MBA strategic thinking

Decision with Strategic thinking of doing MBA vs. Short term wins.

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MBA strategic thinkingWhen I talk to my friends or many people whom I come across, they say one thing, “ Dude you are doing a great thing by going back to school for MBA, I always wanted to do MBA…but just could not because of family issues, commitment, money, etc…”. If you see their tone of voice and statements, it feels they wanted to really do it…but they have a reason or excuse…I will share some thoughts on my perspective. To have a background, you may read “ Should I apply for MBA or MS after B.Tech ?”

Strategic Thinking for MBA vs. Short term wins

As an individual in early twenties or early thirties, one has to remember something; you have another 35 or 25 years of professional career working for a company or for yourself (if entrepreneur).  That’s quite a bit of work life…The reality is, as a individual you have passion for work, career, professional growth when you are in early stages of your career. Once you reach a point where you are in a good job or get married, you enter comfort zone and you are not willing to take any risks with your career.  Many people, who are young in career and life, they think they have to make money, pay off their loans, buy my dream home before they get married. Also, the bad thing is, there is lot of peer pressure from parents, who compare with others and your friends who are saving money and buying all these fancy houses and paying off loans, etc.  With all this stuff, most of the people are very risk averse and not willing to take a chance with career or current job…they just say to themselves, “this year I will be done, next year I will go to school”…they keep on saying the same thing because every year something comes up.

Anyways, the point I am trying to get to is, think strategic or long term and not short term wins.  Just look at the adjacent Graph , if you do MBA you might be paying off loans in first few years and you may not have accumulated any wealth as your peers…but in the long run you are in a better shape, because you have the qualification and experience….you will be able to do better.  I am not saying if you do not have MBA, you will not succeed, but MBA may give you an advantage at times when you want to enter any executive leadership roles. You just have to prioritize and complete all your education when you are young and before you start a family because, it is hard to spend time and focus on education after you have kids. Anyways, the overall point I am trying to say is, if you are passionate about MBA, just do it when you are you young, it is ok to forego the rewards of job for some time to get your education done.  Strategic thinking is very important to succeed in career and life!

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  1. Rohit

    My goodness. What you have written in the first paragraph is EXACTLY how I have been feeling in the last couple of years. Thanks for the warning bell. I’m off my comfort zone now.! My sub-conscious mind knows all this but those environmental factors being in India just don’t allow me to make such critical decisions!!

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