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How to check H1B LCA Status using Case Number Online? No Case Number?

Some of you, who applied in H1B Visa 2021 season would have received a copy of H1B Labor Condition Application (LCA) from your employer. If you are wondering, how can you verify that online, we will cover all of that in this article.  Also, if you do not have the LCA case number, you could even browse through H1B LCAs by company. Let’s look at the background and current options for the same.

If you are new and do not know about LCA, read What is H1B LCA ? Salary, Processing time, FAQs

Previous options to check H1B LCA Details

 US Department of Labor that handles H1B LCA applications used to have iCERT system, which had an option to check the LCA status online. But, earlier this year they announced Decommissioning of iCERT and migration to FLAG ystem.  The new Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG) System does not have option for public to verify or view details of H1B LCA using Case Number online on their website. Only employers or H1B sponsors can login and view status of their respective LCAs.    

Current options to check H1B LCA details Online

Below are the few options that are available to verify H1B LCA details

Official Option – Download Excels

The only official option to verify H1B LCA status and details is to download the public disclosure Excel files that US Dept of Labor provides as Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) Performance Data. These are pretty large files and few hundred megabyte excels.  Each row in the excel has about 75 or more columns and not best to view all details as the column names and everything are not clear. The best way is to find a website that processes these large files. Below are those websites details.  

Use Website Myvisajobs.com

Myvisajobs.com site has been there for some time now. But, the UX of this site is not the best and you can get lost trying to find what you want. The biggest issue with this site is that you need register an account and also pay to view the LCA details like wage, contact info, etc. Honestly, I do not see a reason to pay to view LCA details  See below screenshot from their site.

myvisa jobs check h1b lca

Use website H1BGrader.com

This site has been around for couple of years now and they have a new feature now to check H1B LCA status using LCA case number. It is fully free service, and you can check LCA details using case number or even browse by company, city or job title. Also, you can check USCIS approvals details, view the company H1B profile in a nice way. The UX is good and works well on mobile too. We will show step by step guide on how to use this option as it is free, and anyone can use it.

Guide to check H1B LCA details with Case Number  

Step 1 – Get your H1B LCA Case Number:  You need to get your LCA Case Number and keep it handy. You will find it on the bottom of every page in the copy of H1B LCA given by your employer. See below on where to find it.  If you do not have it, we will show you option to browse the LCAs as well later.

LCA Case Number at Bottom of page
H1B LCA case number at bottom of the page

Step 2 – Go to H1BGrader.com  : Visit  H1BGrader.com LCA Search page.

Step 3 – Search using LCA case number : You can enter LCA Case Number and search. If the number matches, it will display LCA Details. You need select the right year. If you are verifying for FY 2021, then do not need to do anything.  See below screenshot:

Enter H1B LCA case Number
Search screen for LCA

Step 4 – View LCA Details : You have complete LCA information like prevailing wage, the salary for the position, wage level, SOC Code, Job Title, Person who filed it, etc. Below is sample screenshot of the same.

H1B LCA Details basic info Sample
H1B LCA Basic info
H1B LCA wage and prevailing wage info sample
H1B LCA wage and prevailing wage info

Check H1B LCA details without Case Number  

There are situations, where you may not have the LCA Case number with you or your employer has not yet shared the same.  One of the things you could do is to browse the LCAs for that company by job title or city, in that way you can view the same. Below is how to do it.

Advanced Search – Enter H1B Company Name :  You need to use advanced search option and enter the H1B sponsor name and you can enter the job title or city location. The search will return list of results based on what you enter as company or job title.

Advanced Search to find LCA by company
Advanced Search to find LCA by company

List of H1B LCAs displayed : You will get full list of H1B LCAs list and then you can browse or filter as needed. Sometimes, you may have few thousands and hard to find the exact one. But, if it is a small company then you could easily find it. In any case, the best way is to have the LCA case number handy and use that to search.

Browse LCA of h1B by company name
Browse LCA of H1B by company name

What do you think of these options to check H1B LCA  Details using case number  ?


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  1. My LCA was submitted on Nov 20, 2020 to DOL and most likely it is withdrawn before getting certified. Is there a way I can see the salary amount put in there?? Apparently attorney and employer don’t share this information until petition is approved. Thanks.

    • Why would they withhold salary information, when prevailing wage is not private information? They should of provided you with a copy of your LCA Form at the time of submission to the attorney.

  2. Hi Kumar,
    Can H1 holder work 30 hours a week in EVC model. H1 petition is approved when work hours were 40 per week. Are there any challenges when work hours is reduced to 30 per week ?

  3. Thank you, it was very helpful!
    I have used myvisajobs to get some initial data on my LCA but their information was very limited. The H1B Grader is a life saver. With my employer and their law firm providing almost zero transparency regarding my case, knowing something is better than knowing nothing!

    • Fedotov,
      Yes, I think H1Bgrader.com site will help a lot for many. Many were stuck in the past as there were no options…now, there is a better option to review H1B info, including analysis.

    • chikki,
      LCA is tied to a position and not tied to a person. It is used by employer to file for position that can be anyone. Certified means, it was accepted by US Dept of Labor indicating the wages, position and other general rules related to LCA.


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