Lowest H1B Visa filings in the last 6 years

  I was reading an article on USCIS website and other websites, unfortunately, this year has the lowest number of H1B visa filings since 2003. It clearly shows how deep trouble internationals are stuck with job situation. Lot of students on F1 visas are not able to find potential employers to sponsor visas. They are pursuing …

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Difference between F1 OPT, STEM OPT vs CPT ? Day 1 CPT ?

OPT vs CPT - F1 Visa Work Options in USA

When international students arrive in America on F1 visa, they usually start to work in on campus jobs. Usually after couple of semesters, you would be eligible to work on practical training…sometimes, you can work even before that, depending on program and school. These work options are broadly classified under practical training. The goal is …

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