Does studying in California give an advantage for job placements ? Is it like doing engineering in bigger cities like Banaglore ?

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Varun asked, “As one of the post gives idea about most jobs in California, then should colleges in California have advantage over other state college in giving placements?(As it happens in India, if you are doing engineering from Bangalore than you have higher chances of getting a job than any other place despite doing engg from a good college compared to Bangalore one) ?”

Yes, it does give you an edge on job search. But, it all depends. Let me explain. There are on campus placements in very good schools. When I say very good, they are extraordinary like UCLA, Stanford, University of California at Berkley, etc.  For obvious reasons of Silicon valley, there are more IT jobs out there. Also as per projections of 2016 for Top 5 States for IT Jobs.

Another biggest advantage is finding an internship or Co-op. After nine months, you can work on Co-op. The advantage of studying in bigger city is, you have high chances for getting these internships for Co-ops. The reality is, many companies, prefer local candidates for any sort of internships and co-ops. If you study in a larger city, you have that advantage over others of being a local candidate.

Some of the things you cannot ignore going to school in a state like California are: cost of living is prohibitive, there is high competition, school fee is high, high taxes, current unemployment rate of California is around 12.5% which is significantly high, and etc. The key thing is, you have to pay premium to get benefits and it is risky. There are lots of internationals in California, it is good and bad.  You do make a lot of money in California because of the cost of living.

Overall, it all depends, you can use the circumstances in favor of you and sometimes they can work against you.  Based on your situation like school fee, funding, etc. you have to make a choice and use your discretion. It can be a risky move at times, but without risk you cannot win big sometimes!


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  1. Heather

    It is very cold here….North Dakota has a very low cost of living, compared with Minneapolis. Some computer companies are based in ND because they can pay much lower wages, giving them a better competitive edge with India and China. ND is moving a lot of money around because the economy is much better than in Minneapolis. It a good place to look for entry level work. People often start there and then move to Minneapolis when they have a couple years of experience. ND is quite the hub for software startups. The word on the street, in the midwest, is to stay out of Williston, ND. Its quite dangerous with all the transient populations coming in to work on the oil fields. You should have a gun, if you go out there. There is lots of hiring, but a very difficult place to live. No housing. Lots of violence and drugs. St Paul is beautiful, but the tuition is MUCH higher at St Thomas. Its one of the most expensive schools in the twin cities. SCSU is much cheaper.

  2. Gursher

    Is there any difficulity to get admitted into top universities like Stanford or university of California Berkley for master degree in mechanical engg or is it easy or simple???

  3. nikshita

    hi kumar
    firstly thank u so much for writing such grat articles.m sure they are grat helpfor aspiring candidates like me.
    well my question is what if a person graduated from decent university but couldnot get a job in usa and thus returns to india.what s the job scene back in india for such m.s graduates?will they be paid like another graduates or atleast the pay will be higher?as you said education ost are hgh in usa and ne need to think abt the financial stuff so with dat regards is coming back to india with out job worth all the money spent?

    thank you

    1. administrator

      Nikshita, Welcome !
      I am trying to work with some people on writing an article on this. You will be paid at least on par with other Masters graduates for sure…Please stay tuned, will write an article on ” jobs in India after MS in US”

  4. Arijit

    Is North Dakota or Minnesota a good place for engineers of IT field.

    I was just doing a little research about Universities in MIDWEST that gave MS in Software Engineering & two universities caught my attention.

    1. North Dakota State University – Cold place, offers MS in SE & is cheap, thus affordable

    2. University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota – same like NDSU

    In this post I have seen that studying in larger & popular cities like California, New York makes your chances of getting a job higher.

    However, I was wondering if it would be a trouble for me to get a job as a Software Engineer in North Dakota or Minnesota after graduating from any of these universities?

    Since these places are cheaper than California, New York & not so popular like them, will it be difficult for me to find a job in Software Engineering / Devoloping?

    How good are these universities? Will it be easy for me to get a job right after graduation??

    1. administrator

      I know few who studied at NDSU and everything is true. The reason they studied were was just full funding. Honestly, it can be hard to get jobs in Place like Fargo where NDSU is located. Many people work in Minneapolis. Univ of St. Thomas is in Twin Cities and you have much higher chances to find job opportunities there. Getting a job is a tricky situation, it is hard to judge and say that graduating from a school is small city will limit your chances. If you are in bigger city, you have access to more jobs and the companies prefer local candidates for internships sometimes….typically you get full time after internship if the company likes you…so that’s the trick. About schools, I cannot really comment, I am not up to date on their info.

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