these cases? So do you recommend to leave asap to obtain visa and stop going to school?

          • Hi Vraj,
            What do you mean when you say to withdraw COS and opt for consular processing? Does this mean I am withdrawing H1B process altogether?

    • Well, it is hard to say. Please wait for 3 to 4 days, your friend will come to know..not much you can do…If there was no RFE in the past for the same, then it can be positive…

  21. Hi Kumar,
    I got h1 approval today .
    My employer said that
    I got approval for 3 years and cos is also approved .
    Is it correct how can they know that everything in one day .
    They will get email in one day .
    My friends are saying that it is not possible to know that they will reach i797 . Is it correct . Because I got above query .

    • When was it filed ? Ask them to share a copy of the receipt notice and then verify. It sometimes can be adjudicated in 2 days, if filed in premium, but not very common.

  22. My COS is denied due to day 1 CPT more than 12 months. Does it mean my H1B petition is denied? My question is Can I stay in USA and continue my CPT / study or I will be out of status? My study will be finished in June 2020. What should I do?

    • DP, you should plan to exit soon as you violated status. Discuss with your attorney and then take a swift action. While COS is denied, your H1B can be approved. Check with your attorney and DSO.

    • DP,
      Did your approval notice mention reason for change of status denial? I think USCIS is now no longer providing separate notice for COS denial and mentioning the reason in the same approval notice. Did you receive the approval notice with COS denial reason?

      • Vraj,
        I have received only decision in mail which says COS is denied. And my status update on USCIS case tracker says we denied your Form I-129, petition for a non immigrant worker. As Kumar mentioned, If H1b can be approved. Now, I will wait 2-5 days for H1B approval notice before taking any actions.

      • Hi,
        I also received cos denial and my h1 is approved for 3 years. It’s premium processing and I did receive I-94 # in the notification.
        If anyone had attended visa interview in India. Please share your experience here.

        Thank you.

        • Hi,
          Did they mention the consular details in approval email.
          How do you know that cos denied .
          If you get I 94 number in approval email .my employer said that cos was also approved .
          When your h1 was approved .

    • Hi DP,

      I am also the same boat, my h1b & COS denied. In the denial notice, they mentioned status violations during the opt period.

      currently, I was enrolled in the university & My SEVIS is active.

      am I staying lawful? or should I need to exit from the US?

      appreciate your suggestions

  23. I got my H1B approved but COS denied. USCIS mentioned that beneficiary was out of status when the petition filed. But beneficiary can leave the country, go to consulate, get stamped and come back on valid visa.

    My queries:
    -Do I have to leave the country as soon as possible or I can stay until my course completes in October?
    -Do I expect any issues at consulate with my visa interview as my notice stays I was out of status when my H1B was filed? Any experiences would really help here

    • Yes, you should do that immediately, if you can. The whole point that USICS believes that you violated status just adds up more to the status violation period. Talk to your DSO and attorney and act accordingly.
      Well, you may be asked…not sure here. Users have not shared much info here…Make sure you have an answer and documentation supporting your argument.

    • I am Also in same situation, H1b approved COS denied, ( out of status before filling petition),
      my background:
      University A = master in computer science + 12 months OPT
      University B = masters in IT + day 1 CPT ( 21 months CPT)

      1. if i attend Visa interview what are the chances of getting VISA approved
      2. i am still enrolled in university, can i complete course and go for stamping

      • Well, it is hard to say regarding visa stamping…Give your best shot, state the facts, if asked…do not lie !

        Look at it logically, USCIS denied your COS stating that you have violated your status, so you are no legally in Status in US…so, continuing further in out of status situation may not be a good idea. Talk to your DSO and make plans accordingly…

  24. Hi Kumar.. I am in a same situation i got an RFE on F1 status and the same officer reviewed my Application.
    –> I have all my pay slips from initial OPT
    –> I didn’t update or report my client address changes to college DSO or in SEVP portal.
    –>They are requesting for i-983 but that doesn’t have current client name.
    –> not have proper training plan since i am working at third party worksite.

    Will i come under status violation for these things and what are my options can i ask my employer to change the application to consular processing ? or go with the same

    • Well, if you do not have enough supporting documentation, it is better to convert it to consular processing. Check with your attorney, if you can change it to Consular Processing to avoid denial of COS.

      • Today my H1b got approved after changing it to consular processing. can you please help me with following questions
        –> I have my current OPT until may 2020, do i need travel immediately to my country and get stamping or can stay here for some more months
        –> is there any other option to apply COS here it self (USA).
        –> can i change the client / employer without going to my home country and transfer my H1b to new employer and apply for COS?
        –> how can we answer if consular officer ask about, why did you change it consular from COS during the submission of RFE stage?

        Please help me with these questions, thank you

        • No need, if you have h1B as Consular processing.
          Yes, you can, talk to your attorney.
          Well, for this one, you need H1B status…so, if you get stamping it is fine, otherwise, it is grey area. Well, it is up to you, you can simply say you wanted more training.

    • Hi Guys,

      I am doing Ph.D., I am on CPT from Jan 2019, My H1B application got picked this year, got an RFE nothing related to CPT, but a couple of my other friends COS go denied who were in the same boat as me(F1 Visa Stamp expired 5 years done as we came in August 2014 to the USA).

      So I had a couple of questions and any reply would be helpful:
      1) If COS gets denied, can we still work on CPT if we have valid status
      2) If H1B is approved, COS is denied, and continue to work on CPT(as still, it’s valid as it’s offered as part of curriculum) what happens to the approved H1B, can we change client and go to stamping or do we have to go on the same client that H1B was approved on( my employer will be same )

      Any reply will be helpful guys..


      • 1. I would not recommend you working, the simple reason is that USCIS believes that you violated status, that’s why you did not get COS approved. So, you run into situations where they can bar from entry, if you stay longer.
        2. If you change client, or anything changes, you may need to apply for amendment and then go with that so that you have no issues at stamping.

        Status is very important, if you believe, you will run risk of COS denial, talk to your attorney and convert it into Consular processing and get out to get stamping…

        • Hi Kumar,
          If I change the client before October 1 st 2019
          How can I apply amendment before October 1 , 2019
          Because it is consular processing and h1 was not activated .
          What will be solution for this ? .
          My last day in company was September 10 th .
          If I will get the new client with in September last week . Is it possible for go consular processing ??.
          My stem opt is valid up to may 2020

      • Hi Bhanu,

        Even I am in the same boat as you. I am doing PhD from March 2019.

        Have you heard about cases of your friends where COS is denied even if they have not done CPT for more than 12months during PhD?

        Also, do you have any idea about the approval rate at the consulate once the COS is denied?

        Thank you in advance.

  25. Hi Kumar,

    Can you help me here?
    My H1B got approved till Dec 31st 2019 And it Starts from Oct 1st 2019 but my COS got denied and Planning to travel to India in Mid of September for Stamping. Can I know is it good decision to go before my H1 start date and come back with Stamping on it ?

      • Thanks, Kumar for the quick response. I will plan to travel before October 1st and last question can I know according to my situation(Which were Posted earlier to you in many Posts like my Situation) how it will be in Visa Stamping of my H1B and best consulate to go for Stamping?

        • It will be pretty normal, people have their own theories telling this consulate is best and not. That is pure perception. There is no real data tells that X petitions got rejected from Y consulate, so all are speculations. Just carry all your documents and be confident, should be fine.

          • Hi Kumar,
            I see status on USCIS website that my case is approved after responding to F1 CPT RFE. Does it mean that my entire petition along with COS application is approved?

          • Hi Kumar,
            I replied h1 rfe .
            I lost the job after response to USCIS.
            If h1 approved but cos denied .if I will go India for consular processing .I don’t have a client letter .how to handle this situation . If I will get the new job in September .can I submit that client letter in consular .please give me your suggestions.

          • Harsha,
            Just getting approval does not help. If you do not have a job you should NOT go for stamping. The consulate officers have called clients for many situations and verified.
            You should get a new client or a new employer who has a role for you and then only go for stamping to be safe…

    • Hi Rajeev , what was your status in USCIS case tracker when you got h1b approved but COS denied?
      Does USCIS inform about only COS denial but H1B approved?

  26. Is anyone facing the same issue this year? My case got RFE on Change of Status application for extended CPT at same education level for more than 12 months. Don’t have any other RFE regarding my H1B petition. Is it possible that USCIS can deny my entire petition or possibility of just denial COS application? Also, has anyone got approval after submitting RFE response in similar case?

    • Well, it is very likely they will deny only the COS, as you did not maintain proper status…If the H1B role details fit you and it is all correct, you would get H1B approved and COS denied.

        • Hello Jhaveri,

          I am in the same boat as yours. Got H1b RFE on Day 1 CPT and multiple years of practical experience. My lawyer says that while H1 will be approved, COS can be denied and I’ll have to go back immediately for visa stamping. Do you have any such experience like that from other people in the same boat?

      • Query name :non immigrant status
        1.pay slips from intial opt to present stem.
        2. Stem training plan
        3. List of employer beneficiary worked .
        4. Benificiary is working at client location but dhs records show that employer location then how you are giving training to benificiary
        4 the point based

          • Yes
            Same rfe for above deniel letter 100 percent sure ..
            Without stem opt pay slips it is risky to submit rfe . This query may be affect on your current status .
            For example if you got employer employee relationship rfe . If you got deniel .it is not affect on status but this kind of queries dangerous to respond without pay slips in stem opt .

          • I have pay slips for STEM OPT from start date to now.I don’t have pay stubs for OPT period. Submitting only STEM OPT pay stubs is fine right ?

      • According to 2018 August memo .if dhs officer denied benificiary application based on un lawful occurance . They have a right to cancel our stem opt and add benificiary information in removal list .please see the page number 9 ( August 2018 memo).I am thinking that above letter person need to left USA .

      • Yes, In the approval Email they mentioned my I-94 number and they did not mention anything about consulate. My employer said your COS is also approved.

  27. Hi
    I am on F1 visa i have filed h1b in consular process which will not get activated until i get visa stamped and i am working on cpt but when i filed my h1b i filed with client A location A i had relocate to location B with the same client before my h1b is approved. But now i have moved to location B n my h1b is approved n how does it effect my h1b because lca is filed & approved with different location what are the next steps i can take. Can i travel n get stamped n file ammendment

  28. Hi Kumar,
    i am in same situation,
    my h1b got denied and COS denied because of STEM OPT violation,
    i am worrying about August 9th memo and
    what are the options for me
    as USCIS determined i am out of status.

  29. Hello,

    I received an email on 27th December from USCIS stating that my H-1B petition has been denied (after RFE). My employer had applied for a COS from F-1 to H1B. In the meanwhile, I had to stop working since 30th Sep as per the STEM OPT cap-gap guidelines.

    Below is my petition timeline:
    Case Received: 30th April
    RFE issued: 7th Sep
    RFE response: 2nd Nov
    Decision mailed: 27th December (Denial)

    Due to the holidays, I am still awaiting a hard copy of the decision from my attorney. Folks who have been in similar situation, is it a possibility that the COS portion of the petition was denied and not the whole petition? Is that possible given the egov status update?

    I am assuming since the status was updated on egov the whole petition has been denied.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would help.

  30. My COS denied and my H1 was approved till 31 dec 2018 and i received decision on dec 13. My H1 approval date is expired and lawyer applied for extention . What is my chance now? Do i need to leave right away and wait for extention and then return as the premium is suspended . What are my chances now?

  31. Please help Me Urgent! I Just got Case status updated to ” Decison was Mailed ” After RFE.

    we denied your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number ###########. We mailed you a decision notice that explains why we denied your case and your options. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your denial notice by ######.

    I was on stem opt and finished Stem OPT on july 2018 and on cap-gap to sep 25 and changed to another university to continue.

    Is it H1B petition denied or COS denied. There is any case like this. Please help me. Yet to receive mail

    • prasanth,
      I would wait for the actual physical copy to arrive to see, what exactly the final result is….the message online can sometimes not fully reflect the exact status. Check with your attorney and work with them closely.

    • Did you have any updates my wife has same situation last uear and filing new petion this year. Will there any issue after for not maintaing the status?.

  32. Hi,

    I got my H1 approved but my COS got denied because I was on CPT for extended period of time (more than 12 months). I’m leaving to India for my H1 stamping as I was told to by USCIS. Is there a possibility to get my H1 approved? what questions would the visa office ask me?

  33. Hi all, even I have received the denial notice. I am fine that my H1 petition is rejected but I would like to know what to do next. Will this decision of rejecting my application will somehow affect in future? Do i have to reopen my case and prove to USICS that my status is valid or can I just leave it if I am fine with their decision of rejecting H1B visa.

    • No, in general, it should not affect your future applications as they are usually tied to employer and the position offered. You can work with your attorney to decide the best course of action based on what was the reason for denial.

    • Hi Meghamala,
      i got same situation, my h1b got denied and USCIS determined i have violated STEM OPT rules,
      do you have any idea what will happen based on August 9th memo?
      i want to know what did you do.
      can you please let me know about your situation.

  34. Hi,

    I got my h1B Picked in lottery this year.my Cap -Gap is also done so i started day 1 cpt but my f-1 visa stamping is till April 2019 .If in case my h1 petition got denied, do i need to go back to my home county in april 2019 are can i stay and continue my cpt.

  35. Hi,

    I got my h1B Picked on lottery this year. My Stem Opt is expired on July and then I got the cap-gap to sep 30th. on Sep 20th i transferred my sevis to new University to maintain status. On October 2nd I got Rfe and we responded back to uscis. Now My question is My employer filed as Change of status on my petition if my h1 gets approved how it will work does it approve as consular processing or COS. Can you Please let us know lot of people are on same page.

    • In general, if your stay on STEM OPT did not violate any of the STEM OPT rules, then you were in proper status and you should get it approved as COS. If let’s say your case has some violations like in above letter e.g not reporting, training plan compliance, etc. then they may deny COS and you would need to go for visa stamping to enter US. All of this depends on your case history and how it is all perceived by USCIS officer.

  36. Hi Kumar,

    In this scenario, Did they actually denied entire H1b petition or do they denied only COS from F1 to H1? Can you please elaborate.

      • Hi
        If h1 approved but cos was denied .
        What will be the situation ?
        They will cancel stem opt ? .
        In that above letter he got h1 approval ? .
        Whether if he got cos deniel .he can use stem opt? Apply for next year h1 ?


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