Employ America Act 2009-10 by Sanders, Grassley. H1B Approval Conditions

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There has been some buzz around this Employ america act 2009-2010 in Immigrationvoice website asking users to fill in the Employ America Act 2009-10 by Sanders, Grassleypetitions to stop voting on this. I will share some details about this bill and provide the references for you to check out.

Summary of the Employ America Act 2009 – 2010 by Sanders and Grassley :

The Employ America Act bill is not that big, it is just a couple pages and the whole idea of the bill is to provide more jobs to Americans before they give away jobs to internationals. The bill states that a company cannot really employ internationals like H1B or EAD, if they have did mass lay off in the last 12 months or intend to provide such mass lay off notice.  What it states is, USCIS should not approve visa petitions filed by companies that have did mass lay off in last 12 months or intend to do so. It says that if a company did mass lay off in last 12 months or does mass lay off then, visas like H1Bs or EAD will expire in 60 days and individuals have to leave the country.   The whole goal of the bill is to avoid companies from hiring foreign workers and prevent loss of american jobs.  Check the below links for full information.

Original Employ America Act Information :

ImmigrationVoice.org  info :

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