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Childcare, School – Immunization Requirements in US for Kids

Making sure that our children receive all their vaccinations on time is one of the most important things we can do as a parent. It will not only ensure their long-term health but the health of their friends, classmates, and others in our community as well.

All 50 states in the US have legislation requiring specified age-related vaccines to be administered before children can enroll and attend childcare or school. Therefore, not only providing vaccination but keeping up-to-date immunization records of our children is equally important. You will need these immunization records to register your children to school, child care, athletic teams, or summer camps.

State Immunization Laws in USA

State laws establish vaccination requirements for school children. These laws apply to all children attending public schools or private schools and daycare facilities. All states provide medical exemptions, but only some state laws offer exemptions from immunization. These State laws only establish mechanisms for enforcement of school vaccination requirements and exemptions (enforcement).

What are my state immunization requirements for Child Care and School?

Each state in the US decides which immunizations are required for a child’s enrollment and attendance at a childcare facility or school in that state. These immunization requirements and exemptions may vary by state or change regularly. If you’re unsure of your state’s school requirements, you can check with your child’s doctor, school, or health department (Immunization program)

Link: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/imz-managers/awardee-imz-websites.html

Alternatively, use this tool to help find information about immunization requirement and exemptions allowed.

Follow these steps:

Select your state under “Grantee” options, your child’s level (childcare, kindergarten, middle school, or university/college), and click “Get Results” to view your state vaccination requirements.

How can I record immunization record for my child?

Although we need official copies of immunizations records to enroll a child in child care or school, we can record our children’s immunizations or developmental milestones for our personal records using Milestones Tracker on CDC.gov.

 How do I retrieve my child immunization record for official purposes?

If you need official copies of immunization records for your child, look at these places:

  • Doctor’s office or clinic where your child gets immunizations.
  • State health department: You can either request a copy of your child’s immunization record. Or, you can find out your child’s record in immunization registry, or Immunization Information System (IIS). This IIS is a computer system that your doctor or public health clinic may use to keep track of child’s immunizations. Most states have an IIS. IIS is used by healthcare providers to provide you with immunization record but parents may also access it by obtaining a Personal Identification Number from their child’s healthcare provider. You can contact the IIS in the state here (https://www.cdc.gov//programs/iis/contacts-locate-records.html#state)
  • Schools: School your child has attended.

What if I am not able to retrieve my child immunization records or they are incomplete?

If your child has missing vaccination, it’s better to reach his/her health care provider. Children can have their blood tested for antibodies to determine their immunity to certain diseases. In some cases, doctors may prefer to revaccinate your child for best protection.

In case of incomplete documentation or a vaccination that require the required number of doses, a child may (depending on state laws) be admitted after the first dose(s) and issued a Temporary Medical Exemption form and scheduled for the next dose(s). This temporary medical form comes with an expiration date.

 I am traveling to USA with my child (on H4 visa), do I need to carry my child’s immunization records?

Yes, you will need your child’s record for further age appropriate vaccination as well as admissions in schools or day care.  Since I live in Florida, I completed Florida Department of Health Certification of Immunization (DH 680 Form) documenting immunization.

Florida has state-wide immunization registry, Florida SHOTS from where my child’s health care provider can directly produce an electronically signed copy of the completed DH 680 Form.

What are your experiences with immunization in other US states ? Any specifics ?


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  1. Hello,

    My daughter who is 6 years old and I are planning to moved from Denmark to Everett, WA in the middle of October this year, I have an H1B and she has an H4 visa.
    The problem that I encounter is: If I compare with the requirements of WA school system, I can see that hepatitis B is something required in 3 doses and not given at all here in the Danish vaccination program. I can also understand that the requires doses of this vaccine are done with 1 months in between dose 1 and 2 and then with 5 months between doses 2 and 3. Even if we manage to get the first 2 doses before we travel in the middle of October, we cannot get the 3rd one until March 2023.
    Maybe someone was facing the same challenges and would be able to give me some guidance / tips:

    Does this mean that we have no chance to enroll her into a school in WA until March next year? Are there are way we can apply and receive a dispensation?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  2. Hello,

    We recently moved to California with my 4 year old son who was born in the US and was vaccinated in the US until 6 months old.
    After 6 months until he was 4 year old, he was vaccinated in India (I have updated the US immunization yellow card with the Indian doctor’s sign and vaccine info).
    Is this accepted in schools in the US, with the Indian doctor’s sign?

  3. My daughter is here in US now and ready to attend a daycare, but we do not have the file/paper vaccination records administered from India. We only have the images & softcopy of those records. Will a pediatrician accept those records or they would want to see a hardcopy of those vaccination records to proceed further?

  4. Hi,

    I am moving to US this summer. My daughter will be entering the preschool. The school’s online application form includes an immunization certificate. I want to know if I have to submit the immunization certificate online. If so is it possible to get the certificate signed by a registered doctor from India?

    • Hi

      Well there is a format for every application. Just bring your child’s records and book an appointment with a pediatric once your insurance is all sorted out.. Give your records to them and they will generate you the required record.

  5. I have Kid studying in india and moving to USA to continue his High School(10th Grade ). Does he require medical certification. In India, nowhere it automated getting records.

    • Hi,

      You don’t need an automated records from India. Just bring all the records (file/paper) with you. Once you land here, sort out your insurance and health care provider for him. Just take his records to them (clinic), they will do the rest. Every state has different requirement and they will check if any thing is needed.

    • To Karthikeyan,

      Request to please share details of your child shifting to US school from India after 9th. Did she/he face any problems academically and what about credit points which gets calculated from 9th grade itself?


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